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  • how come there is hardly anything about gas prices?

    Gas prices are going up and up and neither the news papers or the useless liberal press don't seem to give a damn, Can someone please tell me what's going on with that

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate9 years ago
  • bill collectors that don't have caller ID number?

    Their is someone calling me several times a day, most of the time when I'm not home, the only number where the numbers are, is the number 1 and where the name suppose to be is unavailable. Can someone tell me how a person is suppose to be able to prove to anyone that they are harassing me?

    3 AnswersCredit9 years ago
  • sometimes when the telephone when it rings it don't show up on caller id bill collector's?

    The phone rings it don't show up on line status or caller ID, I have AT&T u-verse and and I could look it up on my computer and it shows nothing no phone call no caller ID no nothing. Do bill collecters have the ability to make it look like no one called?

    Personal Finance1 decade ago
  • are banks suppose to inform you when your arm interest rate changes?

    I have a, Arm loan from Wells Fargo Financial, and the interest changes every 6 months, Is the bank suppose to inform me if the rate changes?

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • How many US senators are for sale?

    Now that a Louisiana senator put her vote up for sale, In the health care reform, how many more gutless senators are going to sell off this country so they could get money for their state?

    13 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • who are the blue dog democrats?

    I would like to know if blue dog democrat is the right name? or is it supposed to be yellow dog democrat.

    2 AnswersOther - Politics & Government1 decade ago
  • where is Hillary Clinton?

    Can some one tell me what happened to Hillary Clinton? all the things that are happening in the world and you don't even hear or see her. Maybe she is just Obama's little puppet? who knows. I remember other secretary's of state, and they where front page news. And always doing something for the country. Oh well, maybe she just hasn't felt well, while Iran and S.Korea where shooting off rockets and testing nuclear bombs.

    9 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • where on Chevy silverado is the cabin air filter?

    I just want to no where the cabin air filter is?

    4 AnswersChevrolet1 decade ago
  • why does the hollywood bunch get a pass?

    Brittiney, Lohan, and a few others, they could get drung and drive, do drugs and drive, they have to go to rehab, then check themselves out, when they want to. Keep getting picked up and notheing really happens to them, But let some one else do half of the things they do, then they are all over them. The judges don't seem to care, mothers against drunk drivers never seem to say anything about it , but let some one else unknown do that the mothers against drunk drivers seem to jump all over that. I'm not saying it ought to be alright , but my question is why is it alright for hollywood to do it .Now let's see if we can get MADD to answere this question and if no one from madd wants to, then maybe the donations need disappear, then maybe their would be an answere.

    3 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • Hurricane Dean and the state of Tx.?

    Isnt it great to no, that the governor, and the mayors of the state of Texas aren't as stupid as the mayor and the governor of La, they got every thing to gether and are not commited to mooching off the federal govt,

    2 AnswersCurrent Events1 decade ago
  • united states is bad why?

    If the US is all that bad then how come people are always trying to come here legal or or not . I would hate to no that I risked my life to come to a place that sucks. take for instance the Mexican govt if they weren't the biggest crooks in the world, I worked for a company that was going to put a factory in Mexico, you had to pay off everyone from the union to the janiter to police to the governer, so you could put in a factory that pays the workers 50 cents an hour.

    12 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Is the senate totally useless?

    Does anyone thing that the senate could propose a bill or bills that means something to the voters of this country , we have health care problems, border problems, social security problems, and countless other problems. The only thing coming out of their lips is that Bush sucks, So what makes them any better then Bush they have not done anything in six months. Is that what we have to look forward to when they take over the white house? Lord save us.

    5 AnswersOther - Politics & Government1 decade ago
  • Hillary Clinton, and or Obama?

    I am wondering why, everyone is so excited about them, other then the fact that one is a women, and the other is a black male, Does that in it self mean that they will be good presidents? according to the dems Bush is useless, if so then how come we never hear what they can do better for this country, according to Obama all he want's to do is criticize Bush , but he can't seem to come up with any good ideas about health care, or the economy, or how this country needs to conduct it self. Hillary is always bringing up health care but she doesnt say anything about how bad it works in other countrys, or how much it will cost us you always hear the slams about the Republicans. I think it is all politics and no one really gives a damn about the real people in this country. All these politicians want to do is be president,and screw the people that vote for them. I am not taking up for anyone, I just wnat to no why I should vote for any one in particular. debates are a joke, wont ask tough?

    12 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Hillary Clinton talking about hiv?

    Here she goes again, yesterday she said if more white women had hiv instead if black women their would be an uproar, all you have to do is slam white people, then you will get alot of black vote, are black people so simple that they think that a rich white person is going to do something for them when they get in office?

    6 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • The immigration bill and the great minds that put it together why?

    according to Harry Reed , he said that the great minds in washington put together the immigration bill. Now that we no, what kind of minds there are in washington, maybe next election time, we would remember who voted for the bill, then we could vote against those senators that voted for it. I believe that washington is so out of touch with the voters. or they dont care about us, Im not saying its anyone party its all of them, now we no who is for the voters and who is against the voters.

    5 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • John Edwards and the 2 Americas?

    John Edwards is talking about the 2 Americas, the rich and the poor. Thats really something when someone super rich like Edwards is going to help the working class. I never understood the Democrats, which their tax and spend attitude would ever help any working class, or poor people in this country. Lets face most of the senaters are filthy rich they didnt get that way by giving a damn about anyone beneath them. The only good senators are the ones we vote out, then we dont have to listen to their bull about carring for the poor.

    13 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • what is probating a will?

    my father died and I think their is a will, will probate be useful to me.

    3 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • The do nothing congress what should the voters do?

    A lot of people said that the republicans need to go, because the dems are for the people, well they now have the power, and guess what they haven't done anything, other than bash Bush they have done nothing with social security, nothing about the war, they proposed a national health care but forgot to tell us how much it will cost. They are the majority, but can't seem to pass nothing. The only thing we have learned from them is that Bush sucks, but they don't know what to do about it. Maybe the voters need to vote everyone out and start from scratch. I'm afraid that if they don't start acting like leaders, then we got nothing to look forward to. Is their anyone out their with an idea? besides Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosie as top dogs, they are kind of a little kid with a new toy, trying to figure out how to put the batteries in it.

    13 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • John Edwards says that terrorism is just a bumper sticker saying!?

    Do you think John Edwards really thinks that? If so then do we really need him in the white house. I believe that terrorism is real and if we dont accept that fact, then we will all pay the price, of listening to him.

    12 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • global test market surveys are they for real?

    I have been filling out the global test market surveys, can anyone tell me if they are a fraud or ok . They promised to send money but i havent gotten any yet. Has anyone dealt whith them?

    5 AnswersOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago