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  • Hey , if you dated a guy for 10 months then suddenly..?

    he starts hangin out with his best friend ,drinking smokin etc. and not calling you or hangin with you , what the heck is up with that ? He just finished saying how he really liked being with me but now he's done a complete 360 what gives ?? Is his Bromance more important ? or am I needin to dump him ? and move on ?

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  • So why is it it seems harder to get "quietly dumped " rather than when you get told straight to your face ?/?

    It seems to me that when a relationship ends it ends . Yes it is hard especially if there is some time involved ( months not weeks ) feeling are there and it hurts but how come it seems to be worse when you just silently get ignored and pushed aside rather than being told the truth ?

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  • Is it out of line or forgivable?

    I was in for my usual physical , found out I had an std . Now being someone who had a hysterectomy 6 years ago I do not need to go in on a yearly basis as most women do . The guy I have been seeing is pissed as we were tested and all was fine at the time . My doctor told me that this std can be in your system for awhile before showing up on tests ... I'm not sure what to think of that but the point is he's thinking I am blaming him for it which I am not because honestly I don't know what to believe. He has not taken any of my calls and just will not talk to me , this was last thurs. I was not confrontational just told him I was at the doc's and he needed to go get checked because of the diagnosis. True it was when he had friends over but I told him in another room and very discreetly I mean this is upsetting for me to . Did I do anything wrong here ? I gave him my doc's info told him what he had too do and he went nuts . Saying I haven't been with anyone but you etc. and it's odd how this could happen . Did he blow up because of the embarrassment of the situation or possibly more to it ?

    I'm just not sure what to make of it should I wait for him to call ( or just say done over see ya ) if so how long before it's not even worth trying anymore ?

    Also does anyone know where I can check up what the doctor told me ? I'd just like to know the facts

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  • how do you find out if someone has been in the army?

    A friend of mine's boyfriend says he's been in the army and was discharged how would you be able to find out the truth ? It just seem a bit to fake how he describes it .

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  • Am I being gullible??????

    He says he wants to be with me , for weeks it's great we totally hang out have fun . Then he disappears, hardly hear 2 words from him for like weeks . Then he & I hook up again . His friends / kids/ family all say he is very much like this with them to and that he really does like me and has no other girl in his life . By the way I work with his daughter so I am not checking up on him (...creepy ) . Am i just being naive or is there a chance he is as he appears.??

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  • Guys only and honesty would be good....?

    okay here it is I have a boyfriend that wants a 3 way but to be honest I am not sure how to handle this . I have an atrraction for women but only kissing , breasts and no more . Is this still going to work ? I honestly do not know how I would feel if he was with her as he would be . Is there anyway of knowing before we actually do this , or is there a way to stop it once it starts without being a ***** ??

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  • I need advice on gift giving...?

    For Valentines Day I want to get this guy I have been seeing ( 10 months ) a nice gift. He gave me a Christmas gift that really surprised me and I was wondering if getting him a remote car starter , which he really wants , is too much or not a nice gift he had hoped to get it for christmas but didn't so would it seem weird or would it be an acceptable gift ?

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  • What is he up to ? Just using or perhaps really .....?

    So I've been casually dating a guy for a few months , we have been honest as to how we feel about things that have happened to us in our past . He has been married , lived with someone after that for 4 years but it ended badly ( both of them ) . He has been honest and has said he is afraid to be with someone again and is wanting to take things slow with me and see how it progress's. I am fine with this as I was in a very abusive relationship before and am a bit leery of getting hurt again .

    So lately he has been very distant and not wanting to hang out together as much . Is this possibly he just needing space & time or am I being used? I just don't want to over re-act and ruin what so far has been good ( I think ) and scare him by being overbearing .

    Any help would be appreciated...

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  • Hysterectomy / loss of sex drive !!!?

    Okay 5 years ago I had a complete hysterectomy , I now find that I can initially have sex but" Dry out" fast and i find I orgasm faster but I tend to lose interest quickly to. The partner I have is one of the good guys , but I feel awkward when i have to say stop to use a lubrication .

    Is this something I should just realize is normal ( he's never complained and yet I sense something there ) and move on or should I approach this subject with him ?

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  • After having a hysterectomy is it possible to get an STD ?

    I've had a hysterectomy 5 years ago , and am curious as to if it is possible to get an STD , the hysterectomy was a complete one so hormone therapy is a must for me . I ' ve been dating someone for awhile now and we use protection , however one night it was a heat of the moment . Is it something I should consider getting checked out ?

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  • I'm old fashioned , is it okay to date more than one person at a time ?

    It's been awhile since I've dated and I am finding it hard . Is it normal to wait a week or more to go out on a date , and to date more than one person ? As I said it's been awhile for me .

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  • How do I find out about a painting's artist ?

    I have 2 paintings by a V.W MILLER how do I find out there worth or if they are just prints ?

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