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  • 2 flat tires?

    It's been cold and i've been sick in bed for 5 days. Is it possible that 2 of my tires could go flat in the cold weather. The front tires are new and the back still in good shape. One front tire went flat n one back tire went flat. Could the cold weather be a factor? If not i have 2 slashed tires! I havent taken them off yet til tomorrow. I need an answer tonight... please

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  • Pregnancy after HPV Hysterectomy?

    Sons girlfriend claims she's been pregnant twice.! She had HPV a few years ago and had a Hystorectomy! She still has her period monthly but keeps claiming she can get pregnant!! My son is a basket case and actually belives her! I cant find a website to go to so i can prove to him that she cant get pregnant after she has HPV HYST I dont need comments I need proof! If u can answer this question please do if u cant please dont bother,,, thank u so much,,

    " Worried MoM is WV"

    6 AnswersSTDs1 decade ago
  • IPOD For Music Only?

    Ok guys The Ipod isnt for me.. its for my friend and he wanted just an mp3 player but i thought the IPOD would be better then a MP3! im getting different answers on which one to get ! So I need someone who knows what they are talking about!~ Instead of getting him a MP3 player I wanted to get him a IPOD for just music! but i dont have a clue which one to get! I need a recommendation please! Thanks !

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  • 14-15yr old help for a party!?

    Hey guys i need some help, the reason i ask for help from your age group is because im not 15 anymore lol.. My niece is turning 14 and we are giving her a party.. we need some ideas for what to do for her party... she's been through alot in the last year thats not so good,,, so we want to make it special for her, We need your help, any ideas that you have would be appreciated as we are looking for things to do for her party thats not immature baby games, So give me what u got!! I will mark thumbs up on any good suggestions thanks again

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  • Good men to find?

    Where would a fun loving decent woman find a good man? I know there are some good men left but where do men look for woman, and plez dont say church cuz they dont go there either lol,, dont say grocery store cuz men hate to shop lol ,, dont say a bar cuz thats too funny,, so tell me where to find a good man ! if u can lol not on the internet either lol thanks x0x0x

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  • New England Black Lab is having seizures Im almost sure, Of course it has to be the holidays and no vets open!

    Jack has got me scared now. 2 times in 2 days Jack has had what appears to be a seizure! I know VETS are totally ourtrages and u have to pay them as u go. He's hunching up his back and doesnt have any control. He has a dazed look in his eyes and it last for about 5 minutes. I DONT need any comments to take him to the vet, thank u I plan on doing so, but I was just asking if anyone knew if this was a seizure or if u knew, the first time it happened he vomited and went to the bathroom,, today he didnt do either,, so if u know plez respond if u dont keep ur comments to yourself as i am scared and would appreciate serious answers back,, With it being the holiday I an no one opened im lost.. thanks Bonnie J

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  • Men some answers plez?

    Why do men like woman who are hard an mean and treat them bad. Ones that are demanding and cruel. When there are so many woman that would give you so much. So many woman have so much love an caring in there heart. I dont understand this because I know so many woman that want to be loved an would treat you so good, So why are you with these woman?? im stumped !!

    9 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago