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Haitian Princess{Smart-Aleck}

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What's good people? :] I am now 18 years old. I'm a smartazz and also a college freshman. I'm a cool person to chill or talk with depending on the mood you put me in. I answer all questions either honestly or sarcastically(so get over it). Everyone is entitled to an opinion,so respect mine and MAYBE I'll respect yours. If the Jonas Brothers said breathing wasn't cool, 95% of girls would be dead. I'd be one of the 5% laughing at those idiots **Lupe Fiasco is the Savior of Hip-Hop** *OBAMA/BIDEN '08!* WE DID IT!!!!!! If God brings you "TO" it, He will surely bring you "THROUGH" it! God gives us 3 possible answers, "Yes, No and NOT NOW!" I asked God for all things that I could enjoy Life; He gave me Life that I could enjoy all things! Fav artist:Chris Brown&Alicia Keys Kanye West&Lupe Fiasco

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