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  • Humidity control systems for the home?

    Anyone have one of these systems, and if so are they worth the extra money? I am looking into a dehumidifying system for a new home that I am building and would like some info before I meet with the A/C guy.

    1 AnswerOther - Home & Garden9 years ago
  • Need a quick way to crush medium amount of corn.?

    I would like to turkey hunt and to keep the turkeys on the property it is easy to feed them. I can buy whole dried corn cheaply, but need an easy way to crush the corn into smaller pieces so the deer will have a harder time eating the corn. I was thinking of placing a few pounds of corn in a bucket and attaching something, not sure what, to a drill, kinda like a food processor.

    Any ideas would be helpful, but I would rather not buy anything expensive as that would defeat the purpose of not buying already crushed corn.

    6 AnswersHunting9 years ago
  • Has anyone taken the GA Pest Control Operator Exam?

    What are the main questions that are on the test? ie equipment, bugs, chemicals, plants?

    Are there any questions about cubic feet?

    How hard is the test?

    I am studying and I have looked up info on the web, mostly from the Dept of Agriculture.

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • How do you get Canadian Tire Money?

    How does one receive these coupons? Any info would be great!!!

    11 AnswersOther - Canada1 decade ago
  • Water table map for the state of GA?

    Were on the internet can I find a map of the water table for the southern part of GA? I have tried DNR, and other state and fed sites and have found nothing, but there is a really good one for Wisconsin out there. A link would be great!!!

    1 AnswerGeography1 decade ago
  • Calling all conspiracy theorists?

    Can anyone tell us the order of thing that are going to lead us to marshall law in the US? Start with a couple of things that have already happened then state what is happening now and most important tell me somethings to look out for.

    I just cant find anyone who can say that on this date or when an X amount of specific things happen that the world will begin to fail.

    It seems like hype and more and more people are making money off of this. I guess if it never happens all one has to say is "just think how close we were".

    3 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • 90's movie about hunting people?

    There is a movie that was made in the 90"s or early 2000's where some people would hunt other people, (it could be on an island). Of course the last group of people being hunted starts to turn the table on the hunters and kills them. It is not the movie The Most Dangerous Game. I do not know who starts int he movie.

    2 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • What is it like to visit Cuba?

    What is it like for a tourist to visit Cuba? I am not talking about a resort in Cuba. What are the people like? If i visit what is the one thing I should do before I leave. I only ask because Jamaica was not for me because the people were aggressively friendly with drugs, at least in the hey district.

    8 AnswersCuba1 decade ago
  • Tips on digging up blueberry suckers.?

    The plants are in South GA. I think the suckers are about 4-5 ft tall. This is they only web-sit I could find info on.

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Lexmark printer says I do not have any ink.?

    My lexmark printer says That I do not have any ink in the cartridge but I just got it refilled yesterday. I have never refilled a cartridge before. Is there something i can do, other than buying the correct cartridge and stop being cheap?

    2 AnswersPrinters1 decade ago
  • Need a nice lower price revolver?

    I am looking for a nice Med frame revolver that is low in price. ie Taurus 82ss4 or 65ss4 which runs for about $375 new. I would like for it to be a .38 or .357. I know that Ruger makes some for around $500 or $600 but would like to keep it lower. Are there any lesser know names that are still decent quality that I may be over looking. The revolver will not be carried around.

    It will ade in home defense but is not the primary weapon, a 12ga coach gun is. I want it to be cheap because I feel that it is more likely that my house will be broken into when I am not home and would rather NOT have one of my nice expensive guns out for the robber to find.

    8 AnswersHunting1 decade ago
  • Success with rooting a satsuma cutting?

    Has anyone had success with rooting a satsuma cutting? Or a cutting from a lemon or lime tree. I've heard that lemon cuttings have the highest rate of success and that satsumas are very hard or near impossable to start from cuttings.

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Have you taken the Compass test lately? Compass test help please!!!?

    I am about to take the compass test in a little over a week and need to know what to study. I have not attended school in close to 5 years, but did graduate high school and I have an Associates Degree and a Bachelors Degree. I have took this test about 9 years ago while in high school. I am a little worried that I may have forgotten a few things. Books, study guides, web sites, anything to help.

    2 AnswersStandards & Testing1 decade ago
  • Is it to early for my lime plant to be blooming?

    I live in Atlanta GA and I purchased the lime plant early summer of last year. It is in a pot and it has been inside by a window for the last three months or so. It had no limes on it when i purchased it last year. The plant is about three feet tall. It has two, which looks to be very small bloom in one of the smaller branches right by the a thorn and up to four more barely noticeable "blooms" scartered around. It is way to cold to put it outside and im sure its not getting half the sun it should. Are they blooms and what should I do next?

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Would you rather live in Georgia or Utah?

    and why? Temp, natural beauty why?

    to be even more specific, it would be a suburb of either Atlanta or Salt Lake City.

    9 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • First time home buyer tax credit?

    Do i have to still weight three years before selling our home so I do not have to return the 8 thousand? I'm not sure if they changed it or not?

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Is there a pic of the new gereration four Glock?

    Has anyone seen the new generation four Glock and when does it come out?

    1 AnswerOther - Outdoor Recreation1 decade ago
  • How to find a stores conplaint department for an e-mail.?

    need a Sam's Club regional manager in atlanta. Cannot find any Names or info on web site.

    1 AnswerCorporations1 decade ago
  • South park episode about kittens?

    Im looking for the south park episode about the female teacher with saggy boobs, and cats follow her around. I need the name of the episode or atleast the season.

    2 AnswersComedy1 decade ago