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  • Problems with my mum?

    I think my mum hates me because she always starts arguments for no reason with me. Like.. right now I was putting new biscuits in the biscuit tin and she started yelling at me saying "are you not going to put the lid on this time and make them go all soft?" and I couldn't handle her yelling at me for no reason so I just went up the stairs and was like "bye" and she called me an asshole? like why does she need to make me feel low about myself about something such as that?

    She'll always put on a positive voice when she wants me to do something for her and then whenever I try to have a normal conversation with her she'll put on a negative tone or tell me to be quiet. Which makes me feel as if she's using me.

    She likes to make people gang up on me by telling my family or her friends negative things about me. I don't know what she's telling her friends but they used to always be nice to me and now they look at me as if she's been saying negative stuff to them about me.

    Negative things she'll say to me:

    "Where are all your friends?"

    "You know where the door is!"

    "You can go and stay with your dad!"

    I feel like it started ever since I told her I was gay. And the reason I don't go out much is because i've been so paranoid about my sexuality and I left all my friends because they were homophobic and couldn't deal with being around that.

    And my family treats me like i'm invisible now and she'll notice that they aren't replying to my questions and look away.

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  • Does Origin not work on Windows 8?

    I just bought a game that needs a download code to be entered into Origin to be able to download the game and play it and now I can't open Origin on Windows 8. Does Origin not work on Windows 8?

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  • How to make my butt bigger?

    I want to make my bum bigger and perkier so that it's squeezable, does anybody know any routines? i'm trying to attract guys to look at my butt cuz i'm gay, it's not the worst bum, cause i've guys already like it but I want it better, so yeah x)

  • Am I a bad person?

    I told my friend I was Gay. Everything was fine for at least a month but it started getting awkward because he made out every now and then that something really irritated him that I did. One day he made me feel really bad about myself trying to figure out ways to make me look like a bad person and make it look like I made him fall out with me so that he could stop talking to me. He was the leader of the group and made sure that everyone else fell out with me.

    I hanged around with different people at school and most of them left at the end of the school year and me and my friend who was left joined a new group of guys. I never see them out of school and my mum always complains because i'm always at home and she wonders why I have no friends.

    She always claims that I'm a loner because I never leave the house and sit on my computer. (But this makes me feel sad because i'm not a bad person and she makes me upset and frustrated) and I think she knows that it annoys me.

    She knows i'm gay but thinks it's a phase.

    I don't want to get to know my new friends at school because they barely know me and seem to be homophobic. They don't know i'm gay. They talk about (cars, girls, boobs and stuff guys talk about that bores me). So I have no interest in hanging around with them.

    I want to wait until college to make new friends and then tell them i'm gay but it starts in September.

    I wanted my mums support but I never got it. I think she hates me? Is it my fault?

  • Can I legally walk around in a Chicken Suit for the rest of my life?

    I just wondered because people are boring and I think life would be better for people if they just saw me walking around in a chicken suit

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  • How to deauthorise an iTunes computer you don't have anymore?

    I want to use music I have bought from other computers on my computer I have now, it says I have to deauthorise a previous computer before I can authorize another computer. I don't have the computers I used to buy them anymore, so how am I supposed to de-authorize the computers in order to use the music I want to play on my iTunes?

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  • Should I trade in my 3ds for money?

    I have an Animal Crossing: Special Edition 3ds XL console, I never play it. Should I trade it in at GAME for money?

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  • Is it ok to skip class?

    I have a Chemistry test during the first two periods and i'm not prepared, is it bad to go to the library and revise for it instead?

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  • Is it ok to skip class?

    I have a Chemistry test during the first two periods and i'm not prepared, is it bad to go to the library and revise for it instead?

  • Gay and going to college?

    I have an interview for college coming up and I'm scared because during the interview process you meet other applicants and I'm gay and in the closet and I plan to come out in Summer before college.. but if I speak to straight people during the interview and then come back after summer, as gay.. I might get bullied for not telling them?:/ i dunno.. also I don't want to speak to girls either because they will think i'm gay and I don't want that yet! :/

  • Is it bad to come out of the closet in High School? should I wait until College?

    Like I feel like I am ready but I don't have a final thought about it, I want someone to tell me what their experience was if they came out in High School or if they didn't, why not?

  • Can you buy things online on christmas day?

    Can I buy things online on or will I have to wait until a certain date?

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  • Am I the only person who is scared of Lady Gaga?

    Ok.. she totally freaks me out, she is super scary! I'm sure she's part of the illuminati or some ****.

    I believe she is possessed and she's trying to brain wash people with her music, and the way she goes on about Art pop really freaks me out.. and I think she is a bad role model.

    Also I think it's weird that she has a show on TV with the Muppet's.. when she's not a good role model for kids. And she sings songs with unacceptable lyrics for kids..

    Also, i'm gay.. and I seem to be the only gay guy in the world that hates her and isn't obsessed with ART POP! and if you say anything bad about it, they go crazy.. lol

    I loved her first album when she was normal but ever since Applause came out she's became a freak lol, maybe i'm over exaggerating a little bit, but I don't like her one bit.

    She's super weird.. watch the way she acts in concert and the things she wears o.O

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  • How would you feel if Europe became one country?

    I think Europe would be awesome as one country, with different Languages and each country could be a different state :)

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  • Does Scotland have a better future being part of the UK?

    I want what is best for Scotland, most people aren't even understanding why people want independence, they say stupid things like "I want to get away from the English" which is stupid. The English aren't that bad! there are many English people in Scotland.

    What I want if Scotland because independant:

    Controlled Immigration. [:

    Better Quality of Life! [:

    What's best for my Country..

    Also, apparently - in the future - the world will be fighting for resources, will Scotland have more resources if we leave the UK? or will we struggle. I want to know if we have a better quality of life now and for the future if we leave the UK, because right now I don't want to leave the UK.

    Main reasons why:

    The UK is one of the strongest countries in the world.

    The UK has the 5th best army in the world!

    The UK has a strong currency - The Pound.

    The UK has a strong economy. (the oil won't last forever!) 8th richest economy in the world.

    The UK is part of the EU which is currently the world's largest economy.

    Will we have more Food, Water, Oil. etc if Scotland becomes independent, now and the future?

    Should we vote Yes or No?

    2 AnswersOther - Politics & Government7 years ago
  • If there was a World War III..?

    Would the countries in the EU be friendly to each other and join each others armies?

    2 AnswersMilitary7 years ago
  • Should I sell my Ps3 and Xbox 360 before the Xbox One and Ps4 come out?

    Should I sell my Ps3 and Xbox 360 now because people will probably stop playing them and they will go down in price value?

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  • Irritated by friend, what should I do?

    I am so irritated with my friend, when I first met him he was so fun. But now, we do everything he wants to do or he'll get annoyed and be negative towards me. I am always arguing him and tonight we have to do something he wants to do again, which I don't want to do! And if I don't go out my mum turns towards me and says it's me who is in the wrong.. what do I do? i'm so irritated, he doesn't even notice what he is doing. If we do one thing I want to do he says stuff like: "We never do anything I want to do" "This is boring" but we do everything he wants to do.. it's as if I've not been out the whole time i've been with him?

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