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62 yrs. old, 2 kids, 4 grandkids,christian, hobbies are reading and golf (when I can, which is rare) and walking. I believe in the inspired, preserved, inerrant, infallible Word of God as the only true authority for every area of life. I believe Jesus is the God-man whose death/burial/resurrection is man's only hope for the abundant life with God. I believe in a Triune God-Father/Son/Holy Spirit. Finally, I believe in the pretribulation rapture of the saints as the next event to occur on the prophetic calender. There IS only one way, and His name is Jesus Christ, and He is alive forevermore! (John 14:6) One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 85:10. God is good ALL the time!!! Maranatha!!!

  • What is the most dependable (well built) 150cc scooter on the market, and is a "trike" actually safer?

    I own a 49cc Honda Metropolitan (2002). After 1 month, I have decided that keeping up with traffic is safer. I want to upgrade to 150cc and no more. I have learned that turning on 2 wheels is more "leaning" into the turn than actually turning the front wheel. Is a trike the same? Is it more stable? Logic seems to say yes, it should be, but I've never been on one.

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  • How do I get the money due me from unemployment claims, now that I have won my appeal?

    I recently won my appeal (3rd step in the process of appeals) and now I have benefits in the state of Florida. However, while the appeal was pending, I could not claim weeks. Now, the site tells me I cannot claim any weeks until 10/17. What about the 12-14 weeks while I was waiting? Will they catch up with me on this amount, and can I do something online to promote resolution?

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  • Why doesn't anyone delve into the likelihood of Satan's ploy to undermine God in order to win?

    Think about it; If christians are right and God is a reality and therefore able to preserve His Word to man so we could know Him better (which of course would be a small thing next to creation, wouldn't you say?) then obviously Satan would want to plant any idea he could to degrade the authority of the Bible.

    Since he is the great deceiver and the father of all lies, and knows what man's weakest points are (ie, pride of life) this strategy would have to be the most "reasonable and logical" approach to preventing as many as possible from seriously considering scripture as supernatural...and in fact it is working very well.

    My thoughts.

    Your turn....try and be kind and leave off the usual slurs. Just give me your best shot at the actual answer. Why do nonbelievers (ie, non-christians) avoid attacking satan and instead attack the name of God?

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  • What are your thoughts on this statement regarding proof of God's existence?

    "It is not proof of God's existence that we need so much as proof of God's presence in our life."

    My comment: I say that, with faith, we get both.

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  • Christians please...Are you truly thankful for the suffering and affliction that God allows?

    We know it is taught in scripture to expect it in many forms, as others that went before us have. Most of us know little about extreme suffering and sacrifice, but some do. Is it hard to sing in prison, so to speak, as Paul did? Do you believe it is a blessing in disguise?

    For my part, I do find it difficult @ times, and yes I know in my heart it is a blessing, no matter the pain.

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  • Regarding living forever....doesn't it "appear" at least possible to you?

    If you disregard the Bible altogether, still, doesn't it make sense to you that the life force in everyone of us is very likely not subject to the natural laws of physical death?

    How is this concept (living forever) not compatible with known sciences? I mean, energy is not able to be stored. It must be used or it is not available for use later.

    C' matter what you believe or disbelieve, apply your reasoning and let's see what shakes out.

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  • Is it not easy to see that if christians are right and God exists...?

    and heaven and hell are real, and the Bible is His written word, then a supernatural force such as He would not be seen or understood or approached by the use of reason and logic?

    In other words, a supernatural Being would be beyond what our minds could perceive or attain to, therefore faith as a way to know Him becomes more "reasonable?" (for lack of a better word)

    Be nice and just give me your comments on natural vs. supernatural.

    I am not talking about proof. Just this...isn't it fairly obvious?

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  • What is the best way to get into training for Christian Radio Host?

    I have training in communication skills (oral presentation) and I have been told numerous times I have a "radio voice." I am interested in finding a school that will accept VA assistance funding, hopefully in Florida or southeast U.S.

    Any good a beginning step???

