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  • Can anyone tell me the name of this manga?

    I remember a while ago reading one or two random chapters of it, and liked it but I can't remember the name, and I only know random things, so if anyone could tell me the name it would be very helpful as I would like to read it.

    So the two main characters, one was a girl, one a guy, the girl goes to this school where they learn to fight (either that or she's part of a club where they learn to fight) she does kendo, or something like that. The guy doesn't go to the school, but he's really good at fighting and he randomly shows up at the school one day and starts beating people in fights inside this ring in an auditorium where everyone is gathered. That's all I remember from one of the chapters. And the other one I remember, which I think is farther into the manga, the guy ends up fighting one of the teachers, and he beats him by doing this like back flip kick thingy. And then the third part of it that I read, which is a lot farther along in the series (I think) The guy and the girl fight, and she like breaks his arm or something, but the reason that the guy was so powerful was because he had the ability to like channel some sort of aura or something like that.

    I know that all of that is really random information, but if someone happens to know the name of the manga and could tell me, it would be very much appreciated!!!!


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  • I want to play a game called maplestory, but every time I try, I get an error message, how can I get to play?

    Whenever I try, I get an error message saying that nProtect Game Guard, which is the anti-hacking system, had trouble resetting, here is what the error message says:

    GameGuard: Error Initializing (114)

    An error occured while resetting GameGuard. Please try rebooting the system before restarting the client, or close all programs that may potentially collide with the client before restarting. We also recommend running virus/spyware checks for your system

    I have run virus/spyware checks, and it still won't work. I have one idea as to what the problem might be. I go to a school where all the students are given laptops. The laptops have a virus/spyware scan and internet site blocking system. The program is called lightspeed. I think that Lightspeed is what's making it so that I can't play my game. Does anyone know what the problem is or how I can fix it?

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