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  • Wierd family help!!?

    Ok my friend went to a family renunion and met this guy that she ahd never seen or anthing.....So she thought he was a friend of one of her cousin's or something well she was dancing and she saw him! (No biggy) Well he came over to where everyone was dancing and they started dancing and having a good time. So when they stopped playing music which was at like 9:00 he came up to her and they got to talking and they talked for like 2 1/2 hours and so they got to know each other well she really liked him and he liked her and invited her to watch him play hockey and so she gave him her number! Well then she left and her mom asked who she was talking to and she told her his name is Drake and she is like o he is my cousin! So she has a HUGE delema! andshe wants to know if it is wierd for them to like eachother since he is her mom's cousin! I don't know what to tell her! So if you could help that would be great!

    Ok i know all this imformation because she is sitting next to me!

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  • Will you all PLEASE pray for my aunt?

    She is about 28 and has a horrible case of cancer....She is doing ok but she is going through very had treatments and she has a 5% chance of living throught this! She also has a little girl who just turned 2 a couple of weekends ago! She is a very sweat little girl and loves her mom very much!!!! (Not trying to force you) My fam and I would all appreciate it if u would say a prayer for her!!!

    Thank you and God Bless whoever is going to pray for her and for u who aren't I will pray for you!!!

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  • Why do MOST Christians NOT tell people about God?

    If you are a TRUE Christian you should be excited about telling people about God! So why do most people who claim to be Christians not speak a word when people say that God is not real and that He is fake?????

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  • Puppy help?

    Ok I found this puppy out in my field today and I don't know where its from whose it is or how old he is??? He can eat dog food but is still a little weak! O and his mom just ran off and hasn't come back!!! What should I do???

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