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  • Why does my car make noise when turning?

    I have a 2003 Olds Bravada. At any acceleration the steering wheel shakes, but it doesn't really effect my driving. It gets worse here and there but mostly just a light shake. However, when I turn to the right, or curve to the right, there's a loud sound. It's somewhere between a loud hum and a crunch. Does anyone know what this could be and possibly a rough estimate as to how much it would be to fix it? Thanks in advance!

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  • Teaching in other states?

    I've recently been looking into becoming a teacher. I was wondering if there is a state test in order to be certified to teach in a state that you did not originally get your degree in. For example, if I get a degree in Michigan, can I teach in Ohio, or is there another test I would have to complete in order to be able to teach in Ohio? Thanks in adavance for your answers!

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  • Am I the only American who dislikes these names for girls?

    I live in the U.S. and I see so many girls being named Madison/Maddison, Addison, Mackenzie, ect...and it really bothers me that their meanings have 'son' in them. I see this a lot more in America than in other countries. I feel like my daughter should not have a name that is very obviously specified as male. I understand a lot of unisex names can be used on both, but they aren't gender specific in their meanings. Do people just not care about the meaning? Or do they love the name so much that the meaning isn't as important? I'm lost. Please don't be rude or degrade people who do name their children this. I'm just curious as to the thought process. Thanks in advance for answering!

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  • Is anyone else who does the baby name games being reported?

    I'm posting this in the baby name section because this is where I ask my questions. I've been reported twice today already for questions I asked days ago. None of which are in violation. I noticed a lot of questions I had answered (which were name games) were no longer under my answered section. Is anyone else having this problem?

    And since you're here - what are your top two favorite names for both boys and girls?

    Thanks in advance for any answers!

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  • 'L' middle names for these unique names?

    We have a tradtion in my family where the first middle name begins with an L, and we have a second family middle name. So, if you could suggest 'L' middle names for a girl named Olivana (uh-liv-ee-on-uh) and a boy named Valentin (val-en-teen, not valentine), I would appreciate it! If you don't like the names, please don't be rude about it, as I'm only asking for middle name suggestions. Feel free to comment on them, though. Thanks in advance!

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  • Why do girls feel the need to show so much skin?

    I'm nearly 24 years old and, even growing up in Virginia, where temperatures could reach 115 F, I never wore shorts that went too far above my knees. I now live in Michigan but it still gets very warm sometimes, so I understand needing less clothes. But I took my baby sister, who is almost 14, to the mall a few days ago and a few of her friends (same age group) were wearing shorts that barely covered their underwear. I felt ashamed to be walking with them. I noticed men (MEN, not teenagers, not boys, MEN) eyeing them. Do their parents not realize what kind of attention their children are attracting? Do these girls just have no clue what they are portraying themselves as? One of these girl's had on a shirt that was longer than her shorts and her bra straps kept falling but she didn't even make an effort to correct this. Thankfully my sister finds it inappropriate and would never wear something like this, which is how I raised her.

    I work retail and I see people ranging from children to adults walking through the store in things I would scarcely even wear to bed. I might be modest, but I'm not a prude, and I understand people wear things that match the weather, but this just seems outrageous that people would allow their teenage girls to barely leave a thing to the imagination. Am I crazy or do other people think this, too?

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  • Opinions on these 'different' names?

    I've loved the name Olivia since I was little, but I love the sound of Oliviana (ah-liv-ee-on-ah), nicknamed Liv. I understand that it looks made up, but it isn't. It was actually ranked #279 for 2013 on My heritage is very Italian, and I'd like to honor that. I live in the U.S., so it might not be a 'normal' name, but I find it far better than some of the things I've seen being asked about on here. I'd appreciate honest opinions, but please don't be rude.

    The other name I love is Valentin, nicknamed Val. Pronounced Val-en-teen, not Valentine. I want to use this name so badly, but I'm very worried that an American boy would teased for a 'girly sounding name'. To me it's very male, but the opinions I've gotten all call it feminine. So again, I would appreciate honest, but not pointless and rude, comments.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Rate these boy names, please?

    1) Lucas 'Luke'

    2) Oliver 'Ollie'

    3) Jackson 'Jacks'

    4) Jasper 'Jazz'

    5) Donovin 'Vin'

    6) Rafferty 'Raff'

    7) Elijah 'Eli'

    8) Valentin (val-en-teen, not valentine) 'Val'

    9) Severus 'Sev'

    10) Niklaus 'Klaus'

    BQ - What middle names would put with your top three out of these?

    Most detailed answer gets BA! Thanks in advance, everyone!

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  • Opinions on this 'different' name?

    I understand that it'll forever be one of the 'Harry Potter names', but what do you think of the name Severus? It's a bit harsh sounding at first, but it really grew on me. Putting aside that it's a popular character, would that be an acceptable name or is it a bit much?

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  • This or that boy names?

    Lucas or Oliver?

    Jasper or Jackson?

    Elijah or Donovin?

    Mason or Kennedy?

    Tristan or Alexander?

    Sinclair or Valentin (val-en-teen)?

    Kenneth or Nicholas?

    Avery or Mackenzie?

    Declan or Ivan?

    John or Mark?

    Michael or Matthew?

    Patrick or Jamison?

    Callum or Rowan?

    Nolan or Alistair?

    Jacob or Aiden?

    Please choose one or the other, not both or neither. Please don't change the spelling. Star for more!

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  • Would you give up your favorite name because it's popular?

