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I'm a mother of 3 grown kids and a pit bull and a grandmother of one, ex of one man wife to another. I had a rough upbringing, my step dad drank and raised all kinds of hell. My mother who I later realized loved me dearly, beat me daily and put it in my head I was a loser and bad. I stuttered into my early 30's which made it hard to socialize, but having started work on my self image as a preteen and after the confidence gained by joining the service, I finally got over the stutter. My belief in God was and is a hugh factor in all that I am and where I put the credit for all thats good in me and the world. I had a bad drinking problem I over came, a drug problem I dealt with and have learned no one is perfect but deserves respect anyway including myself. I love animals, outdoors, a nice garden, a good cry, chocolate, fishing, doing my art, (I draw, paint, craft stuff) a good deal and being told my cooking is great. I also like to make someone feel better, to be nice.

  • Does a dogs anal gland leak normally? (I know icky question)?

    Or should I say is it normal for it to leak? My pit bull is allergic this time of year, he gets bumps that get pussie and itch around his head and neck along with clusters here and there randomly on his body. Benadryl helps with the itch along with soothing medicated baths.The bumps go away after a month or so, poor dog. This year however he started licking under his tail and biting at the base as if it itched at the onset and after we got the itch under control he still did the licking and to our noses disgust, noticed he didn't smell good even after a bath. I groomed dogs for a couple years but it was several years ago so though I knew I had smelled that smell before it took a little bit to remember where. Finally it came to me. It was the smell of that fluid that fills the glands around the anal gland that we were made to empty when we gave dogs a bath. Just last night my dog smelled particularly bad and while he was sleeping I lifted his tail, wiped under there and he was leaking that fluid. That is why hes been licking. Yuk! I know dogs scoots on their butts to drain this gland but with all the dogs I've owned, taken care of etc. I've never heard of or smelled it just leaking like this. Is this normal? Its been doing so now for a month give or take.

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  • I have to introduce my pitbull to another "guest" pitty. Does anyone have any ideas?

    I watch dog whisperer, I read and yet my mind has gone blank as to how would be the best way to handle this situation I really have no choice but try and make work for a short while. My pit was neutered at just over a year and was socially a good boy until 3, when he all of a sudden wanted to kick the butt of every dog, little,big, old, young, it don't matter and it sucks. I'm thinking hes too spoiled and thinks just a little to much of himself and his role in the family but I don't have the time now to change his mind about all that. Is there a way to minimize the possible bad blood between my dog and this other which is a little squirt but because of his size I was told hes been beat up and has a little toughie's attitude now and will go for the throat if he feels threatened. I have visions of blood shed but know there was a time and know there is a way to let these dogs see they can be friends. I'm getting muzzles for them both but know there is a draw back to this, just don't know exactly what it is. I know the outcome, at this point, without the muzzles might be alot worse than with them. I certainly want this to be very temporary, having to have them muzzled. Is there a trainer out there to help me handle this situation that, believe me, if I could avoid I would but it has to be for a short time.

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  • What kind of vintage clothing button turns slimy when soaked and smells?

    I inherited a bunch of buttons from my husband's grandmother who inherited them from her mother and aunts. They were dirty and I soaked them over night. I noticed the water smelled funny and then noticed that the smell was coming from a yellowish, translucent button that was slimy when I picked it up and seemed to have softened also. What kind of material does this? I soaked them in a little tsp water and laundry soap.

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  • What is the name of the two 12 yr old dancers that are in the finals of AGT?

    I want their names so I can look them up on UTube. Thanks.

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  • My friend wants to remove the dash to replace speedometer etc and can't find the screws?

    He has looked and looked and can't find the screws to remove the dash so as to access the area behind the gages. Where can we find FREE info as to how to find these screws. He got a l996 Toyota Previa Minivan. Sure would appreciate any help with this.

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  • Has anyone had these two symptoms togather?

    My husband got faint while driving home tonight, eating because of low blood sugar didn't work, because the nausea he also had didn't go away with little bites but made it worse. Hes got spitty mouth like when your going to throw up. And hes COLD. Hes got goose bumps. Putting blankets on makes him cold sweat. He has no fever. Is this not strange? These symptoms have been ongoing for 3 hrs now.

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  • How long does it take for a empty pool to crack?

    My uncle has a green pool. I mean green. He has someone willing to help empty it today but it will take a little while after its scubbed to get it painted before it can be refilled. Is this going to work? If it does crack is it possible to fix them easy or inexpensivily to make it worth the risk?

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  • Isn't it true that alcohol doesn't freeze?

