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  • Advertising: How Much Would You Pay?

    I live in Los Angeles. I am thinking of starting a business in which I would offer the following:

    #1, Pass out flyers or business cards in West Hollywood, Hollywood, Culver City area (I would have pictures taken to show I am passing them out.

    #2, I would then post each flyer on my facebook, twitter and youtube pages and let my followers/fans vote for flyer/business card of the month. One winner would be selected and I'd give them a gift card (is the law 18 and older to win a prize?)

    #3, Each business that has a flyer/business card would receive $100 in free Google Advertising( I am certified and have coupons to give out)

    I could even wears business clothing around the cities I mentioned.

    Any suggestions? How much would you charge? or how much would you pay for such a service?

  • Advertising: How To Promote Art Work?

    There is a young man who has created art work on both t-shirts, cell phone covers and etc. He needs help in promoting his art work. I offered to setup a google adwords account for him and give him a $100 coupon for free advertising, do on camera interview with him and post it all over the Internet, wear one of his t shirts to clubs and run a contest on my social networking pages. He said no thanks and could do this all himself. So what else can I offer him? I was willing to do all this for a reasonable price.

  • Youtube: How To Design A Page Lime This?

    How do I design my youtube to look like the one I posted above?

    How do I design my to look like the one I posted above?

    here is one of my blogs: I want to add my own background and etc

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  • Social Networking: Best Certified School?

    My past experience was working for an advertising company in Los Angels. My work included SEO. Now I manage apartment buildings and I do post ads. That being said, I am looking for a second job. I would like to get certified in Social Networking. What online school(s) offer the best certified program in Social Networking? I am looking for something reasonable and a good rep. Not looking to spend a thousand dollars or hundreds. Not looking for a degree just to get certified.

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  • Gay: Something Wrong With My Looks?

    I ask myself every day am I ugly looking? Almost every hot boy on adam4adam blocks me or says not their type. Guys will have sex with me and never hear from them again.Guys never wanna go on a date with me :( Yet when I go out people say I am very good looking. I am like if this is true then why do they all block me on adam4adam? Why do guys never call me or text me. I can't be that cute after all.

    I live in Los Angeles, CA

  • aneurysm: Are These Good Signs?

    My best friend in the whole world who has done a lot for me was taken to the hospital. I have spent over 12 hours with him. Turned out he has aneurysm in the brain. I showed up and he now suddenly have movement in both the legs and arms. I then called the hospital and they let me talk to him. He got off the phone and I heard him say, "That was not my social worker Robert, it was my silly roommate Robert who loves to talk." That is like him.

    Are these good signs? Will he make it and live a normal life? I am so scared. Please GOD I need him in my life........please

    1 AnswerHeart Diseases8 years ago
  • Hair: What Style/Cut Should I Get?

    As you can see- I have a square jaw line and strong bones. What type of hair style/cut should I get? Crew cut? I want something that goes with my face. My hair looks rather messy and dirty right now. Examples welcomed as well

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  • Gay: What Hair Syle/Cut Should I Get?

    As you can see- I have a square jaw line and strong bones. What type of hair style/cut should I get? Crew cut? I want something that goes with my face. My hair looks rather messy and dirty right now. Examples welcomed as well

  • Gay" Am I Attractiive Looking?

    I go out and ever time I get told I young I look. I am actually 39. Like last night I told these 3 boys I am 39 and they were al like damn dude what you drinking? I want some of that so when I am 39 I look that good. I get that from girls and boys all the time. But when it comes down to it they go home with each other cause they are young and boyish. I am not sure when they say I look way young if that means they think I am cute too. Last a twink I know stops by and talks to me. Another twink comes over and they start kissing each other. That other twinks says to twink I know, "can I suck you off?" Twink I know says sure long as I can suck him off(being me). A 3rd twink comes over with older guy I know. They roommates. The older guy is rich and has a large house. Well this 3rd guy and the guy I know left together. That other twink stayed with me. I ended up sucking him off and he cummed on me. He says he wished the twink I knew stayed cause he so cute. So not sure if he thought I was cute too.

