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  • i think my ankle is broke or somethin?

    i was playin b ball todand i landed 195 pounds all on my ankle i felt it crunch and then a crazy burning sensation ran all the way through the top of my foot for about 30 seconds it was painful like i was holding a lighter to my ankle whats wrong i can move my toes its swollen but it hurts if it touches the ground

    3 AnswersInjuries1 decade ago
  • x box 360 question somebody help me pleaaassse?

    i just recently got one and can someone tell me if i can lay it on its side and have it play right cause i mean there are little table grips on the side but ppl tell me it will mess my games up help me out

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • why am i even on here?

    its clear to me not a lot of ppl no what rap is now and if you need rap help do not get on here kuz there is no help for you on here maybe if u needa no what t pain song to jam u should get on here but thas bout it

    18 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop1 decade ago
  • for the yankee that thinks texas isnt hood?

    kum down know wat 'm sayin and see what hood im from im sure u wont do nuffin tho kuz u wont be able to ask directions before u get rolled over here where we from which is the south where real rap was created and for all yall that said school me on here well here it is rap is madeby these real g's to the game :::

    Big Pokey

    Al-D , Mike D, Big Steve, Big Roddy, Mike T,

    ESG, Lil Flip, 3-6 Mafia, Devin The Dude, Brotha Lynch Hung, Fat Pat, Mass 187, Lil Troy, Lil Mario,

    Shasta, Lil O, Project Pat, DJ Screw, Yungstar, Juan Gotti, SPM, Low G, Bexar County Boyz, Hooligan Boyz, Z-Ro, Old Chamillionaire, Playa Fly, Gangsta Blac, Lil Gin, E-Clipse, DSR, Big MOE, Slim Thug..... and thats jus sum of whas kummin out da south what yall know bout dat

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  • why am i the only one that listens to real rap?

    im from San Antonio TX and ive recently realized that a lot of ppl kall some of the worst music in the industry rap ... i know what real rap is if you dont believe me message me my email is ill school you on what rap is i know there is still sum ppl like me that actually know what im talkin bout and those are the real ones fa yall 210 3rd coast reppin

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  • Brotha Lynch Hung Help Please?

    i need to no the name of a brotha lynch song and all i no is like the first words it goes sumthin like this ..."im hot boxin a coffin" thats all i no

    1 AnswerMusic1 decade ago
  • Music Help Please??

    i need some great gangsta rap please name some

    2 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • im in school right now?

    im in iss and im bored so i got on a computer and its cool does anyone think its right that im doing this kuz i do and i no u would in my situation

    5 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • about menace to society?

    does anyone know what that one song is in menace 2 society in the beggining when the camera is giving an over head shot of the city

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  • do this 4 me please?

    name some good charlie daniels songs

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  • country music question?

    name some good country music that you would here in a bar ... i dont know how to explain it but i want like hardcore redneck wild country if you know anything remotly like this please tell me

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  • question about rap?

    is there anyone out there that has listened to anything better than i listen to and i can go on all day .... ive heard brotha lynch hung spice 1 triple 6 mafia koopsta knicca above the law lil boosie paul wall slim thug i need domeone to name songs from the hardest rapper alive and im being serious so i would be happy if there wasnt any smart answers please ... thank you

    2 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • 94 mazda protoge what is a reasonable price for a system?

    i have pretty low budget and i need to know what the cheapestr sytem i can get for my car is . please help me you guys

    2 AnswersCar Audio1 decade ago
  • about subwoofers?

    im about to get a 12 inch subwoofer for my car and i wasw wondering if you absolutly HAVE to have a box to hold it or not

    please help me

    10 AnswersCar Audio1 decade ago
  • do dis dawg?

    name sum good screwed music aight pimps

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  • do this for me please?

    name sum really good screwed music kuz im tired of all the stuff i listen to

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • can someone do this for me?

    name really really good rap songs like a list of them

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  • Valiums Xanax And Lortabs?

    i have taken them all aand like them a lot ... what do i do

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  • name good weed songs?


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