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  • Just put family dog to sleep :.... ( -- was it a reflex after he was gone (please read the story)?

    We just put our family dog to sleep 2 days ago...he had squamous cell carcinoma towards the end of his inner-sinus area. Both his nostrils have been blocked for a while, so he couldn't eat well (can't eat and breath at the same time) for a while nor he couldn't sleep well at night either (he would wake up countless of times while he can't breath). It was such difficult decision for our family since he has been w/ us for 12 years of his life. After the vet gave Chubby 1st dose of sedation, he immediately became sleepy...then after the vet gave him the 2nd dose -- after couple seconds he turned his head to the cathether as if he wanted to bite it off but then he was gone. Is that just a natural reflex or he really knew that something was going wrong (like he was becoming too weak or cuz it hurts) so he wanted to bite it off but it was too late?! It was really sad to see that happened right before he was sister was horrified...he didn't pee or poo though, is that normal?

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  • My sister's dog's nose is blocked up. Cannot breathe through his nose at all.?

    My sister's dog's nose is all blocked. He is breathing through his mouth right now. He didn't eat for about 4 days, then he started eating little liverwurst yesterday. We are going to have an appt for him again (so he can get some vit shots) tomorrow (Friday). And hope to have a biopsy (and maybe surgery to take the blockage out) either tomorrow (if vet is avaliable) or hopefully this coming Monday. My question is -- what can we do right now for the dog to make him feel better? But we are really scared that he might die soon without the biospy by next week. What would a nose biopsy consists of and how much does it usually cost? What would cause a blocked nose? He had diluted bloodly mucus in one of his nose a few months before, and had medicine. Chubby is about 12 to 13 yrs old. We are just really scare right now. Chubby is refusing to eat because he cannot smell, and when my sis's bf tries to feed him the medication (antibiotics) Chubby tried to bite him. Please help!

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  • How much would xray cost (3 views) for a 35 lb dog?

    My sister thinks her dog of 12 yrs need to get a chest xray taken for his lungs and heart. I am just wondering how much does xray of 3 views usually cost for a 35 lb (medium sized) dog? I live in Philly and the vet that I go to quoted me $150 for xray (not sure how many views). I called this nonprofit pet clinic in NYC (where my sister lives) and thier xray cost $120. Now, I would think Philly would be cheaper, but NO!! (this is w/out sedating the dog) Thanks for your help!!

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  • How to feed/tricky a picky dog his heartworm medicine?

    My sis's dog would not eat the heartworm medicine. I have tried to wrap it with ham and chicken BUT the dog will "unwrapped" the ham and chicken, and leave the heartworm medicine on the floor. Anyone has any other tricks? (besides shoving it down the dog's throat?) GOSH! Please help!!

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