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  • How are we going to pay for health care reform long term?

    The president and other congressman have said that we need health care reform to limit the growth in health care cost. They also state that long term savings from these measures will pay for a large chunk of the bill.

    Yet analysis by the non partisan Congressional Budget Office said "Elmendorf said CBO does not see health care cost savings in either of the partisan Democratic bills currently in Congress" (Elmendorf is the director of the CBO). He also stated that these measure are likely to have the opposite effect

    while I believe that we do need to reform the system are the current proposals too ambitious?

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  • National universal health coverage?

    First let me say I am not against health care reform. But why would anyone want to rush through any plan without the consent of the majority of the American people. While health care cost both on the personal level and on the national level aresomething that needs to be addressed is it wise to frame the debate as a imminent disaster that needs to be rushed through congress without public consensus and open debate in congress.

    some facts to ponder

    Mass. passed a universal health plan yet Boston Mass. has one of the highest per capita health cost in country. Yet some still claim that universal health care would lower costs.

    Tenn. passed a Tenn-care coverage but had to abandoned when cost escalated to over 10 times projections.

    Hawaii passed Kieki care to cover uninsured children but the program was shut down when enrollment skyrocketed from individuals dropping current coverage for their kids to take advantage of free govt. coverage.

    The Congressional Budget Office stated that current proposals in the house and senate to streamline health service, promote Electronic records etc are unlikely to slow the increase in health cost significantly. yet this is how some say they are going to pay for health care reform. the maths not there folks.

    Every current government health plan from medicare to veterans admin has exceeded original projections from 500% to 1000% should this not be factored into the equation.

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  • is there hope for the next generation?

    here is a link to to a pretty level headed youth watch it through and let me know your thoughts

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • a sad commentary?

    I posted this question reguarding voting for a member of the opposite party.. It seems I could not get one liberal/democrat to answer.Now I see both conservatives and liberals on these boards spoution rubbish. However, The most often complaint I see from liberals is how closed minded conservatives are. I did not put any slant in the question even tried to goad some Democrats later on still nada. Do you think this is as sad as I do and maybe sheds some light on the truth?;_ylt=AiG4z...

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  • Conservatives and Liberals could you switch sides for a moment?

    Liberals please name a Republican you could throw your suport behind for president in 08

    conservatives Please name a Democrat you could support as president in 08

    Common folks it has been done before Regan recieved overwhelming democratic support. Clinton recieved a fair amount of Republican support at the polls So tell me what you think

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  • Conservatives 08 Election what Conservative not on the radar would you support?

    McCain and Gulliani seem to be the two people in the spotlight that have indicated they are considering a run. Both however, would be considered Moderates to only slightly right of center by most republicans. While i certainly could supoort either especially Gulliani What conservative canidates not on the radar whould you support. I am talking about names like

    Newt Gingrich

    Pat Buchanon

    Elizabeth Dole

    you get the picture

    Lastly what connservative do you think could win in 08

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  • Gingrich for president?

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  • Is The term "Poor" overused politically and socially in America?

    I am speacing in the international sense here folks. Certainly there are Americans that are disatvantaged, Economically, Racially, Educationally and by mental handicap. However, Are not the Overwhelming number of people classified by the Gov't as below the poverty line vastly better off than better off than most of the people in the the rest of the world classified as "Poor". Make no mistake this is not a defense of the current state in America nor am I advocating doing nothing about the current status quo about those below the poverty line in America. I am however asking has the term "poor" being used more as a political hot button and is somewhat inaccurate in relation to those considered poor in the rest of the world particularly the third world. Do not America's "Poor" have a vastly supperior lifestyle than those considered poor in the majority of the globe. Does not the use of the term Poor in the American sense desensitize us to the term in it's international reality.

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  • What is the proper perspective of judicial action?

    Judicial acountability is on the ballot in several states tomorrow so I ask what is the your oppionion on judicial restraint. Historically the US judicial system was founded on the concept that judges should interpret the law and legelative bodies make the law. according to our founding fathers this was becausecongress is accountable to the people through election while judges being appointed are not. this was done to keep judges politically independant of control (Influence) by the executive and legeslative branches. This dictum has been slowly altered over the last 50-100 yrs and judicial decisions seem to be more and more made independant of current law and much more to do with personal political correctness etc.. To give an example a judge in the northeast a few yrs. back ruled that Jewish Menorra could be diplayed in schools at haunnaka but chritian crosses could not. He based his oppinion on the fact that judaism is a minority religion and needs more protection

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  • Why doesn't the Democratic party acknowledge its racist history?

    All of the goverment enacted discriminatory laws against blacks from the black codes to poll taxes to the jim crow segregation laws were enacted by the Democratic party. The Civil rights reforms of the 50's & 60's were authored chiefly by Republican Everett Dirkson and recieved bipartison support. The chief opposition was the Democratic party in the south. The majority of the Black civil rights leaders in history including Frederick Douglass, Mr Dirkson and Dr Martin Luther King were all Republicans. All of the black colleges were founded by Republicans Even the NAACP was founded by Republicans including Richard Nixon. Republicans are Bashed for being anti affirmitive action Yet it was Art Fletcher and Richard Nixon both Republicans who concieved and acted to enact these programs. The Small Busuiness Admin and Black Chamber of Comerce again Republican initiatives. Democrats chiefallure to people of Color seem to be not so much aimed at blacks but urban poor.

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