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  • Is it possible to edit archived yahoo chat in Yahoo Messenger?


    I dont want to clear out my message archives in yahoo messenger, but would like to just pull out a few things out of one of the chat. Is it possible? Are there any utilities or anything that allow you to edit this?

    I know the files are on the hard drive, but you can't just edit them with a standard text editor

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  • Just got usb audio adapter for my AT&T tilt. Why does the speaker still play when using earphones?

    How can I shut the phone speaker off on my AT&T tilt, so that the audio just plays through my headphones?

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  • Help! I need audio equipment for the yard. Having a huge bash on the 26th. Where can I find something 2 use?

    We are having a big party on the 26th, and have a huge yard that I want to fill with music. I need something (receiver and speakers) that can pump, but am on a budget. What to do?

    I am getting desperate, because I'm on 'Plan C' now, as Plan A and Plan B fell through.

    I'm in WI....

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  • Does anyone here have experience with swinging? How much fun is it?

    I'm interested in finding out about swinging. My wife and I have been experimenting with things a little and have been talking about this.

    Can someone who has done this chime in with some information on this?

    My next step after this will be to check out websites, but I don't know if I want to go there just yet....

    Please... no replies about how swinging is bad for a marriage or the issues of safe sex.

    We know what we are doing and know the dangers. (physically and mentally and emotionally)

    Thanks to anyone who can contribute.

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  • How do I install .cab files to my windows mobile 6 device?

    I downloaded some files to add on my windows mobile 6 device, and they are .cab files - normally I would click on a setup.exe type of file for the install, but there is only the .cab file.

    And if I expand the cab files, there appear to be setup files, but they have goofy files names (or extentions) that you just cant run.

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  • I may be going in for some counseling on some issues that I've had for years. I dont know what to expect...?

    I may be going in this week to talk to a local counselor about issues that I've had for years and lately have gotten worse and I think it best for myself and the marriage if I start dealing with them. I'm kinda freakin out becasue I haven't had someone to 'tell everything too' and have a lot of things bottled up in side of me.

    Do counselors have comfortable ways of having you talk about your issues with tricky ways to pull information out, or is it something where I"m just in the spotlight and I talk about whatever I think of... ?

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  • After a big issue, I find myself smothering my wife. How can I give her room when I dont have friends?

    My wife and I just got through some big issues with our relationship and all seems better except that I am craving a little more attention now than being as much as a 'loner' as I was before.

    I don't have friends that I consider to be 'good' or 'best' friends and lately have been giving my wife too much attention and expecting the same in return.

    I know she is getting smothered by me and needs some room as I am always bugging her with stuff, or expecting her to be there to make me feel better everytime I am down.

    I get bummed when I'm not with her or socializing with other adults, and normally I like my alone time.

    She has lots of friends to do stuff with and I'm jealous and want to be a part of it (and can't most of the time because of having kids to take care of as well) - so I get bummed that I get left out alot.

    Is this just a phase that I'm going through that I'm craving attention? Its driving me nuts and I can't wait to be my old self.

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  • Alcohol is a depressant. What if you only are having 1 drink a day? Can it cause depression yet?

    After a life altering experience a few weeks back, I started having a drink or two (normally one) a night, just to keep calmed.

    The last few nights, I don't think I had any now that I think about it, but I am still depressed about things that I should not be depressed about. Would even having 1 drink at night contribute to an alcohol related depression, or is it just because of my issues that I am trying to work out?

    I don't see any type of alcohol drinking problems, as I can easily control it or not even think about having a drink... but if a person continually had 1 drink a day, could it mess with them emotionally?

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  • Why does this buyout with Microsoft and Yahoo keep going on? I thought Microsoft was ready to give up?

    Why do I keep hearing about Microsoft continually pursuing Yahoo. If a company doesn't want to be bought out, can't they just say 'no thank you'?

    I haven't been following this story from the start, but just seeing the news headlines about "microsoft trying this... microsoft trying that..." its kind of annoying. Can't Yahoo just say NO? Why does this continue?

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  • How do you get over feelings of needing to socialize after having a life altering experience?

    I'm normally a guy that likes a good balance of together time with my wife and family and likes to spend a little time during the week socializing, and also loved to have my alone time to do my own thing maybe a couple nights of the week.

    I've been through some issues in relationships (which has since been corrected) and am finding myself wanting attention more, and a little less into my alone time. The thing is that as far as the wife and family goes, I may be getting too clingy, and well, my friends are the kind of friends where I have to do all the contacting, and it is just a pain in the butt to pull off sometimes. So, I'm sitting here alot lately wanting to do things, but cant and feel like I need to be with people. I would love to get back in the groove of being into my alone time, but I start feeling sad and alone as I try to get back into that rhythm. Wifey has lots of friends and opportunites to have fun, while I am feeling sad. I dont know how to handle this...?

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  • HELP! After Bios upgrade on my Intel D865PERL Motherboard, it asks for the 'CURRENT Password' when booting

    I had no passwords active in the BIOS before my upgrade from P06 to P21 on my Intel D865PERL motherboard and now I ran the Bios upgrade, and now after the upgrade has been applied, my computer boots and asks for the Current Password before allowing me to boot windows or even get into the BIOS. HELP!

