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  • Hair extensions for thinning hair?

    Hey guys, this is something I've been thinking about for a long time. For the past year, my hair has been falling out at a faster-than-normal rate, and I've tried eating more protein, taking biotin, drinking lots of water, the whole nine yards. However, my hair is still thinning! I'm sixteen, almost 17, and was adopted as a baby, and I ahrdly ever talk to my birth family. Last week though I did remember to ask my birth mother about it, and she said that she experienced the same exact problem when she was my age, and her hair is still very thin and won't grow past her shoulders (and neither will mine). So now that I know it's hereditary, I think extensions are good option. My hair isn't really brittle, especially with all the protein and biotin I've had, and I'm trying to find the best kind of extensions for me. I've had the clip in kind before but those feel so heavy and fake and they take a while for me to put in. What are the best kind of extensions for me? Also, I would like to not spend hundreds of dollars! This may be my birthday present though, so I suppose its okay if its not ssuper cheap. Thanks guys!

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  • Are my bettas compatable?

    I've had my copper deltatail male and Cambodian credential female in adjacent tanks for two weeks now, and I've been conditioning them with blood worms the whole time. The male is super interested in my female and is always flaring and showing off, but my female does not. When I put her in a jar in my males tank, she watches him and tries as hard as she can to swim through the jars sides towards my male like she wants to go over to him. He has a huge bubble nest (he loves building them for her!) And her oviposter is present. When I put them in the tank together all she does is run run run (or swim swim swim) and me being the worry wart I am I hate seeing her being nipped :P I've spawned a pair twice before but the female was more aggressive and could stand her ground so I was a lot less worried. Is it possible that they're not compatable? Or am I just paranoid and should leave them alone? He's a little bigger than she is (body wise, he's much bigger with his fins) but they're both about the same age, 7-8 months. So am I just too paranoid or should I move on to a new female?

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  • Does my betta have dropsy?

    I came home from dinner today and I went to feed my bettas (I have three males, three females, all in different containers) and I noticed that my youngest female has the typical spiky scales of dropsy and some red discharge from the anus. I got her and a male (which has since died from self-starvation) from a friend who is highly into fish, but apparently was not good at keeping bettas. The male as I said would not eat, and I found him dead a week ago. The female has not been eating for about five days, so I knew something was wrong. I'm a busy sixteen year old without a job or a car or time so i've been unable to go buy any medication or antibacterial food. I have my little girl Scarlet in a half gallon bowl with 1/2 a teaspoon of Epsom salt. I saw a few different ration but I decided to go with that one.. I'm not sure what else I can do for her at this moment. She doesn't have severe bloating, just raised scales, lethargic, not eating, and the red discharge. Any help would be VERY highly appreciated, I love my fishies :'(

    The first picture is my betta Scarlet:

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  • How can I re-encourage my breeding bettas bubble nest building?

    My male isn't making a bubble nest anymore. I've bred him twice at school as my senior project (to study the dominant and recessive genes and so forth) and he made lovely large bubble nests and was a great papa, but with the tanks at school I wasn't able to keep a constant eye on my fishies and I learned my lesson the hard way.. He loved his babies so dang much but he was too dang hungry and flustered by them to care :'( so I brought my male and two females home on a very short car ride and now have my make in a 10gal with his favorite alien skull and the plastic flower pot he likes to make his nests in I so have a heater that keeps the water around 80. I have my two females in separate bowls next to his tank and he shows much interest in them, but he hasn't made a bubble nest. He blows a few bubbles and that's it! I've tried introducing my females in small jars in his tank (to be safe) and they show interest in each other, yet he still won't build a nest and neither female is showing vertical stripes (or horizontal thank goodness). What else can I do? My friend suggested they're stressed from the car ride. Help me please!

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  • Why do i always need to 'pop' or 'crack' my joints?

    It started with my neck a few years ago after a trip to Disneyland, where I get what feels like a slowly growing bubble in my neck and I have to the old 'grab the head, twist and crack' to get rid of it and I get a series of audible pops that gets me odd looks from some people. I know this is really bad for your neck but its the only thing that's worked to get Tod of the bubbles and pain. It's not very painful but is very uncomfortable and cracking is now habitual to me. From there it has literally gone downhill: my shoulders, my fingers, my hips, rarely my knees, and my toes all need to be popped daily. I'm sixteen and I've been asking my mom to take me to the chiropractor, but she keeps forgetting I suppose. Are all my 'crack' problems because of a bad back? What are the long and/or short term affects?

