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  • What is the best gel/cream to use?

    I was diagnosed with HPV earlier this year and im just now getting the genital warts. They are very small in size, only a few. I got some meds from the dr. condylox gel, but it irritates me so bad. Any meds you have used that worked? **Don't put any neg remarks please, I'll just report. Thanks!

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  • Names for a young womens book club?

    I am trying to start a book club in my area and I want it to be for young women. I need a fresh young name for the book club. Most creative gets best answer! What are some suggestions?

    Books & Authors1 decade ago
  • Strange bumps down there?

    i have researched the internet and I am clueless. These bumps are on both sides of the labia. They do not hurt. the strange thing is they are in straight lines on both sides. they are only slightly raised and look like a very very small whitehead. This doesnt match anything i could find especially since it is on both sides in the same spots. any clue?

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  • What are these bumps?

    I have researched the internet and I am clueless. These bumps are on both sides of the labia. They do not hurt. the strange thing is they are in straight lines on both sides. they are only slightly raised and look like a very very small whitehead. This doesnt match anything i could find especially since it is on both sides in the same spots. any clue?

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  • I can't come up with a story idea?

    I want nothing more than to write a book. I have thought of so many ideas that it is driving me crazy. My problem is I come up with an idea, but cant come up with an ending. I want to write something about romance/mystery. I'm about to give up on writing. Does anyone have any story ideas. I just need suggestions. I wont use your exact idea, I just need something to get me on the writing path. thanks!!

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  • Is this strange...herpes?

    I was diagnosed with herpes 5 months ago and I only had one red bump, no clusters and it was not sore to the touch. I did not go through the typical blistering or any of that. My gyno looked at it and didn't even think it was herpes, but since I was having all the other symptoms (sore throat, discharge...) he tested me for it and it came back +. I have yet to have another breakout. No other symptoms or anything. My dr said that since i only had one bump and it went away like 2 days after if appeared I may not ever have another breakout. He said some ppl were just lucky like that. Has anyone experienced this?

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  • Should I be upset over this?

    Ok...This guy that Im really good friends with ( i think we might have been on the verge of being more like dating) invited me to a cabin that his ex-wives aunt owns. There was a bunch of us there and we were a little drunk. When it came time to go to bed he went down stairs with me and started to get into the bed with me to go to sleep. He got up to go to the "Bathroom" and never came back. It's like he lead me downstairs to dump me there. I went to look for him and he was asleep in another room. He was alone, but it made me so mad. I got really emotional ( the drinking didnt help) I told him i didnt think he would ever do something like that to me. He eventually explained to me that his ex-aunt could come back at any time and she wants him and his ex-wife to get back together. He said it would be ackward if she found us in bed together. I agree with that it would be weird, but shouldnt he have been up front with me and told me right away instead of leading me down to the room and then basically dumping me there like i wouldnt notice he was gone. I guess it took all the trust from me. He wont talk to me now because he said I over reacted because I told him i couldnt believe he would do that to me. It really hurt me because we were good friends and I thought I could have trusted him. I would have understood if he would have just told me upfront.

    Sorry it was so long!!

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  • Online depression support groups/message boards?

    I don't feel like I can let all my feelings out right now face to face with a professional. I would like to join a online chat/support group. I can't seem to find any online that is up to date and an easy format to follow. Any suggestions?

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  • Am I having a miscarriage?

    I am not due to start until another 5-7 days. I had sex on Nov 1st. My stomach hurt today, but not like normal cramps. I went to the bathroom and out of no where I began to bleed heavily. It was really thick. My back is slightly sore. Im not bleeding bad right now, but it is still thick. Could it be a miscarriage?

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  • Why are so many ppl getting defensive of Harry Potter and Twilight?

    I have read so many post on YA and it's amazing. Ppl are putting others down for liking Twilight or liking Harry Potter. Harry Potter fans are being rude to Twilight fans and Twilight fans are doing the same to Harry Potter fans. These are books ppl. People like different things. I personally LOVE Twilight. I havent read H.P. yet and I do plan on it, but if I don't like the H.P. books, then so be it. You wont find me on here making fun or dissing H.P. fans, so why do H.P. fans make fun of Twilight fans? I guess my question is: What is the reason for the name calling and the debate between H.P. and Twilight? Im just getting sick of it.

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  • Sony digital reader or Amazon Kindle?

    Im deciding which one to purchase. Both have their pros and cons. What is your opinion? Do you have one, if so do you like it?

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  • I would like to start writing in essay competitions?

    I would like to start writing in essay competitions for fiction. Where is a good site to go to? Some sites I have seen require an entry that common? thanks in advance for your help.

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  • New Moon was confirmed on Sat........?

    According to, Summit Entertainment greenlit New Moon to be filmed. Has anyone seen Twilight yet? If so, how did you like it??

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  • Anyone having a hard time reading a book after...?

    I finished up Twilight and I have tried reading like 5 other books. I usually get through the 1st few chapters then Im bored and can't get into the book. I am now trying to read The Host by Stephanie Meyer, I think I might like this one. Has anyone else had this problem & if so, what book was finally able to catch your attention again?? Please, if you don't like Twilight Just ignore this question and move on, theres no need in negative comments.

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  • I am reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer....?

    I am in the process of reading The Host. In the first few pages it was hard to understand, but it's getting easier and the story is getting better. Im on pg 40. I was just wondering if anyone has read this book and what did you think about it????

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  • Eating out somewhat healthy???

    I work in a small office and there is no privacy for eating my lunch at the office. I hate eating in my car so I dont even bother packing my lunch. I prefer to get out of the office during my hr lunch break. I try to eat as healthy as I can given the slim choices I have. What are some things I can eat at fast food restaurants that wont completely ruin my diet? Theres a chick fila, fazolis, and all the normal fastfood places.

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  • Book clubs..where to find?

    Where can I find a online/local book club to join? Seems like the internet doesnt give much information.

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  • Why am I so tired all the time?

    I am a 23 yr old female. I am so tired all the time & it really affects my daily life. I get 7 1/2 -8 hrs a sleep a night. I eat a well balanced diet. I exercise about an hr 5 days a week. I don't understand why Im always so tired. On the weekends when Im not working, I can go to sleep at 11 or 12 on a saturday and get up 5 or 6 the next evening. I get up a few times in between to use the BR and etc, but never stay up for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. I do have hypothyroidism, but it is 100% in check and my medication is on the right dose. I have a dr appt for dec 11th to get some tests done, but in the mean time does anyone have any ideas on what may be causing this. thanks

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  • Opinion on Host by Stephanie Meyer?

    I thought about reading this book sometime soon. I loved the Twilight series. Is the Host worth reading??

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  • Im reading a good book "Thirteen reasons why"...?

    This isnt really a question, but I just had to share the book I am reading. I am only on pg 20, but im hooked on the book. It's basically about a teen who kills herself and sends out 13 audio tapes to 13 ppl that influenced her decision to kill herself. If you are looking for a good read, Im sure this book is going to be great. Anyone else read this book?

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