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Extended range bassist / tattooist / writer / artist. Im currently the bassist for ''PRIMAL CIRCUS'' based in Dallas,TX check us out at : our EP is now available for purchase at:

  • Paying taxes on a donation made by your company?

    Hey guys!

    Im making a product for donation to a non-profit organization.

    My small business is very new and this is my first.

    My question is since Im covering the expense (cost) Do I only report the sales tax and excise tax (sport fishing) for the amount I invested?

    Since theres no income/profit...Do i still have to pay federal taxes on it too? income/self employee/SS,etc?

    Hope that make sense...Im still at that stage of learning all this stuff.


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  • something sounds funny?

    have sound effects in albums ever caught you off guard?

    the reason i ask is this morning ,driving to work, i was listening to Rush's ''red barchetta'' for the first time,and there was a sound effect of what i thought were screeching i freak out thinking im gonna get t-boned by another car (i was at a four-way stop) and i hit the brakes and start spinning my head in all directions looking for tradegy to strike me down....Im pretty sure i looked like an still laughing about it.

    BQ: favorite''the mothers of invention'' album,for the zappa fans.

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  • music :vs: society :vs: a donkey show.?

    I was having a discussion with a friend about the ''radio'' music of today....we were talking about how commercial,simple,and weak it is now..How thrown together and fast produced..its all supply and its rare for a band to come in and produce more than 3 cant hear a song over 3 minutes...and if it is...they edit it theres no more 30+ second guitar it that society has lost the attention span?....are we lazy?.....why the hell did someone invent the lollipop that spins by itself at the push of a button?...ever since i saw that as a teenager I knew that the apocalypse was near..and ive been blaming that for the fall of society.....why are there countries starving and yet we offer SURGERY to help us eat less..... we even have ''eating'' contest!!........we have little TV monitors in our cars to help us back up because were too lazy to turn our heads.......

    is it this laziness that lowered our attention span to swallow the garbage pumping through our speakers and TV's?

    :start your comments to this with a '$' so i know you read the entire thing and didnt just browse through it proving the lack of attention...thx:

    MQ: If you owned a radio station broadcasted all across the united would you run it?

    sorry no donkey show=(

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  • Musicians! how bout a confindence boost?

    What has been some of your favorite compliments as a musician?

    BQ: Whats been the weirdest/funniest?

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  • courtesy flush.........?

    has anybody gotten into your car and asked you to change the music?......did you get offended?

    years ago I picked up a friend while jamming nuclear rabbit ( circus metal) ...within 15 seconds she asked me to change it cause she thought it was too creepy:/..

    Q2: Guys/girls- did you ever go on a date and were careful about what was playing in CD player?.......cause Mr.Bungle may not be appropiate for a first date musical impression.

    BQ: offical drink of R&P?........

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  • oh you havent heard......?......?

    another plug for my band Primal Circus.

    come give us a listen.

    shows coming up in Dallas/FTworth area and Tusla,Okalahoma.

    Dates to be posted tomorrow.

    EP availible on-line for on myspace or my y/a profile page..

    let me know what you think.

    and to all those who listened and bought cd's in the past..(thank you)

    and well be finally recording the new songs this summer and start working on the LP....\m/..cant wait!!!.....its by far the best material thus far IMO

    MQ: favorite melodic rock/metal band.

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  • your band looks stupid.....?

    your looking at a band photo....what's a dead give away that thier music probably



    new band discovered = Kaura

    opinion: anybody body who uses a hammered dolcimer in thier music is ok in my book....pretty awesome band from what i heard

    personal note:

    had a horrible weekend...wont go into detail but it included adopting two crazy dogs , laxatives , posionous snakes , and a really bad was yours?

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  • rock and roll pick up lines......?

    imagine your favorite(or any) rockers hitting on women.

    what pick up lines do you think they use?

    do your best impression of that musician using what you think they would say.....

    sorry if this question sucks....trying to kill the last 20 minutes of work....cheers..