    Did some quick inernet serches and came up blank.


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  • In Outlook (2007) is there a way to have the next email come up after deleting the current one being viewed?

    I have a user that just got a new laptop. Going from outlook 2003, to 2007 and he said that on his old machine, He was able to double click on an email to read it, then when he clicked the 'X' to delete it from the toolbar, the next email would automatically pop up on the screen. He is wondering how to do this in 2007.

    I'm not talking about the Reading Pane or preview options, I'm just talking about double clicking on the email and bringing it up in its own window... Reading it, then deleting it and going immediately to the next email. (without having to go back to the Inbox to double click on another email)


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  • Its my 1st time opening my inground pool in Wisconsin. What time of the year do you open a pool?

    I think I heard that as soon as the snow is gone, to get the pool going... which would be right about now.

    (In Wisconsin)

    Should I get the pool going now or hold off a bit?

    I figure I would probably want to start working on it now incase we have any abnormally hot days (far and few here) to start using it.

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  • How do I get the idea of a threesome out of my mind? Its driving me nuts!?

    Wife and I have agreed that we would like to take our sexual relationship to additional levels. Threesomes, maybe a swap.

    But it is something we NEED to do together..

    Anyways, after years of throwing ideas around, and lately knowing that we would have lots of fun with someone else, we have a possible opportunity with one of my wifes newly acquainted friends.

    There is a good chance of it happening.

    We are trying to take is slow with this person, and dont want to pressure her into anything. She even knows our ideas on what we would like to experience someday and it hasn't turned her off or away from us.

    My issue is that I am obsessed with this and thinking about it all the time. I've only been with my wife so she knows I am excited for this, but I dont think she understands how much. Hobbies & chores only keep my mind occupied so much.

    I hope I'm not setting myself up for dissapointment if it doesnt happen. How can I occupy my mind in the meantime? Its on my mind about 18hrs a day.

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  • Does it take a long time to wait in line to get into strip clubs if going at 9 or 10pm?

    Here is the ongoing questions about strip clubs in vegas...

    If we cab over to OG or Spearmint, will we be waiting in line long outside the club? I'm new to the club scene (whether its dance clubs or gentleman's clubs...)

    What should I expect? My wife may not want to stand outside forever if this is the case... :)

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  • On the strip, kind of like the piano bar at Harrahs, are there any other fun little bars w/live music?

    Without going to a huge nightclub, dressing up and paying lots of $$$, if we just want to wander around and find some bands to dance to, along with a bar to order drinks, are there any places on the strip in the main hotels that just have live bands playing?

    (Uh... not like swing bands and stuff)

    But like cover bands, or even things like the dueling pianos at harrahs or other stuff like that.

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  • Is it easy to get cabs back to hotels from StripClubs (Spearmint or OG?)?

    This is just my latest question in my slew of gentleman's clubs questions.. :)

    My wife and I may be visiting a strip club or two, either OG or Spearmint, and noticing they are a little off the stip, we will probably have to hop a cab from our hotel.

    Is it easy to get cabs on the way out when you want to leave? Or are we going to be standing outside afterwards thinking, WTF?

    I've been to vegas once, but haven't been off the strip... Just did stuff within walking distance.

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  • How Far do things go at strip clubs in Las Vegas?

    Im thinking of taking my wife to a strip club in Vegas (Like Olympic Gardens) where they have Male/Female entertainment.

    We would hang together for the most part to have fun with eachother, and I'm wondering how far do things go in a strip club? Is it just slipping the money in the gstring and lapdances, or do/can things turn into like public sex or something? I am curious so I know what to expect.

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  • How far do things go at strip clubs in Las Vegas?

    Im thinking of taking my wife to a strip club in Vegas (Like Olympic Gardens) where they have Male/Female entertainment.

    We would hang together for the most part to have fun with eachother, and I'm wondering how far do things go in a strip club? Is it just slipping the money in the gstring and lapdances, or do/can things turn into like public sex or something? I am curious so I know what to expect.

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  • Looking to go to the Olympic Garden on our Las Vegas trip. Anyone w/experience there?


    I was looking for some strip clubs in Vegas that cater to men and women both. Many people answered that the Olympic Garden is a great place to go.

    After looking at thei rwebsite, it looks as if they have the females on the lower level, and male entertainment on the 2nd floor.

    I guess I have a few questions since this place probably isn't operated like our local dumpy strip clubs....

    1) We would like to experience the 2 areas of the club together. Once we pay to get in, are we able to go back and fourth to the 2 areas as much as we want?

    So, if we want to spend an hour by the ladies, and then both go up by the men, and then both come back down to the ladies, is that all covered in the $30?

    I don't see specific mention to that on the website.

    2) What is the range of stuff that goes on there? Just so I'm not shocked. We are going to be looking to experience some fun stuff, but will want to be doing it together.

    3) What kind of cash should I bring to the place with me?

    If anyone can answer these questions, I'd be very interested in details. And if there is someone there with lots of experience with the place, and you wouldn't mind me contacting you through email or whatever, please let me know as well.


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