    I'm madly in love with the name Olivia. I have been for the past 15ish years. It has a very personal meaning to me. It's the only name from my list when I was a kid that I would still use. I see all these answers about the name being too popular, overused, unoriginal, ect... I don't think I could ever give this name up, even if it was the most popular name. And I want it as a first name, not a middle. Are there any names you've given up or stuck with based on popularity or other's opinions?

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  • Names you didn't realize were so popular until joining Y! Answers?

    Are there any names you really love but didn't realize how popular they were until playing around in the Baby Name section? I love Olivia, Sophia, Lucas, and Oliver, but I never really looked on baby name sites. I didn't grow up with a lot of people with these names, and I figured they were well-known, but not popular! Are there any on your list like that? Any names you took off your list because of it?

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  • Name Game - What would you name 10 kids?

    Boy 1 - First name is a name you feel is too dated.

    Middle name is a name you think is overused.

    Girl 1 - First name is a name you used to love but don't anymore.

    Middle name is a name that you used to hate but love now.

    Boy 2 - First name is a name that starts with X, Y, or Z.

    Middle name is a name that srtats with A, B, or C.

    Girl 2 - First name is a name that you picture on a very wealthy woman.

    Middle name is a name you feel is very over the top.

    Boy 3 - First name is a name you would only name a dog.

    Middle name is a name from your favorite movie (what movie?).

    Girl 3 - First name is a name that has 4 or more syllables.

    Middle name is a name that most people would say is too masculine but you prefer on a girl.

    Boy 4 - First name is a name that reminds you of your childhood (you can explain why, if you'd like!)

    Middle name is your father's middle name.

    Girl 4 - First name is a name you wish just didn't exist.

    Middle name is your middle name.

    Boy 5 - First name is a name fit for a king.

    Middle name is a name that you find extremely masculine.

    Girl 5 - First name is a name that makes you think of a holiday.

    Middle name is a name you love but would never use.

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  • Donovan vs Donovin, which do you prefer?

    Maybe my family is crazy (okay, they are), but my older brother is Donovin. And it's pronounced vin, not van, which is why my mom spelt it that way. Am I insane for thinking Donovan looks wrong? I think even if I didn't have my brother named that, Donovan would look like don-ah-van not don-ah-vin. Does anyone else think this, too? Or is Donovan just the regular and only spelling that makes sense or looks right?

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  • Please rate and comment on these names?

    I've been nervous about asking, so please be gentle. Honest, yes, rude, please don't. Some of these I don't plan to ever use, I just want to see what everyone thinks.

    Girls -











    Boys -








    Valentin (ending is teen, not like Valentine)



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  • What are your favorite and least favorite names?

    Just for fun! Whether you only have one or one hundred, what are your favorite and least favorite names for boys and girls and why?

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  • Same-sex marriage ruining opposite-sex marriage?

    First of all, I'd prefer this question to not begin a huge for or against campaign, as I just a have a simple question. Please read what I say before responding.

    I've heard this a few times and never really got a response that I felt really explained it to me in a way I fully understood. I've heard people against same-sex marriage say a dozen times how gays or bisexuals having the right to marry diminishes their marriage. I understand what they are saying about how it null and voids the 'between a man and a woman' part, but I've never understood how it directly affects them as a married couple. I'm not saying they are right or wrong, I just want a clear, direct answer from someone who feels this way or from someone who has heard a response from another that would fit this.

    Thank you in advance for not using this as a soap box to support either side.

  • What are some L names?

    My family has a tradition where the first of two middle names start with an L and the second is a family name. I'm dead set on Lucas, Olivia, Oliver, and Lorelei as first names. It's a pain loving L first names, as I don't always like the first and middle starting with the same letter.

    So far I really love - Lucas Lee, Olivia Lorraine, Oliver Logan, and Lorelei Lindsey.

    Any other suggestions? Please don't change their first names or suggest anything but L middles, as neither will change. Thank you in advance!

    BQ1 - Any first and middles you personally love that both start with the same letter?

    BQ2 - Do you prefer Lorelei or Sophia? Why?

    9 AnswersBaby Names8 years ago
  • What would you name 8 kids?

    Girl 1 - A hyphenated first name.

    Middle name is your favorite character from a book.

    Boy 1 - First name is the name of a stuffed animal you had/have.

    Middle name is a U.S. President's first name.

    Girl 2 - First name is a name that you feel should only be given to pets, not a child.

    Middle name is a name you consider trashy.

    Boy 2 - First name is the name of your first crush (if you are a guy or a girl who prefers women, make it a 'boyish' version).

    Middle name is 7 letters.

    Girl 3 - First name is a name you feel is too dated.

    Middle name is one that was #14 on the most popular list of the year you were born.

    Boy 3 - First name starts with a K and has no e.

    Middle name is Icelandic.

    Girl 4 - First name is your favorite name.

    Middle name is your least favorite.

    Boy 4 - First name is your least favorite.

    Middle name is your favorite.

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  • Unisex names - what do prefer for either gender?

    I know there is a lot of debate on whether or not a name sounds masculine or feminine or truly unisex, so I thought I'd get your opinions! I've compiled a large list of names I've seen over the years on both males and females. Just put whether you feel it's for a boy or girl or both and you're more than welcome to add anything else, too!





































































    BQ1 - Did the way any of these were spelt make a difference?

    BQ2 - Which were your favorite and least favorite names?

    BQ3 - Any other 'unisex' names you feel strongly one way or the other about?

    10 AnswersBaby Names8 years ago