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  • Did an employer break the Americans with Disabilities Act?

    How to start....I recently had quit my full time job to begin another much closer to home. I am a CMA in pediatrics; over 2 years experience. My first (and only) training day (the 18th) went fine except for one thing. I have a slight hearing deficit, never affected me at other job or my work. problem is that new job required me to use a stethoscope to listen to respiration. One, I was never ever trained to do this, and two I couldn't hear very well...loud kids, nerves. It made for a stressful 1st day. End of day, office manager is irate. Says what I am supposed to do? I waited 3 weeks for you, you are a liability to our patients welfare. I said I would do what it takes...get my hearing tested, see what the problem is, get an expensive stethoscope, hearing aid...let's figure this out. She seemed to agree with that. I make an appt for my ears on the 20th. At 9:00 am Wednesday I get tested, very slight hearing loss, only certain pitches, not bad at all...I could be eligible for assistance with a hearing aid and/or a good stethoscope. Check my email later that day. new office manager said basically forget it, we can't wait for you, you are no longer allowed to work here. I sent her a very long email, stating I was being treated unfairly, we agreed to find a solution, and also pasted The Americans with Disability Act along with it. I also asked for my one day of pay, and also to pay for my hearing test. They agreed.

    Now I am still wondering if I should pursue the matter further? One problem is, I did not sign ANY paperwork. I was just being "trained", although I had the job according to her. Is it worth going after?

    What should/can be done?

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  • Need a costume idea to go with a monkey costume....?

    My boyfriend borrowed a monkey costume. I need a cheap, easy quick idea to possibly go with this...don't want to be a banana. Thought of being a tree maybe. Also a monkey trainer with the music box, but can not find any pictures. HELP! any ideas????

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  • Medicaid app lost for 7 months?

    The Department of Human Services "lost" my Medicaid app for 7 months, they just recently called me to tell me they found it, and urgently had me come in to sign me up. While I'm very pleased I finally received benefits, I have been waiting all this time to go to the doctor for some medical issues. I could never get an answer when I called. If there is something seriously wrong with me, are they responsible in any way?

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  • Need words for medical suffixes?

    I'm trying to memorize a huge list of medical suffixes (ex: -para /to bear, -glia/glue, -version/to turn) and their meaning. I'm looking for a website where I can type in the suffix, and hopefully get a recognizable word to go along with it, to make them easier to comprehend & remember. Anybody have any idea if there is such a thing?

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  • Can we avoid Friend of the Court?

    I live in Michigan. My son lived with his father in CA for about 2 years. Now my exes wife says, get rid of the kid or I divorce you. We need to change parental custody back to me, but would like to avoid the whole court system due to lack of time and money. Is it legal to just have a paper notarized for child support and switching guardianship? I know I will have to trust him to pay...I'm not asking that. I just need to know if it is LEGAL to do it this, and would that paper be enough for say, food stamps, MI CHILD and his school paperwork?

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  • How soon can I re-color hair?

    I used a permanent med. brown color at home about a month ago. I hadn't colored my hair in way over a year so it was very healthy. Still is btw, but I do have thin hair. Recently I had about 4 inches cut off in a cute bob and now wish to go darker with a semi-permanent darker brown. Do you think it is safe to do so?

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  • Anyone try Lauren Hutton make-up?

    Especially the tinted moisturizer?

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  • Bare mineral suggestions?

    I have read repeated answers that say Bare Minerals make-up does not fade or rub off. I have tried the stuff, and have found out otherwise. By the end of the day, almost no make up seems to remain. It is also very drying. The eyeshadows are barely visble, and seem to fade quickly. Bare-ly (must have something to do with the name) any make up is visble on my wash cloth at the end of the day. I do use the mineral veil also; I have invested allot of money in these products and do not feel they work very well. I also find it makes the pores on my nose even more visible.

    Am I doing something wrong?? I ride a motorcycle and am searching for a light weight summer make up that does not come off in my helmet liner.

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  • What is a long lasting make-up and blush that doesn't rub off?

    I ride a motorcycle and my makeup rubs off in my helmet liner.

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  • Bare Escentuals eye liner question...?

    When I apply BE liner with water, I usually get a white residue that appears when it dries...what am I doing wrong?

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  • What exactly are the steps I need to take to become a licensed cake decorator out of my home?

    Do I just need to get a Michigan food license, and find a place (for ex., a church kitchen) to do my cakes out of? (or vice versa?) I do not have the means right now to have a seperate kitchen out of my home. Has anybody else done this? I have looked at the state of agriculture web site, but found it gives little information.

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  • any motorcycle clubs in Michigan (around 48312 zip code) that aren't ALL Harley orientated?

    Nothing against Harleys at all, I love the way they sound, but I'm a woman rider with a small Ninja 250....just starting out....looking for a small group or other women to ride around with, get more practice, just have some fun on my bike. I have noticed, and I'm sure I'll get some remarks, but Harley riders tend to flock together and push out anyone who does not ride a hog. To me, a biker is a biker, and we should all stick togther no matter what we choose to ride, or how we need start out. ANYWAYS....anybody know any groups that include us KAWS?

    2 AnswersMotorcycles1 decade ago
  • How do you become a motorcycle Instructor?

    My boyfriend is interested in teaching people how to ride with personal one-on-one bike lessons. I recently took a class through a college and found the experience left out many important lessons, was very fast paced, and in the end, I learned far more from him. Can he teach privately without a teaching license, or exactly how does one go about it?

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  • Peanut butter and jelly vs. deli meat/cheese sandwiches..?

    Just out of curiousity, which do you think is healthier...comparing calories, fat content, nutrional value, etc....?

    9 AnswersOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago
  • PT Cruiser front bearings...?

    Both of the front bearings need replacing on my PT cruiser. I have the replacement parts already, the fronts just being large bearings and the rears being entire replacement hub assemblies. (I'm doing the rears just for the heck of it.) Do I need to remove the whole steering knuckle (or spindle) in front to press out the bearings, or can I remove them by removing the drive axles from the back and tapping the bearings out? I'd prefer to save some money and not have someone else do it for me. Any advice'd be greatly appreciated.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Should I lease a new car now or wait until 2007?

    My lease is up in March, but I only have 300 miles left on leased van. should I trade it in now or just wait a week, to see if they better deals? also, do different dealerships of the same make have different prices?

    3 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • Legally preparing my 10 yr old son to move to CA from Michigan?

    I need to know the proper procedure and what paper work I need to take care of for sending my son to live in CA with his father? Do I need a lawyer to handle the transer of parental rights and other legalalities?

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • How to tell 10 yr old son he is moving to CA with his dad?

    My ex and I have decided it would be in the best interest of our hard to handle son, that he move out there with him and his wife. Its time he had a dad to raise him, because I'm obviously not doing a good enough job alone. My son knows its being discussed, but not aware that it is now a positive decision for it to happen at x-mas. How and when do I tell him? any advice would help.

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  • My neck makes "crunchy" noises when i turn it..?

    Not sure if it's a sinus infection or neck pain. I have headaches, neck pain, jaw hurts, throat hurts. went to doctor and was on antibiotics. pain went away for maybe 4 days, but now it's back. not sure if its allergies, sinus problems or strained neck muscles from work. when I went to doctors, they found no physical signs of infection, but gave me antibiotics just in case. don't know what to do now.

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