    Then tell me how 100 proof vodka can get really slushy in the freezer? Or is this normal?

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    This is not the first time I've brought this up. I can not believe that the only way the site can run is to inform us AFTER we've answered the question that the question has been deleted. If Answers are able to inform us the question has been deleted at all why not just frick'n delete the damn thing so our time can be used answering a question that is still needing a answer. It seems REALLY SCREWY AND DISRESPECTFUL to those taking the time to answer these questions to let us answer the question, only to find out the question is no longer answerable. ANSWERS NEEDS TO FIX THIS.

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  • How to get spell check on answers when it doesn't automatically come up?

    Is something gone goofy on this site when that happens, am I doing something wrong and is there some way to make it come up when it doesn't? I'm a terrible speller and it happens too often for no apparent reason.

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  • Does anyone know the law concerning the validity of a will?

    Our Grandma had quite the estate to leave and had made her will. She also thought she was going to live forever it seems because for so long I remember her saying she had changes to make that she left until she was very feeble and needing to be in a long term care facility and then needed her attorney to come to her to finalize the changes she wanted made. Our cousin noted the changes but Grandma's calls to the attorney produced no attorney and she died leaving the will with the noted changes but without whatever it is the attorney is suppose to do to it. Theres at least 4 people that though were not aware of the specific changes were aware she made changes and this cousin is supposedly in possession of this will that she says is null and void. Is it? Is there any chance that if brought to light can this will be called a valid will? She tried to contact the attorney who seemed to be purposely ignoring her. There are, like I said, at least 4 people very aware she wanted these changes to be made. And she had a completely sound mind.

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  • Is there a time frame when someone dies for the reading of the will?

    My brother-in-law has lived in Grandma 's house for years, in this house where Grandma never tossed anything. Her things were treasures to her and I know she had a lot of it stipulated as to what she wanted done about it. In the meanwhile my brother-in-law, who's unemployed and a regular user of e-bay, has a free and clear ticket to do with all of her stuff as he wishes because hes argued with my husband who won't go over there now because he was threatened with the police and treaspassing charges. My brother-in-law has locked out his uncle too who is spineless and won't say anything any way, has never said anything to his nephew who has always been a selfish, self serving person. This uncle says hes put in two calls to the attorney who has the will but has not gotten a return call.. There must be some kind of a time frame but I don't know how to find out this information. Does anyone know these laws or where I can find out?

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  • ilIegal chemicals ordered on line............?

    If illegal chemicals, illegal meaning not to be found in the possession of, can be ordered on line, is the crime committed as soon as they are ordered or must you be found in the possession of them to be charged? Is the intent to posses them a different charge or one in the same? What if you ordered a larger amount than what you may be found possessing? If you are found in the possession of 5gms is that as bad as 100gm?

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  • What kind of person and/or crime do you believe is deserving of a bail set at 150,000?

    I live in the east bay calif, but regardless, if a lawyer has a educated guess what kind of criminal or crime might warrent this bail I'd appreciate a answer and if your not a attonery but have a opinion I'd like to know that too.

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  • What are stars given for here on Answers?

    I've got 5, one of which I recieved when I neither asked nor answered the question. So how does that work?

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  • Problems with Explorer 8``?

    Someone gave me a old lap top with XP installed on it and Explorer 6. I was informed on several sites that my version of Explorer was not going to be supported for much longer. When I installed the update, Explorer 8. however, it really messed with the way these sites now worked. U Tube, for instance, all videos were real choppy, stop and start, and so my husband uninstalled it. Now the videos are working fine again but this is a version thats not going to be supported for much longer so what do I do? I know there has to be a patch for this, or some way around it.

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  • I have retained a lawyer and am thinking I should switch attorneys............?

    I can get back the money paid minus the time the attorney has spent thus far, right? And the time spent being very little I should get most of it, correct?

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  • Does anyone know Everclear's music?

    My sister has a MP3 player that a friend loaded a song by Everclear on it and she says the name of it is" I've seen better days". I wanted to hear it on U Tube but it won't come up. I'm thinking shes got the title of the song wrong. Does anyone have another title I might try?

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  • Does anyone know how much it cost to run a string of Christmas lights like for a hour?

    I'm from California and you might be from another state so it may help to answer in a comparison like it cost as much to run a string of 100 little light for a hour as it would to run 3 lamps or something like that. I would sure appreciate it. It would settle a domestic dispute and stop a Scrooge from messing with my Christmas spirit!

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  • Does anyone know when the radio was invented?

    Me and my husband are having a "discussion". I'd like a third, perhaps more knowledgeable opinion.

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