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  • How important is age?

    I met this girl through mutual friends and we have known each other for over a year. We always have a good time together and enjoy each others company. Last week she tells me that I would make the perfect boyfriend for her but that the age difference bothers her. I never really thought of her as a potential girlfriend but when she told me that I started looking at her differently and I realized that I am attracted to her and that she would be an awesome girlfriend. We both are confused because she is afraid what her friends and family will think and I don't know if I should pursue her or just remain friends. She's 21 and I'm 31.

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  • For the ladies, how important are physical appearances?

    I'm an average size guy I run six days a week but am not by any means a skinny emo boy. I dress well, and always get comments on my clothes by women. I am short about 5' 7" though. Does height, weight, and style play an important part in who a girl chooses to date? Please answer honestly ladies.

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  • There's this girl that always says hi to me, smiles, and comments on what I'm wearing. Does she like me?

    She works at the mall and of course I'm there shopping every weekend. When I walk by where she works if she's not busy she always asks how I'm doing and smiles. She doesn't do this to everybody. But last week she asked how I was doing as usual and then said she really liked the jacket I was wearing. I said thank you and for a second I was thinking of introducing myself but, I was intimidated because I am ABNORMALLY shy around women and this girl is really gorgeous and seems way out of my league. Is she just being nice or is there something more there that I'm not seeing?

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