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  • Does anyone have any links where I can find OEM replacement seats?

    I am trying to build a 1994 Nissan 240SX, and I want to put a new interior into the car. The one inside is ruined with oil, grease, and gas. I want to use it as an everyday driver, but also drift it once a month in the summer, so I wanted an OEM rear and passenger seat, but a racing driver seat for a 5 point harness. Any links to web sites would be appreciated. I have a link to Certifit for body parts, but they do not have interior parts.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • Why were high gasoline prices Bush's fault, not Obama's fault?

    When Bush was in office and gasoline prices rose to over $3 per gallon, people were saying it was the fault of the Bush administration.

    But now that gasoline prices are over $3 per gallon, no one is saying it is the fault of the Obama administration, but rather blaming natural disasters, increased demand, and the law of supply & demand.

    Those were the same things that caused the price to rise before and will always cause the price to rise. So why has the general public outcry changed?

    Real answers only please, not political bashing.

    7 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Should a person who criticizes police be forced to attend the academy?

    You find an awful lot of people who feel the need to criticize, critique, question, finger-point, name call, and more about police officers and their tactics. Yet few or even none of these people have a law enforcement background.

    So do you think they should attend a police academy, and put in at least 6 months of riding a beat as an officer, before their comments? After all, if they do not know the way it is being taught then how can they question if the officer is handling the situation correctly? How about walking a mile in their shoes before forcing them to change to a different kind of shoe?

    Lots of large cities are now putting civilian review boards into place. How can a civilian, without academy training, know when an officer acted inappropriately? Other than blatant violations, in which case you would not need a review board.

    Serious answers only please, no comments about how you eat donuts so you know all about cops.

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • How does the Nissan ad of "buy one get one free" work?

    Recently I have heard radio ads from a local Nissan new car dealer that say things like, "Buy one Nissan, get a second Nissan free."

    As a skeptic I feel this is a come-on to get you into the dealer, then find out you have to pay sticker price of a top-of-the-line model in order to get a stripped down cheapest model.

    But, as I realize, I haven't bought a new car in over 10 years. So just how does this thing work? Anybody with first hand knowledge?

    9 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • How do I drain old gas from the tank of a Honda Accord?

    I purchased a 1990 Honda Accord to fix up. It runs, but has not been on the road for over a year. It has a little old gas in the tank. Not much. What is the best way to get the old gas out of the tank?

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • What makes a car an American made car?

    If a car company, like GM, is an American corporation but their vehicle is built in another country like Mexico or Canada, are they considered an American car?

    If a company, like Toyota, is a company from another country, but the cars are built in the US, are they considered an American car?

    In other words, when the unions like the UAW yell that we should buy an American car, which one is right? The one where the workers on the line are from other countries and the corporate big wigs are American, or the one where the workers on the line are American but the corporate big wigs are from another country?

    12 AnswersOther - Car Makes1 decade ago
  • Why is it that people think Glock is a police weapon?

    Every time I hear someone talking about guns, who does not have a good working knowledge of guns, they talk about the "Glock" as being a Law Enforcement only weapon. Glock is a manufacturer of an inexpensive hand gun. There are no external safeties on a Glock, and sales are common place to individuals. It is not a police only weapon, but rather a simple to use everyday firearm. It seems to me that television, movies, and the media (news) have caused this mis-information to spread. That's my opinion.

    What do you think?

    12 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • How do I put a photo on my answer instead of an avatar?

    Do I need to open a 360 account? Or is there another way?

    Serious answers only please.

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Why won't my answer post?

    I tried to answer a question, and when I clicked on the submit button a page came up that indicated that Yahoo Answers was taking a breather. I tried the same question 4 times, same result. During that time I was able to answer 5 other questions with no problem. Was this a snag, or is the asker blocking me? By the way, the asker is a new account with only that question asked.

    10 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • allergies and cats?

    My daughter and I are allergic to animals. I believe it is animal dander, but never been tested. I react badly when around cats. My daughter wants a cat. Are there any cats that are hypoalergenic? She saw a hairless cat, I believe a sphinx.

    5 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • Allergies and animals?

    My daughter and I are allergic to animals. I believe it is animal dander, but never been tested. I react badly when around cats. My daughter wants a cat. Are there any cats that are hypoalergenic? She saw a hairless cat, I believe a sphinx.

    1 AnswerAllergies1 decade ago
  • Value of a Colt AR-15?

    Does anyone know the approximate trade-in value of a Colt AR-15, full stock, full length barrel, detachable carry handle, excellent condition?

    5 AnswersHunting1 decade ago