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  • What's the name of that song?

    if you know the name please say.i will appreciate.

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  • 紅石榴糖漿台北那邊買???



    2 Answers啤酒、葡萄酒與烈酒10 years ago
  • i need ther lyrics from better days by Ginuwine... i apologize album?

    im try different ways

    but .just can't find it....on internet

    1 AnswerLyrics1 decade ago
  • 請高手幫我翻譯下列幾段文章!!

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  • 想問一下有關中華航空公司的問題............



    1 Answer航空器1 decade ago
  • 找一首緯來體育台nba片尾的音樂...

    是用....電吉他or bass彈奏出來的



    2 Answers籃球1 decade ago
  • I need lyrics for i like love by r kelly , double up album...?

    its UK / JAPAN bunos track......

    6 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • 有個電腦開機無螢幕的問題請教各位高手......

    有天 我把電腦開機的時候沒幾秒,電腦像是跳電一樣跳了一下斷了

    一下電 就......重新開機了...不妙的事 重新開機後...螢幕完全沒畫面

    只有主機風扇運轉的聲音.反覆開機之下 原本開機會出現的嗶嗶聲





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  • 這兩天有看live earth的幫忙回答一下...






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  • 找一首stevie wonder的歌......詞

    So What The Fuss .........

    但是是要和 Q -TIP 唱的remix版本喔......

    之前有找到過 但是網站丟掉了.....



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  • 幾個簡單的句子需要翻譯...中翻英

    1 你對這道菜很有把握嗎???

    2 你會緊張嗎??

    3 把辣椒切絲

    4 蔥切絲

    1 edison作出這道完美的蛋花了你多少時間???

    2 你在哪裡學的???

    3 那你的技巧應該很厲害了喔

    3 你的蛋有點燒焦了..



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  • 有一個英翻中的一段文章....

    Steaming is a method of cooking using steam.

    Steaming is a preferred cooking method for health conscious individuals because no cooking oil is needed, thus resulting in a lower fat content. Steaming also results in a more nutritious food than boiling because fewer nutrients are destroyed or leached away into the water. It is also easier to avoid burning food when steaming.



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  • 兩段英文自己打出來的中文...希望有人可以幫忙中翻英


    千萬不要是翻譯軟體翻出來的 ,....謝謝





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  • 一些英文的對話.有人可以幫忙中翻英嗎??

    希望用較簡單口語化的翻譯 ...




    A :嘿大家!!

    B C DE:嘿

    A 你們今天有什麼課???











    DCDE: 我想也是 祝我們好運不要被當吧.



    C 我們今天中午都在一起討論報告.忙到沒時間吃了

    DE 對阿.



    CDE: cool

    A:hey edison 你在哪裡阿??有控嗎??我有幾個朋友想吃吃你做的菜.


    A:喔 那你沒事的話可以過來我這一趟做個幾道菜嗎??








    F:首先 …………


    BCDE 恩~~~很好吃


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  • 英翻中 中國飲食文化 3....

    Xiang cuisine is known for being dry hot (干辣), or purely hot, as opposed to Szechuan cuisine, the neighbor to which it is often compared. Hunan Cuisine is often spicier and contains a larger variety of ingredients. Other characters distinguish Hunan cuisine from Szechuan cuisine is that in general, Hunan cuisine utilizes smoked and curing food in its dishes much more frequently than Szechuan cuisine. Hunan cuisine dishes are often more oily and look darker than Szechuan cuisine dishes.

    Another feature of Hunan cuisine is the menu will change following the season’s alternation. In a hot and humid summer, a meal will usually start with cold dishes or a platter holding a selection of cold meats with chillies for opening the pores and keep cool in the summer. In winter, a popular choice is the hot pot, for heating the blood in the cold months. A special hot pot called (鸳鸯火锅) lover's hot pot is famous for splitting the pot into a spicy and a lighter side.


    The history of the cooking skills employed in the Hunan cuisine date back many centuries. During the course of its history, Hunan cuisine assimilated a variety of cuisine styles, and then developed its own style. Now it contains more than 4000 dishes and among which over 300 dishes are very famous like (麻辣鸡丁) fried chicken with Sichuan spicy sauce and (干豆角蒸腊肉)smoked pork with dried long green beans.

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  • 英翻中的問題 <2> 有關中國飲食文化

    Hunan cuisine

    Hunan cuisine, sometimes called Xiang cuisine (Chinese: 湖南菜 or 湘菜; pinyin: hú'náncài or xiāngcài), consists of the cuisines of the Xiang River region, Dongting Lake and western Hunan Province, in China. Hunan cuisine is consisted of three styles: Xiang River style which is represented by dishes of Changsha, Dongting Lake style which is represented by dishes of Hengyang, and western Hunan style which is represented by dishes of Xiangtan.

    Hunan cuisine is one of the eight regional cuisines of China and is well known for its hot spicy flavor, fresh aroma and deep color. Common cooking techniques include stewing, frying, pot-roasting, braising, and smoking. Due to the high agricultural output of the region, ingredients for Hunan dishes are many and varied. Hunan is known for its liberal use of chilli peppers, shallots and garlic.

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  • 英翻中的問題...有關中國吃的文化...

    滿多的 有人可以幫忙回答嗎???謝謝

    History of Chinese cuisine

    The history of Chinese cuisine is, in China, traced back to the Peking Man and his use of fire, and the invention of "cuisine" some 400,000 years ago. Some other accounts of the history of Chinese cuisine takes the beginning back to the Chinese stone age, where the cultivation of rice and the production of noodles, both typical representations of Chinese cuisine as we know it today, are known from archeological findings.

    Over the centuries, as new food sources and techniques were invented, the Chinese cuisine as we know it gradually evolved, with the use of chopsticks made from all sorts of materials as eating utensils, another one of the hallmarks of Chinese cuisine, going back at least to the Zhou Dynasty; stir-fried dishes became popular during the Tang Dynasty. The stir-fry method of cooking was invented as a necessity to conserve expensive and scarce fuel. Most famous dishes found today were invented during the Qing Dynasty and the early years of the Republic of China.

    The Chinese cuisines

    Not long after the expansion of the Chinese Empire during the Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty, Chinese writers noted the great differences in culinary practices between people from different parts of the realm. These differences, following to a great extent the varying climate and availability of food sources in China, could be very local in nature but were early on systematized in lists of Chinese cuisines, the four most well-known being:

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