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  • I rent from someone and I am denied a house key. Is this legal?

    I rent from someone I once considered a friend. I moved in around the beginning of April and was told I could not have a house key. I have put locked door knobs on my bedrooms (I live downstairs and they live upstairs) but she doesn t lock the house most of the time. But to be spiteful when my fiancé, roommate, and I go out late at night we often come home to a locked door and my fiancé has to jump the fence to get to the back door. Is it legal for her to deny us a set of house keys?

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  • Should I go to the hospital?

    My last cycle started on day 28 (previously it had started on day 33 so it was earlier than expected). It was medium/slightly heavy but but near as heavy as normal. I used super tampons a handful of times but it would start and stop toward the end and at the end of 5 days I spotted an additional 4-5 days. Now last week my Bf and I had sex and I started bleeding like I was on a period. It was medium flow, no pain. It cleared up pretty fast. Yesterday, the same thing happened. This morning I had a BM that was both constipation and loose so it hurt and I strained slightly. I bled a little (from my vagina not my anus) and it has cleared up. My cervix feels slightly open but has for the last week or so. This is not normal for me at all. I don't have health insurance so I can't see a regular doctor.

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  • Should I take a pregnancy test? Or is this just my cycle readjusting?

    I track my periods using an app. I was on BC until mid August. I tracked one cycle on BC (27 days long), the first cycle off BC was 26 days long. The next cycle went to 29-30 days (I started heavy spotting, light bleeding late in the evening on day 30). This cycle it predicted me to start this past Wednesday which would make the cycle 28 days long. When my period didn t show up on Wednesday I figured it would show by Friday or Saturday. Its now Sunday and I m getting very light pink spotting. I m pretty convinced my period will start today but with it being this late, I also have doubts. I did have light spotting mid-cycle for a few hours and it went away. Not sure what that was. Recently and right now I ve been having lower and mid back aches, fatigue, dizziness, mood swings, feeling cold and then hot, yesterday I was very very nauseous and almost threw up several times. On Wednesday, I had some frontal cramps and was sure I d start that day, but nothing came and the frontal cramps went away. Now its all in my lower back.

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  • Missed birth control pill question?

    I started the pack of microgestin FE1/20 on Tuesday. I missed the second pill on Wednesday but resumed my normal pills on Thursday. I didn't take two pills on Thursday like I've seen on the web. I simply took the next pill. Will this increase my chance of getting pregnant?

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  • Female Molly had Babies?

    I bought my female and male molly on Monday. Today, she gave birth to 5 babies. She is definatly thinner than she was, but I'm not sure if I should take her out just yet. Its been 3 hours since I awoke to the five babies in the breeder tank. How soon should I move the female back to the home tank and how soon should I feed the babies? And what should I feed them. I've heard powdered flake food works well.

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  • Want to Own a Pet Store?

    Ok, I was going to go to college to become a veterinarian, and while they do earn a lot, I have found that its not what I want anymore. However, I still want to work with animals, as this has been my dream since early childhood.

    So I want to own my own petstore. I'm currently in community college and work part-time. I'm tired of going into petstore after petstore to see the animals not being cared for properly, so I really want to have my own petstore and have things done right.

    What should I do as far as taking classes, getting lisences, getting loans, ect. While there are no 'big bucks' in owning a petstore, I'd be around animals 7 days a week 365 days a year, which is what I want to do most.

    I also must mention, I am not done taking general education courses and am just starting my science courses needed for a bio major (what I would have needed for pre-vet)

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  • Is this a good weight for my corn snake?

    I bought my corn snake from a local petstore on December 5th, 2006. His age and weight at purchase are unknown. Since purchase he eats one fuzzy about every 7-10 days and has shed twice, once on December 17th, 2006, and once on February 1st, 2007. I guesstimated his length today and came to 2ft, give or take an inch or two. His weight came to 50g even. Does this sound like a healthy snake to you, or is he a little off?

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  • Raising a baby mouse...?

    I bought a fuzzy to feed to my snake, but became attached to it. Its estimated to be about 2 1/2 weeks to 3 weeks old. Eyes are open, full fur. I've been feeding it soy yogurt and KMR since Friday. It pooed on Friday but has not defecated since. Currently she (I think its female) is in a large kritter keeper with Carefresh bedding and a balled up washcloth to snuggle into. I feed her every few hours but I don't think she's getting enough in her. 3-5 drops per feeding. I've been told this isn't enough. Temperatures stay around 70 in the house. I keep her in the bathroom away from the cats. I have come to call her Monkey because of her need to jump around and climb over everything.

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  • Keeping a fuzzy alive for next weeks feeding...?

    I went to the store and got a live fuzzy for my cornsnake (they were out of frozen) and decided to get another live fuzzy to keep till next friday (since I'll be too busy all next week). The guy gave me some food for the little mouse(since we saw it nibbling on the food), and I am currently keeping it in a tupperware container with holes punched in the top. I shredded some paper for bedding and placed a bit of the food in the bottom, and also added a small cap with water in it. The mouse is currently crawling around in the container, nibbling on paper and seeds. Anything else I should be doing for it?

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  • What to put in a 5gallon tank?

    I have a 5 gallon tank with a screen top. I don't want to put fish in it, but I want to have something. As for pets, I have two cats, a 10g tank with four fish, a betta, and a snow corn snake. Its been recommended I get an invertebrate.

    What do you all think. I don't mind if its just one animal or two of the same kind. (if the animal needs companionship to stay healthy)

    I would like an animal that does not smell, make a lot of noise and for it to be either a land animal or an animal that uses both land and water. No tarantulas, scorpions, or very small insects(like crickets) My grandmother would throw them out in fright.

    Any suggestions?

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  • What to do now?

    I've been kicked out of my house several times now, and I'm done. I want out for good and two of my friends and I plan on getting a townhome together. I'm 19 and part-time college, part-time job. I'm in the process of applying for a second job and money will be tight for me. I have two cats and a snake to take care of. I'm still making car payments and have a car still to sell. What do I do now. I can't get the townhome until I've paid off my car, but I'll have to be house hopping or staying with my girlfriend (much to her father's dislike) until we can get the townhome. Any advice for a poor college student with no home?

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  • Could I have broken my finger/hand?

    I'll admit I was stupid. I got mad last night and punched a wood covered cement pillar. The area of my hand (Pinkie and the finger beside it) swelled up really fast and I had a cut on my knuckle. Last night it hurt to move it and it was throbbing. Today I woke up and it still hurts on its own, but not as much. Its still swollen and hurts to move it or use those two fingers near the knuckle. I can move the fingers but it hurts and feels very stiff. I have to move them slowly. The area is beginning to show signs of a bruise. Should I have it looked at?

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