  • Gay: What Does This Mean When A Guy Says This?

    I met a guy who said this to me: "I think you are objectively attractive. But just not my type."

    Is he saying I am ugly or cute? I am confused.

  • Gay: Are These Guys Interested?

    I am not very good at picking up signs.

    Anyway, I left ihop this morning and ran into two twinks. They asked me if I was going home and I said yes. One of the twinks asked my name. The other twinks says he always sees me out at the clubs in WEHO. The same twink asked if I will be out on Sunday? I said not so sure. He said okay well you have a good night and they both left to probably hookup but me also think they are boy friends. Had that feel. The twink who asked what my name is also said he saw me at Micky's tonight.

    Anyway, do you think they were interested in me and thought I was cute and wanna maybe hookup down the road?

  • Real Estate: Who Is Right?

    After the close of a sale, the seller of a home removes a 8' by 10' metal prefab storage shed from the property. The buyer says the the shed is real property and should stay on the property as part of the sale.

    Who is right? How could this problem have been avoided?

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate9 years ago
  • Gay: AM I Cute Or Not? Be Honest?

    Gay: AM I Cute Or Not? Be Honest? I live in Los Angeles. Would you date or have sex with me?

    I am the guy with the blond hair. I live in Los Angeles and seems like I am nobody's type. Why do guys tell me I am cute but not their type? That seems to me they are telling me I AM UGLY but afraid to tell me the truth.

    I ask if I am cute or not. Why? I have never had a BF nor date and every guy I have hooked up with for sex blocks me on line, or never wants to hookup with me again but they do hookup with my hot friends. In fact, one guy I hooked up with said this to me last night when I asked if he thinks I am cute or not: "I think you are objectively attractive but not really my type. Sorry."

  • Gay: Does He Not Think I Am Cute?

    About 5 months ago I met this guy online on a gay web site. He said I was cute. He and I went to another guys house who has a BF. the two guys were young. We had a 4 way. One of the boys I ended up topping. After that I never heard from him again or his BF. Then a few months later I ran into him at a gay club and he gave me a hug. He did not think I remembered him. Anyway, I recently found out he been hooking up with a friend of mine having oral sex. Last night I emailed this young boy and asked him if I am not cute and to be honest? He said, ""I think you are objectively attractive but not really my type. Sorry. "

    Is he saying he does not wanna hookup with me again cause he did not think I had a cute face?

  • Exercise: How To Add A Smooth Toned Body?

    About 4 years ago I weighed in at 300 lbs. Now as of today I am at 179 lbs while standing at 6'2". Losing the weight was the easy part with lots of walking and giving up cookies, ice cream, chips and soda. However, lately I have gone back to eating junk food and gained maybe 4 lbs. Anyway, I want to start building smooth toned body.

    I have tried different web sites to get the real facts on how to go about this. I know I need to get back eating right such as protein and doing exercises such as walking, crunches, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and lifting weights.

    My question is how many of these exercises should I do daily? What time(s) should I do these exercises at like in the morning or at night? On a empty of full stomach? Which foods should I eat and how much? Thank you for any help you can provide.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • Exercise: How To Build A Smooth Toned Body?

    I am 38 years old. I stand at 6'2" and 173 lbs. I use to weight 300 lbs going back to 2006. Now I feel I am too skinny with a little belly around the belly button area. My does does not match my face. People say I have a cute face but it does not go with my body.

    I would like to build a smooth toned body- a six pack. I can't afford the gym membership at this time.

    How do I go about building this type of body on my own? What foods should I eat and how much? What exercises should I do- crunches, jumping jacks, situps, pushups, lifting weights and how so? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • Does This Guy Find Me To Be Good Looking Or Not?