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  • hmmmmm. Im clueless..?

    take a break from music for a second if you dont mind....

    ok,so April 4th will be my one year anniversery of marriage....

    my wife ask me ''what are we going to do?''

    I look at her and said ''shut up, american top model is on!!!''

    (just kidding,but yeah we were watching it....i know,i know)

    ok seriously though, Ive got no clue what to do....i wanna do something special....something to let her how much she means to me.......heres what i got so far:

    wake up and bang her.....ok whats next?

    (remember im only joking,and yes!!....she can kick my a s s)

    MQ: has anybody checked out that Primal Circus band?....I heard thier EP is available on CD the mere price of $6.99

    links available on my profile page.....cheers!!

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  • support your local musicians....?

    new EP is available.

    go to my profile for links and what not...

    let me know what you think,if you never heard it before.....

    thanks guys.

    MQ: what music do homeless people listen too?

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  • dont you hate it when you discover a great band and......?

    discover they are no longer together and only came out with one cd?

    (shaking head) .....ive been having that happen alot lately it seems...

    random rock fact:

    apparently '' backstage pass'' is a new term for anal sex.......

    i like that one....

    my wife ,however,was not amused (shaking head again)

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  • Do midgets go to heaven as full grown adults?

    also if you die as a you stay as a baby?.....are you reincarnated? does that work?

    same for the mentally handicapped.....if you die you go to heaven mentally sound?....and if so,dont you think thier mind could handle the instant change from retarded to sane?

    just curious

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  • photography umbrella lighting?

    my wife is a photographer,...and is doing alot of pin up style portraits and pictures of that nature...also family and couples stuff...she does it mainly out of our house.

    now i know nothing about photography...and i want to start building her a studio for christmas,and surprise her with a back drop ,with support and some umbrella i found this one,but i am unsure if its appropriate for what she needs

    take a look and let me now what you think....i know theres different types of lighting so im trying my best to find the right ones......for around $200 or less......i cant go over that....

    thanks guys

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  • cough,cough, (support local music)...?

    im having a hard time posting this....this is attempt number three...

    my band (primal circus) has our EP availible for purchase online....

    i know only a few of you might care....but those are the ones im directing this at.....heres the link:

    and for those who are not fimilar with my can check us out at :

    and of course all feed back is welcomed and apprieciated..

    thanks guys

    MQ: if you listened to us,whats your favorite song?

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  • why bass guitar is better than a girlfriend.....?

    if the bass is loud....its a good thing.

    my basses always wear a g-string

    basses have tighter bottoms.

    bass dont care how many basses ive been with or have..

    i can have a black bass and my parents wont flip out.

    bass doesnt care if i read bass magazines..

    i can slap a bass and not worry about a restraining order.

    when i decide to part ways with a bass.....i get cash!!

    when i watch TV...the bass is quite.

    bass doesnt care how i finger it.

    basses look better over the years.

    haha....bored at work.....what else could i ad to this list???

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  • your craigslist ad of the day...?

    i can only imagine how crazy her mother is.....hahahahaha

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  • craigslist ad of the

    i love how the pictures let you know ''where he's coming from''


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  • R&P: what do you think about 311?

    i never see their name come up...

    i love their older stuff off music,grassroots,and self title.....

    your opinions?

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  • the crowd

    ok weve all been to live shows ,yes?

    either locally or bigger acts....

    what are your favorites types of people you see in the crowd?

    ex: i love going to local shows and seeing the two guys with thier arms crossed who are not impressed and think they play better

    see where im trying to go with this?

    yes im bored,

    bonus points if you have names for these stereotypes.

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  • god i love craigslist!!!!?

    i get bored and look at the ''musician looking'' ads on craigslist

    for a good laugh...sometimes you find real gems.

    and i think i found my newest idol.

    you know this guy can shred the bass!!!

    MQ: his influences?

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