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I am a mother of two beautiful children and live in MS. I work fulltime at the hospital and go to church every Sunday. I love spending time with my kids. We like going to the movies, going to the park , going shopping and jumping on our trampoline. If anyone would like to email me that would be great.

  • Why am I still having dizzy spells?

    I hit my head about 3 weeks ago on the corner of a top shelf. Afterwards it was a little tender to the touch for about a day. The day after I had to lay down because I felt tired and when I layed down my headfelt like it was spinning, but didn't last long. Every now and then my head will feel dizzy when I turn it to the side or when I lay down or get back up. The other day I was on the trampoline jumping with my kids. We layed down for a few minutes. When I got up , slowly I couldn't get my balance and felt dizzy. I had to hold on to the pole to keep from falling down. I haven't passed out or been unconscious or anything, just dizzy every once in awhile. I have never passed out in my entire life nor, been this dizzy ever. Do I need to go the doctor, or will it go away?

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  • Why is pool pump not working?

    I replaced our above ground pool pump about two weeks ago, because it had stopped working. Note: It has not been replaced since we bought it last year. Anyway, bought a new pump 2 weeks ago. Last night when I went to clean the pool out, it was not on. It was still plugged up. After cleaning the pool for about 15 minutes it came back on. It was also sweating on the outside. Do you think it could have been the heat or what?

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  • New bread bowls at Dominos?

    Has anyone tried the new bread bowls? If so, are they any good?

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  • Who saw The Biggest Loser last night?

    I was hoping Mike would have won, he looked really hot. Besides him I was rooting for Tara. Who was your favorite and who did you want to win?

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  • Who has tried the grilled chicken at KFC?

    I tried it Monday at lunch and it was good. Wasn't greasy at all, it was all grilled. Very tasty.

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  • Who has joined Face Book?

    I just joined 2 weeks ago and I love it. I found several people I had went to school with. It is fun to look them up and see where they live and what they have been up to.

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  • Who saw Hannah Montana The Movie?

    I took my kids to see the movie this weekend and we loved it . It was a real good movie. For those people who thought she was going to choose Miley , was wrong, she chose Hannah Montana. My little girl cried watching the movie at one particular part, where Miley was crying. She really enjoyed the movie and will probably get it when it comes out to buy.

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  • What is your favorite Nick At Nite show?

    I like Leave it to Beaver and The Brady Bunch

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  • Good marinade for grilled chicken?

    Does anybody have a good marinade for grilled chicekn? For the past two weeks I have been eating grilled chicken one night had it with lemon pepper seasoning, the other time with Caribbean Jerk Marinade. Which is all good. Just want something different, great flavor, moist chicken and so on.

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  • Did anyone see the Kids Choice Awards?

    What was your favorite part of the show. Mine was when Dwayne Johnson dressed up as Miley Cyrus.

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  • Best tasting chocolate milk? Low sugar?

    My son likes the Great Value chocolate milk at Walmart Supercenter. But it has alot of sugar in it.Has anyone tried the fat free chocolate milk? I don't about the grams of sugar though. I am not sure about the brand, I seen it at Walmart, but can't remember the name of it. What about soy chocolate milk?

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  • What do you think of Miley Cyrus's new video ?

    Does anyone like her new video to her movie? Will anyone go see her movie. I think it it is a cool video and plan on taking my kids to see the movie. It seems like it would be good and funny.

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  • What is your fave Girl Scout Cookie?

    Mine is the Caramel Delights. I could probably eat a whole box without even thinking about it . They are so yummy! I ate 7 last night!

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  • Do you think my kids are stressed?

    I was just wondering if this is normal children behavior or could it be stress? My two kids and I live with my parents. The house is not that big. The bedroom we sleep in (my old bedroom), has there bunkbed, twin bed for me to sleep on, two chester drawers, a tv on top of one chester drawer and a bathroom. I feel cramped up inside that house. We need our own place but cannot afford it since I filed for bankruptcy two years ago. I love my parents , but we have no privacy, only when they go to town or something. My 8yr old boy is a momma' boy. I am not saying he relys on me all the time he can be independent at times and go play with the neighbors kids and spends the night with his daddy every other weekend. But sometimes he just has to be right there with me. He can be stubborn at times and won't mind. When I do spank him he hits on arm , I spank him on the arm or try to on the butt and he does it again. My little girl is not like that. Sometimes he will call me hateful and I have been know to say that to him, and have apologized for it to. I told him I will try not to say it again. My dad has to go outside because he cannot take the loud noise. I have a tendency to get loud sometimes and have a temper and I am not proud of it. I take it after my father and his side of the family. It doesn't happen too often, and wished it didn't happen at all. Sometimes my dad will try to discipline my kids when I am in sight. If they are doing something they do not need to do, he will get on to them when I am standing right there. I feel like I need to get on to them , not him , when I am around. If I am out of sight or in town or something he can discipline them of course. It is hard to talk to him at times about this stuff because he thinks I have an attitude about it when I do say stuff, which I don't. Or if my kids want to go over at a friends house (two houses down from us, my dad will say no right in front of me. I am thinking, I thought I was the parent here.They only go over there in daylight and come back when it is just starting to get dark. Also if they have gotten there homework up. My dad doesn't like it when they come home in the dark, afraid they might get run over or kidnapped. I feel the same way to. Well anyway I think I have written enough. Any advice on what to do? Bad parenting skills, too much stress in the house, living situation, what? I feel like we could do so much better on our own and have less stress.All comments welcome, just don't be too harsh.

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  • Who has ate at Gino's Pizzeria?

    Has anyone ate at Gino's Pizzeria? How good is the food and is it a family owned restaurant? The town I live in (New Albany,MS) just recently opened one. I haven't been to it yet and was wondering how good it is and if anyone had one in there town?

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  • Big meal on Christmas Eve or Day?

    Which ever day your big meal will be on what will it consist of and have you bought everything ? I imagine I will do 90% of the cooking, my mom just had heart surgery yesterday and won't go home until Thur. or Fri. But I don't mind , I love to cook. We won't have many people at our house so it won't be bad. My dad will probably grill out hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken one day. I will probably make dressing, have a ham or a turkey breast, some rolls, and some kind of vegetable and a dessert and maybe different kinds of cookies the other day.

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  • What to buy for digital camera?

    I have never owned a digital camera , just a 35mm. When I take as many pictures as it will hold, how do I reload it after I get those pics developed? I know it doesn't use regular film. What does it use to take the pics? Do I need to buy something to put in the camera to start taking pics again or what? I hope this makes sense.

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  • What is your favorite Halloween candy?

    I like the candy corn, candy pumpkins, and anything chocolate. This year I seen chocolate filled cats and rats. I haven't tried them yet.

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  • Which is better butter or shortening?

    I would like to know which is better to use for buttercream icing butter or shortening. Better flavor and so forth.

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