    I am confused. Did this guy find me to be good looking or not? We met about two weeks ago at the bus stop. We exchanged numbers and he said I was cute. We met again and kissed. Over the past few days we made plans to have a date for Thursday to have dinner and go dancing for 7pm. I was in Hollywood at 6:30pm and he asked me where was I ? He showed up and said we need to talk. He asked me what I am looking for? I told him a boyfriend. He said sorry that I am just not his type. He then asked me to take an HIV test with him. I did so and it came out negative. We went for a walk and after a while he finally kissed me(deep kissing). He said I was cute but not his type. He then kissed me again and again. He then asked if I'd have him over some time to my place.

    I am confused-do you think he finds me to be good looking or not?

    Well, I am confused. We met like 2 weeks ago. He saw that I was checking him out. He gave me his number. Like 5 days later he wanted to see me again and was excited. I met up with him and we went to his place. No sex..............Just hung out and kissed. Later this week we made plans to go on a date for last night. Our plans called for 7pm. He text me and like 6:20 asking where I was and he was just gonna go home. I said I am here. He showed up and said we need to talk. We went to a pizza shop. He asked what I am looking for and I said a boyfriend. He then said I am not his type. Said he also doesn't think I am being honest with him. Asked me if I would take an HIV test with him now. I said i like you, so yes. We went back to WEHO and we both took the test and we both came out negative. I said there you go. He told me a friend told him that I was positive. I then asked him if I was cute/good looking and he said no and laughed. Said work on yourself who cares if guys think you are cute or not. I said fine you do think I am ugly and walked away. He called me and said come back. He said the only reason he thought I was cute at the time was cause he was drunk and said kidding. He then kissed me with a deep kiss. Now he wont answer my text this morning. Not sure if he does find me attractive looking or not. I hate when guys do this to me and they all wonder why I think I am ugly.

    Things like this happen to me often. I am wondering maybe if I am just not cute/good looking. I am good person with a good heart. I just want to feel cute/good looking.

    He did finally text me this morning. I just feel maybe guys say I am not their type cause I have an ugly face? Just not sure cause I am told I am cute but then I wanna date guys they like sorry not my type. How does this make me feel? :(

  • Gay: Why Do Guys Not Talk To Me ? Los Angeles?

    The above link is myself picture. I live in Los Angeles. I go clubbing in West Hollywood. Barely do any guys talk to me . I try to be nice to all types.

    Good looking men never talk to me, ask me out nor hit on me. When I go out ,guys, esp. younger guys, tell me how young I look. I am actually 38 years old. People say I have the face of a model.

    Questions: When guys say I look so young- is that saying I have a pretty face(cute)?

    What signs do I look for to tell if a guy means it when he says I am cute?

    Why do most good looking men not talk to me in LA?

  • Food stamps: How Much Income Am I Allowed To Make?

    I live in Los Angeles, CA. West LA area. I applied for food stamps over 2 months ago. I have been out of work for a year now. I currently have about $400 in the bank. I recently was paid $330 in the month of March for doing odd jobs for people such as built a web pags and hand out fliers. I have to report this as my bank statements show it.

    I do not pay any child support, no car payments and I receive free rent. I do however, have to spend about $40-60 a month for bus transportation. I spend that looking for work and going to work for the work fair project that give me.

    My question is how much income am I allowed to make per month? I have no bills to pay. Will they pull my foods stamps and come after me cause I made $330 in March? If I am lucky, I may make only $200 in April.

    2 AnswersOther - Food & Drink10 years ago
  • Gay: Is This A Sign? IF Yes, What It Mean?


    I met this really cute twink today. I've met some real cute boys. That being said, he was by far the cutest I have ever seen. He came to my apartment complex. He called me and told me he drove by and saw me. So, he came into our driveway and asked me this question. "Do I pass the test"? I said hell yeah you are very cute. Was that a hint that he thought I was good looking?

    He didn't wanna have intercourse as he said he was nervous. I understand that :) With young guys you need to go slow from me I don't like to pressure. We masturbated and kissed.

    He called me and said he drove by and saw me. Said he parking car. He did so and asked me that question If he passes the test? We went into and he wanted to just kiss and masturbate. Is that a good or bad sign? Did he think I was ugly and why he didn't wanna do more? What you think?