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  • Christians...Is it as obvious to you as it is to me that...?

    the main point of attack on christianity is the Bible as the Word of God.

    Satan's first words to man was on this wise ("yea, hath God said?") -then- "God's a liar; you will not die."

    The plan has not changed in the Deceiver's stronghold; make them believe the Bible is useless and wrong for them, then they'll listen to anything else.

    And it still works that way for the majority. ("there be few.. who go the narrow way") - (paraphrased)

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  • Christians: Do you agree that the greatest failures in the church today is...?

    (1) we are disobedient to the command to "STUDY" in 2 Timothy 2:15 (indicates lack of faith in what is best) - AND - (2) too many "christians" do not trust the Scriptures as authoritative and all-sufficient in the world today?

    My takes as I see it...your comments ???

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  • Brothers/Sisters in Christ...Is it not sad and eye opening to hear so many say...?

    "I say my prayers every night, (or every morning); I know God is on my side..."

    So many truly believe they are justified with God because they believe He is there, and they pray to Him on that basis alone, never knowing God's saving grace through faith in "The Word"...Who is Jesus Christ. (John 1: 1-14)

    They will say 'I believe in God" but the Bible cannot be trusted.

    So many deceived by the Great Deceiver.

    Do you tell them the Truth in love, when they will listen?

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  • Why would a person hope for something they can see now?

    Hope that is seen isn't hope. If I hope for something I cannot see, then I wait for it.

    Once I have seen it, then I need hope no longer.

    Your comments?

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  • To those who cannot understand: Why would you think...?

    ...that the answer to questions about God and Jesus and the Bible would give you insight into how a christian can believe in that which he/she does not physically see? I see lots of questions about how could God do this or how can you provide proof of this, etc...we (christians) have said over and over (and scripture clearly confirms it-see reference below) that it is impossible to grasp these spiritual, supernatural things without the Spirit of God in you, guiding your thoughts. Of course you cannot see it! Neither could I or any christian until faith (trust) came into our hearts. Even then, in the beginning, we did not see or understand most of it. In time, with study and prayer (basically one word...Obedience) we grow spiritually and understand more, just as any child does after he/she enters first grade, and so on. Maybe you do not hope for insight. Maybe you just ask out of curiosity and never gain ground into understanding, and that's enough for you. I truly think there are some that yearn for God and yet refuse the simple plan He has ordained. "Trust me first, then I will give you eternal riches." It is so very simple and yet so beyond us. We have to admit we are helpless. We have to own our moral error (sin). We have to bow to the will of another, one we cannot see. These acts of surrender are the barriers we will not succomb to, because it involves admitting we are inadequate. Interesting that this one feeling, inadequacy, is in my opinion the gist whereby most relationships fail. We all hate the feeling of 'I am not good enough as I am.' It is true of us all. We are not...spiritually speaking. And if eternity is a reality, as we (christians) know it is, as God is, then our spiritual health is all that matters. God can and will cover all the other bases.

    See for reference (if so inclined) 1st Corinthians 2:14.

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  • Are there really any atheists or agnostics out there who would actually say...?

    "I would like to know this God the christians talk about...if He was real."

    Is there anyone who really watches and listens, hoping that IF God is there, He will let me know.

    I ask because after looking at all the questions today, it kind of looks like (sometimes) that you do want an answer you can grab hold of, if there is one. That is, you would definitely want God to change you and make you one of His own forever....if you could just be sure. Or is it just passing time and really don't care if God is there or not.

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  • Fellow Christians...Have you seen this recent news item? What's your view on it?

    News item regarding the University of Maine and the new semester:

    Over the next month, Dining Services will be testing a pilot program that uses a scan of an individual’s palm in place of his or her MaineCard. The program uses infrared technology to recognize the meal plan user’s palm and links that image to that person’s MaineCard account.

    “Instead of swiping your MaineCard, the program is going to identify you by the palm of your hand,” said Benny Veenhof, director of technology management at UMaine. “It takes a snapshot of the veins and creates a black pattern that it then converts into an encrypted algorithm.”

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