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  • Hi I am 34 weeks and 4 days and my baby is 6lbd and 4 ozs. How big was your baby at this point?

    I am just a little worried. You see I have gestational diabetes and the u/s tech said that the baby was a week ahead of schedule and that he will probably be about 8 lbs. The doctor is going to induce me at 38 just to be on the safe side. So what do you think maybe 8 or 9 lbs tops.

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  • How big is your baby supposed to be at 29 weeks pregnant?

    I am 28 weeks pregnant. I am going to have a 4 d ultrasound on Sept. 2. My doctor seems to think that my baby boy is going to be about 8 or 9lbs when he's born. I know he's just estimating, but I am a little concerned. At 18 weeks he was 10 oz. Can you tell me what your baby's weight was at 29 weeks.

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  • Are there any Fertility Experts who can answer my questions or give advice?

    My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for a year when I decided to see a gynecologist. I found out that I have PCO. So, he put me on 50mg of Chlomid. I know the pills are working because the gyn. told me that I would ovulate and if I did not get pregnant I would have a period. I know the pills are working because I had a period this month, so I must have ovulated sometime this month. I would like to know when I ovulated, and how I can keep track of it so my husband and I can get pregnant.

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  • Husbands masturbating to magazines behind our backs.?

    When my husband and I got married he agreed to get rid of his playboys. I did not want them in our house because I did not want to catch him masturbating while looking at one because he has me and I am very attractive. Well he told me he had gotten rid of them, but the other day I found him masturbating in the shed looking at one. What should I do? He's lied to me several times already.

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