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  • How's everyone doing?

    It's been 6 years (where does the time go?!) since I've asked a question so I thought I'd just check in =] Hope everyone is well!

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  • Did children have to work on farms during the time of the industrial revolution?

    I know children had to work in the factories, but did they have to work on farms? I don't think so, right?

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  • Someone PLEASE help me with poetry homework that is due tomorrow!!!?

    I need a topic to write about for a poem that I have to do. It has to be 10 lines, and have alliteration, end rhyme, and line repitition in it. I can probably figure out the poem, I just need help finding a topic, and maybe even starting me off.

    I would appreciate ANY help, PLEASE and THANKS!!!!!

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  • Can someone PLEASE help me with a few homework questions?

    What is the slope for these two equations? [Please explain how you arrived at your answer, if itsn't too much trouble.]



    (d=distance, t=time)

    Also, please help with this other question:

    If a bird flies at a speed of 15 meters per second (m/s) for 10 seconds, 20 m/s for 10 seconds, and 25 m/s for 5 seconds, what is the bird's average speed?

    PLEASE and THANKS!!! I would really appreciate any help on this! Oh, and please don't respond with something cruel like "do your own homework" because we hardly learned about this stuff today in class, so I need so help with it. THANKS for any help, once again! =)

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  • Computer Help PLEASE!!!!! I have no idea what to do! ='(?

    Okay, well, on my new computer (it's almost 2-years-old), every time I try to turn it on, I get a message that says the computer has to shut down, and it will restart. So you know, I let it restart, but it keeps doing that! Like I get the message that says the computer is going to restart in one minute, and then when it restarts, I get the message again, and again. What do I do [to make the messages stop coming, and I can be able to enjoy my computer, again]??? Somebody PLEASE help!!! THANKS!!! I really appreciate any help!!!

    (P.S. - I'm on the old computer right now)

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  • Math help, PLEASE!!!?

    Okay, well, there's a picture of one cat with an area of 32 square units, and a smaller cat with an area of 18 square units. What is the scale factor from the large figure to the small figure? What is the scale factor from the small figure to the large figure?

    Please explain how you found the scale factor.

    I really appreciate any help, PLEASE and THANKS!!!

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  • Does anybody know...?

    ...another expression that can be used to get the same values as:

    4n^2 + 1



    (4n^2=4nsquared, in case you didn't know)

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  • Math Help, Please!!! I'm not sure if I'm doing this right...=(?

    Well, there's a drawing of a cylinder and neither the radius (nor diameter) or height are given. All it says is:

    a. The base of this cylinder has an area of 302.5 pi cm squared. Find the cylinder's radius.

    b. The rectangular piece that can be used to form the curved side of this cylinder has an area of 110 pi cm squared. Find the cylinder's height.

    I got 9.8 cm for the radius, is that what you came up with??? If not, can you please show me your steps.

    I can't seem to figure out what the height is...Can you please help me and explain how you got it, or at least show the steps?

    PLEASE and THANKS, I really appreciate any help with this!!!

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  • Do you know what happens when...? half of a lime is squeezed into a cup of tetley tea? If you do, please help, I need it for homework!!! =/

    PLEASE and THANKS, I appreciate any help!!!

    (P.S.-The reason why it's in this section is because my computer isn't letting me click the link to put it in another section =[ )

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  • Need help thinking of a title, your input is greatly needed (ASAP!!!) and appreciated!?

    I am doing a science fair project about which type of battery lasts longer in a CD player, and I was just wondering if you have any suggestions for a title. Please give me any suggestions, even if you think it's not that great! Thanks! =)

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  • What do you do once...? have reached your daily limit for answering questions. For more information on daily participation limits, click here.

    So what do you do when that happens to you? It happened to me =(

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  • Are there...?

    ...two ReporterGirl's here on Yahoo! Answers? Because earlier I saw one who just became a member today, and I just recently saw one who became a member yesterday...What's going on here???

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  • 2 science homework questions, please help!!! All it is is a list, PLEASE HELP!!!?

    I need some help with this, I would REALLY appreciate it if you guys helped me, PLEASE and THANKS!!!

    Please list 4 examples of items that have sulfuric acid in them, or are made with sulfuric acid.

    Please list 6 foods that have a sour/tingy taste because of hydrogen ions.


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  • Why do I keep thinking today is Wednesday?

    I keep thinking today is Wednesday, and I don't know why. Is anyone else feeling the same way???

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  • Math question, please help with this!?

    Please help me with this question, I don't understand it =(

    Randy bought a CD and mystery book. The total cost was $45. The CD cost $4 more than the book.

    How much did the book cost? (Write an equation and solve.)

    Explain the process you used to arrive at your answer, please!

    PLEASE and THANKS!!! =)

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  • 2 science homework questions, please help! 1st BEST answer WILL get 10 points!!!?

    1) Two examples of chemical reactions that occur at home that show color change and a bubbling action.

    2) When carbon in charcoal reacts with oxygen in the air, a primary product that plants use to make food is produced. What is this product?

    PLEASE help me answer these 2 questions. I REALLY appreciate any help! THANKS!!!

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  • A little bit of assistance with this, please!?

    I need you to tell me about 2 or more beliefs/ideas that the Federalists had. I know that:

    1. They wanted to ratify the Constitution

    2. They thought the government should have more power

    3. They believed America needed a central government

    Can you PLEASE give me at least 2 more beliefs/ideas. THANKS!!! I would really appreciate any help with this!!!

    Oh, and please don't just copy and paste from a website without listing your source. Or give me Wikipedia, I have already tried that! Thanks!

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  • Another pretty simple question. I want YOU to answer, so come answer please! I would appreciate any help!?

    Okay, now I have chose the topic for my science fair: How does music affect plant growth? It's time to start some background research. I have tried both google and yahoo, and will continue searching, but I want to know what you info you can find. Like anything to do with regular plant growth, and any other studies on how music affects plant growth. PLEASE and THANKS!!! I really appreciate any help!!!

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  • I need help choosing between two science fair topics, all you have to do is choose one for me please!?

    I am torn between two topics for my science fair project, can you please help me choose one? THANKS!!!

    1. How does sound affect plant growth?

    2. What type of battery lasts longer in CD players?

    Please choose between those two. Also, if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share. THANKS again!!!

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