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  • French Horn in Bass Clef.?

    When you play a french horn music written in bass clef do you play the notes as written or do you play the notes equivilent on the Treble cleff just an octave lower. For example on the song

    Till Eulenspiegel, op. 28 by Strauss (found at are the bass clef notes CGC (i dont think the horn can play that low but I think the question is worth asking anyway to make sure), or low AEC? Thanks for at least reading the question, and even more thanks if you take the time to answer it. I have been playing horn for almost 3 years now, and am 1st chair in my high school and made 1st chair in every state honor band and youth symphony orchestra i have tried out for, but dont know the answer to this, and dont have a private teacher to ask.

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