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I'm a mother of two beautiful children, & as tiring is that is I still love it. I'm usually on for 5 minutes, when my baby is sleeping, or my household chores are half done, lol Even workaholics, spend 5 mins on here right? I'm just here giving my opinion and perspective to anyone in need. A free spirit, and a worshiper of Mother Earth. Peace & Love from the Natural Born Hippie! One thing I will add; I treat people, as I am treated. If you rather not play nice, then I rather not be your friend or talk to you. I say this for the trolls, who don't respect others & their opinions. EVERYONE has a right to their opinion, even if it is wrong. To everyone else your more than WELCOME to my page, and I'm sorry you had to read that. Have a great day! YA WARNING: Answering Questions Is Highly Addictive and may cause certain side effects: drowsiness, red eyes, tired fingers, lack of sleep, restlessness, irritable bowel movements and in case of emergency break glass! LMAO :o}

  • What is someone is afraid to get treatment for cancer?

    What if you know someone with cervical cancer and they are afraid of getting treatment or further treatment for that cancer. How would you tell them to get treatment? What if they are afraid? What if they don't have time? What if they just don't want to go through the pain assiciated with it, how do you convince them to get treatment? What would you say to a friend to help them?

    3 AnswersCancer9 years ago
  • Could you ever trust him again?

    If your boyfriend left to live with a bunch of hillbillie trailor trash retards after having a fight, could you ever trust him again?

    Long story short this guy just likes to use people and it doesn't matter who it is, he uses everyone he knows. Family, friends, girlfriends, ex- girlfriends, people he doesn't even know. He acts all sweet and nice then he takes as much as he can until there is nothing left then he has to bounce. Lazy *** wouldn't get a job for 10 months, all he did was sat around playing xbox!

    We had a fight where stupid **** was said, I got abused and he blames me for the whole thing and leaves to go live with his ex-girlfriend in her trashy trailor fabulous dump with her, her husband, her kids, his kids, her sister, her boyfriend, her kids, their parents, and 20 animals! Why the hell should I put any faith into this dirtbag? Even if he comes back he's just going to use me again! Would you trust him?

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  • How do I decide if he's a good guy if he keeps messing up?

    I love my boyfriend and he has to be the best guy I have been with thus far but he keeps messing up and keeps doing things that make me upset. How do I communicate with him these things?

    I try to say things and half the time I think he's listening and the other half of the time I dont think any of it registers in his head.

    I dont want to break up, but if he wont listen when there is a problem how do I reach a happy medium?

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  • Would you trust your boyfriend if he made friends with his ex girlfriend out of spite?

    I have a problem accepting the fact that my boyfriend friended his ex girlfriend out of spite after we had a fight. We have had plenty of issues, arguements and fights over this. She has even contacted me and told me she could have him back any time she wants.

    She is the type that changes her boyfriends like her underwear, she has a husband, she has a boyfriend, she flirts with other guys constantly and she already played enough head games with my boyfriend and I just can't stand that he wants to be friends with her again after everything she has done to him. Even after I said I didn't like it, I think its absolutely disrespectful that he would friend her after I said I didn't like it.

    So I digress, would you like it if you boyfriend refriended his ex girlfriend after you said you didn't want him to several time?

    Would you trust him to do the right thing even after he has lied right to your face?

    Would you like your boyfriend being friends with the woman he said he will always love and that he wanted to marry?

    He claims that he doesn't want her, but he has given her numerous chances, and frankly he has already lied to me in the past, disrespected me by friending her and who in their right mind would want to be friends with their ex girlfriend whom they know is a hoe?

    I don't get it, UGH

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  • Please read this message and tell me if it sounds like I was accusing anyone of trying to steal my boyfriend?

    Ok, so I sent this message to my boyfriend's female friend just as a candid introduction of welcome and she comes back with "Look I'm not trying to steal your man"...... UMmmmm OK weird.... sometimes I wonder about people! But anyways, please read the message and tell me if its sounded like I said anything derogatory to this person what so ever. UGH REALLY

    Dear (Name left out) Female friend of my boyfriend,

    Even though you don’t know me, I just wanted to say I appreciate all that you do as a friend to (My bf's name). I just wanted to say that and I thank you with all sincerity. All bullshit aside, I’m glad (bf name) has someone in his life he can trust & talk to when he feels he can’t talk to me. It doesn’t matter what is said, he needs more than just me & my kids in his life. He needs more than family and I personally appreciate you being his friend.

    Honestly I have to admit, I was nervous before, because I truly don’t know you and I thought it was a problem but I trust him and you are his friend. Regardless of my opinion he needs to vent just like the rest of us. My only hope is that you don’t misunderstand what I’m saying what so ever because I’m trying to be candid and genuine as well as express my gratitude with all sincerity. I just wanted to say that and let you know, you and your family are welcome in my home. I want (bf's name) to feel comfortable here, because my home is his home as long as he wishes to stay and that extends to his family just as much as his friends.

    You may not get this right away because I don’t want either of you getting upset with me sending this message. I have debated if I should ask him about sending this for a week now. I’m moderately apprehensive because I don’t wish to cross a line, nor do I wish to cause trouble. I don’t expect to become your bff based on (bf's name) and his friendship with you. I just wanted to say my peace in the hopes that you will continue to be a good friend to him. He does need that! So again, thank you and I hope you have a wonderful evening!

