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My name is Julia but I stuck with the typo. I have two cats and a beta fish, but try to gain as much as experience as possible with all animals. I am pro-rescue in 99% of cases but don't demonize people who actually give a crap about the dogs they breed, & declawing is a selfish a-hole solutions. I hate stores like Petco that profit of abuse of mass breeders. Be it big or small, no animal deserves to suffer. BSL is total BS & I have no tolerance for proponents. Wild animals should not be pets, period (& pets should not be forced to go wild-TNR/education is key). I can be crass, and & people will certainly disagree with me, but I stick by my beliefs & you can support yours. I'm not here to be popular. However, I am open to new ideas. Otherwise, I'd still think I wanted a maltipoo or that Iams was amazing.

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