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  • So this is embarrassing...?

    Okay so first off, guys PLEASE don't judge me! For a while now, I've been having this thing with my family's dog. Yeah, like a sexual kind of thing. Like I said guys, please don' judge me! For the last few months I've been taking the dog off to my room and doing my thing with it. I swear it feels so good! And my dog loves it too, I swear! So just a few hours ago, it was business with the dog as usual, but then Mom came home early and came into my room before I could even hear her! She found out what was up, and now I don't know what to do! She talked o me about how that relationship was inappropriate and all that, but she doesn't understand! What should I say to her???

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  • password?

    I am having trouble with math right now! Need help! 10 points for working password!!!

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