    PS: He just mentioned that he asked you if you guys wanted to come over, and that’s when I asked if he minded if I sent you a message. LOL, anyways, we would love to have you over! I hope you consider it, ty


    3 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • Would you get mad if your gf/bf was getting up early just to message his/her ex gf/bf (supposed best friend)?

    If your current bf/gf was messaging his/her ex gf/bf regularly. If you knew this person had a history of setting up a back up plan, would you be concerned or worried that they get up early just to message an ex?

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Is it possible for an Army Reserve soldier volunteer for a month worth of training instead of two weeks?

    I need to know if its possible for a reserve soldier to volunteer for training for a month out of state instead of 2 weeks in state.

    Usually its one weekend in Upstate NY, then two weeks but if someone volunteered to go for a month to a different state, is that common, does the army reserves do this if there is no plans for the soldier to be deployed.

    Clear answers would be great! As much info as you can give!

    1 AnswerMilitary9 years ago
  • How does the metabolic rate differ for men and women?

    What is the difference in metabolic rate and how does it relate to a female fetus having a slightly faster heart rate than a male fetus?

    Two answers please

    Metabolic rate+ men vs. women


    Relate to fetal heart rate difference


    1 AnswerBiology10 years ago
  • If cancer has metastasized into three different areas, what is the chances of survival?

    My grandfather has cancer in three different regions of the body. He has brain cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer. What is the rate of survival for these cancers with intense treatment? What are the chances more cancerous cells will metastasize in his body even if there is a chance of survival?

    4 AnswersCancer1 decade ago
  • What is the difference in sociology and social psychology or quantitative psychology?

    They seem to correlate with one another and have similar ethics in relation to their defination and study fields.

    Why do they differ to create different curricula?

    1 AnswerPsychology1 decade ago
  • What are some good sites that help with resume building?

    I'm trying to build my resume and I've found some useful sites but I need more information. I'm using my experience in the mental health field, my studies for human services, and I'm going to have my CNA certification soon. What other sites or information would be useful for entering entry level and/ or seasoned positions within both mental health and medical industry.

    2 AnswersOther - Education1 decade ago
  • Do children under 10 have to have a passport to go to Canada?

    I'm planning to take my kids to Niagara Falls, and I know I need a passport, but do they need one too? We could stay state side, but you get a much better view from the Canada side.

    1 AnswerOther - Destinations1 decade ago
  • Just finished my fafsa, and I got an EFC of 0, what's this mean?

    It also said that I'm eligible for a Pell grant, and if I enter the reserves i will have more eligibility? Ok so where do i go from here if I'm pursuing a double major course study

    1 AnswerFinancial Aid1 decade ago
  • How hard is it to do full time college and work?

    I'm considering keeping my job while I attend school, but I'm also working on a major and a minor course study. Will it be manageable to retain my night shift weekend job, if I'm doing a double course study also

  • What is the psychological term for someone who is a complete contradiction to themselves?

    This is the type of person who has little to know feelings for anyone outside their small social circle and trusts others very little. They are prone to change their mannerisms, based on ideology learned or picked up behaviors from others.

    They make statements, that describe themselves, but it is more in blame of others, they are narcissistic as well as humble depending on social situations. They try to blend in to gear themselves toward attention, but they also separate themselves from larger groups.

    What type of individual is this in psychological terms?

    2 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • Do you think younger individuals process the 5 stages of grief differently?

    As adults, it varies on how we process the terms of grief, regarding the 5 stages; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Some individuals may not even notice that they have entered a new form of the stage process.

    Do you think children deal with grief in a different way other than the 5 stages because they do not understand some of the minds sets and adult behaviors attached to the grief process?

    Is it possible to have a form of deficiency, or lack of closure associated, because children and young adults lack the complete capacity or mentality to attain closure through this process?

    4 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • Can I hit the reset button n the last year from today?

    Do you think its possible to hit the reset button so I can go back to last year at this time. It would be really nice! I've done some amazing things, as well as had some truly awful experiences within a year from this point and I just want to hit the reset button. Certain things from last year I want back, and the memories will not suffice

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • How did you get over your ex GF/BF?

    Have you ever been in love, so in love with someone, that any wrong they do meant nothing, you just loved them enough, not to give them up........

    How did you let that kind of love go?

    explain please & take it seriously

    do you still love them?

    would you go back to them?

    what made you put them out of your mind to focus on more important things?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • What is the weather is going to be like for the rest of April in NY?

    Seriously if anyone can tell me what the weather will be like for the next two and a half to three weeks that would be great.

    2 AnswersWeather1 decade ago
  • In a case study of criminalized behaviors, how do you define someone criminally insane?

    The context is based on a particular setting and of course the theme is: what constitutes someone criminally unfit or insane. Where do you decide that someone isn't fit based on what they have done, if you could use the same bias judgment upon all those that have committed a inhumane act on society. But one is fit, and the other is not, what is the defining guidelines that separate the two into different groups.

    2 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago