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I like Comedy &action movies. I love science. Sports: Figure skating, football, baseball, & basketball. My guilty pleasure? CHOCOLATE I love to listen to music. Music isn't just entertainment; it's a way of life. Music is a way to bring people together. I like just about any type I love life; I love all that my planet has to offer. I have a very positive outlook on literally everything. I try to help others to feel the same way. I love making people smile and laugh. Drop me a message! I'm not shy! :D I hope you have a wonderful day because everyday is filled with new experiences. God bless! ~Stephy Without peace, there is no life. Without love, there is no peace. Without God, there is no love...

  • Give me your opinion on my cover? =]?

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    Please be completely honest, and give any tips I could use for improvement. Thanks so much! :D

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  • How to not be nervous when talking to a guy?

    Okay, so there's this guy I like. Right? We're hot 16 and we've known each other most of our lives. We know each other from church so guys and girls aren't really supposed to hang out together (long story) but in the time we have had we get along great. He has called me a few times and that's where it starts to get tricky. I get nervous on the phone. When talking to anyone but especially to him. I start saying "like" allot and have trouble finding the words to say. So that's one nervousness issue.

    The other: when I actually see him I get nervous and I totally avoid looking at him half the time. Cuz ya know I won't want to make myself look obvious so Just take it to the other extreme. I'm scared I might be giving him mixed signals but then ill notice that he kind of does the same thing?

    Im not positive that he's into me but I know for sure that he at leats likes me as a friend.

    How can I not be so nervous and awkward around him? I get there's no 1 2 3 steps, but any tips or anything? Thanks :)

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  • I'm a Canadian citizen; info on permanently living and working in the US?

    I was born and raised Canadian. I'm Caucasian. I'm currently 16 years of age. I'm working on getting my full driver's license. I'm home schooled. But it's an American program and is fully accredited by the state of Florida. I plan on completing my grade 12 long before the time I'm 18. I have no criminal record. Neither does anybody in my family. And I have a Canadian passport.

    Once I turn 18, I would like to move to California (or possibly Florida, but I'm leaning more towards CA) where I want to attend University. I want to get a Bachelor's Degree (4 years) in Criminal Justice, while also working summers and maybe even part time. Once I've finished my degree, I would like to work in California as a police officer and go from there.

    Any information that you think would be useful would help allot. I've tried googling some websites, but it's really confusing. I'm not sure about green cards, visas, permanent residency, and citizenship; more details on that?

    Thank you!!!

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  • What do you think of this singing cover?

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    Please be completely honest. I know it's not perfect, so any tips would be appreciated. :)

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  • What do you think of this singing cover?

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    Please be completely honest. I know it's not perfect, so any tips would be appreciated. :)

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  • How to solve these exponential and logarithmic equations?

    So I need to know the steps to take and the work to do to get to these answers. Thanks :)

    1. 2^x = 14 Ans = 3.807

    2. 3^(x+2) = 81 Ans. = 2

    3. log(x+8) = 1 + log(x-10)

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • HOW to solve for all values of x and y:?


    5x + 2y = 16

    3x-5y = -9

    The answer is: x = 2, y = 3

    How do I get to that answer? And:


    x^2 - 3y^2 = 13

    x - 2y = 1

    The answer is: (5,2) (-11, -6)

    How to get to these answers?

    Thank you! =]

    4 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • How to find out probability out of 20 M&M's?

    Alright: you have 20 m&m's. 5 brown, 6 yellow, 4 blue, 3 green, and 2 orange.

    HOW do you find the answer to this problem?

    ~ Probability of getting 1 brown & 2 orange if 3 are taken at a time?

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • How to simplify and reduce these radicals?

    If you could explain the steps please? Thanks =]

    1. ^3√24x^5y^3 (In other words: the cube root, btw. Just so you know.)

    2. √3/8

    3. √12 + √108

    4. ^3√16 · ^3√3

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • Inverse function: sin^-1 .2945; Answer in degrees, minutes, seconds:?

    Alright, so how do I find my answer for that?

    I use my calculator to get: 17.12755761...

    Where do I go from there? And I'm rounding to nearest hundreth of a second btw.

    Thank you!

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • How to convert these to degrees?

    (and then round to 4 places after decimal.)

    Also, my problem doesn't say whether to use a calculator or not. I understand that in a way it's not exactly necessary, but I'm in grade 10. Do you think I should?



    39° 50' 35"


    4 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • Best prank you ever pulled?

    All of my pranks seem to fail *extremely sad face*

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  • How do I solve this exponential/logarithmic equation?

    And do I have to use my calculator for it?

    If so, how? (This is the calc. I'm using: )

    4 · 6^x = 20

    Thanks guys :)

    3 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • How to find these antilogarithms?

    I'm supposed to -using my calc.- find the antilogs. and round to 4 places after the decimal.

    Here is a picture of the calculator that I have:

    I have the answers to these questions, but I don't know how to use my calculator to figure them out. These are the problems:

    log N = 1.3

    1n = 2.2

    antilog .8

    I used an antilog calc. online to find the 3rd one, but I can't find out how to do it on my calculator, and I'm at a complete loss about the other 2.

    Please help; I'm dying here

    3 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • What does the N mean when finding the antilogarithm in log N = 1.3?

    I'm not sure how to use my calculator to find this out; I have no idea how to put in the N?

    3 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • Any Good halloween movies?

    I'm really picky when it comes to movies like that. I don't really like outright horror movies. Just something that's scary, yet fun and "leave you on the edge of your seat" kind of thing. Like I said I'm really picky but... If you look up the music video for Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back) I want something with that kind of style. Scary, yet not horror.

    Thank you so much!

    Annndd Have a very scary halloween.


    3 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • I feel like I'm losing my faith in God; help me?

    My mom has been dragging me to a church where they're ALMOST at the point where it's a cult.

    I just keep having moments of doubt... I know DEEP down inside somewhere that He is there, but I have no one to help me... I feel very ignored and alone. I just need a few inspiring words please? :J

    Thanks so much... You have no idea what it means to me <3

    14 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • How to throw a great party and not let it get boring?

    A party for teens btw, so don't say booze.

    Like a halloween party?

    Even just a normal party?

    And a birthday party?

    All the parties I have ever been to were pretty boring. They had an ipod hooked up to the speakers, and that was it. I'm hoping to throw a party soon; I don't know when exactly though, so it might be for a certain occasion or it might just be for fun. Can you give me some great tips? Not just good music. What else can I do? Thanks guys XD


    1 AnswerEntertaining8 years ago
  • Dance workout videos?

    Is there somewhere that I can find some great videos that have super easy "dances" for losing weight? I've seen those ads on tv for like hip hop abs, etc. Do you know of anything like that which I can find on the internet? I tried searching, but I couldn't find anything. Thanks!

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • How to trade the silver commodity?

    I knew this lady who would spend less than an hour on the computer each morning trading silver. She made huge profits (she had a vacation home on the other side of the world). It was her only source of income.

    But I'm wondering, how did she do it? There must have been some kind of a tip that she followed? Please explain?

    1 AnswerInvesting8 years ago