    Thanks guys!!

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  • High school clique names?

    I'm writing an essay for my AP English class, and we must come up with new terms for jocks, hicks, nerds, etc. Our teacher gave an example of the use of the name 'Plastics' in Mean Girls instead of 'Preps'. Our essay is suppose to critique the social groups at our school and how they dress. At my school there are, I'm not being racist, a lot of Mexican/Hispanic gang members. We have hicks, jocks, nerds, and the 'popular girls'. I'm not trying to judge people, but I'm trying to find other social groups and what to name them. Thanks:)

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  • Non cliches for school groups?

    I'm writing an essay for my AP English class, and we must come up with new terms for jocks, hicks, nerds, etc. Our teacher gave an example of the use of the name 'Plastics' in Mean Girls. Our essay is suppose to critique the social groups at our school and how they dress. At my school there are, I'm not being racist, a lot of Mexican/Hispanic gang members. We have hicks, jocks, nerds, and the 'popular girls'. Once again I'm not judging people but I'm giving you an idea of names I need help with. Any help??

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  • Can hair loss contribute to loss of curl?

    So I used to have hair that made people jealous because of my big natural ringlets, but lately my hair has been dropping from my head at a more-than-normal rate, and I get comment from my friends only saying how thin my hair is. I have tried eating healthier, eating more protein (I've been a vegetarian for five years but have only been loosing hair for a few months), cutting out stress, I've gotten blood tests.... Nothing! But anyways, my hair doesn't curl as well anymore. It's a little above my shoulders and I have some layers that I'm trying to grow out, but my hair is falling out and hardly growing. It gets puffy and only the underside gets curls, but mostly 'phone-cord' curls (when they change direction). I hate my hair now when I used to love it! I don't use heat products on it and liquid/foam products don't help either. Is my hair just lame??

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  • Reasons for hair loss?

    I have been a vegetarian for five years, but have only been loosing hair on a large scale for about six months. I drink protein shakes and take vitamins. I also take medications for ADD and chronic depression, but the doctor said it should not affect my hair. I got a test to check my thyroid but everything was normal. My mom keeps saying its nothing but I'm getting really worried. I know you're supposed to lose around 100 hairs a day but I'm around 200 a day. My hair is a little above my shoulders and in layers. It's wavy/curly and people say it always looks very shiny and healthy and the only bad thing I notice is some split/breaking ends and the falling hair. The hair that falls out, however, never seems to be broken or split. I get my haircut every 5 or 6 weeks. It's really thin now. Help!!

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  • How common is chronic depression?

    Just curious about who else is like me

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  • How to braid short layered hair?

    I want to braid it after I shower to make is wavy.. It's about to my shoulders and my top layers are an inch or so past my ears, so about two inches shorter than my longest/bottom hair

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  • How can I make my wavy hair prettier?

    It always seems to just be big and puffy and never fall together. I shower in the morning and wash my hair every other day and rinse it with cold water and dry it with a Turbie Towel but it still poofs up!!

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  • Do I tell my boyfriend he can't 'please' me?

    I don't know if its me or him but he can never seem to find the right spot and its kind of annoying:/ this is my first intimate relationship but he's been in two before and I thought he would be a bit more experienced. I don't want to sound like a ungrateful pig it's just that I would like to get SOME pleasure out of it

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  • Ways of calming down?

    My parents totally flip out on me and my mom is bawling her eyes out and my dad is yelling at me and they're saying they're worried I'm not going to get into college all because I got a D on a test that my teacher hardly even taught us about.. They took my laptop and phone and I hid my iPod which I'm using now :P I have chronic depression and Bi-Polar disorder and I need a good way to calm myself down

    Thanks guys<3

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  • Why do guys like breasts and butts so much?

    Sorry if its an odd question but I just have never understood why boys like them so much!! Are they better if their bigger? Why?

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  • Could my period increase in heaviness after my hymen broke?

    I think my boyfriend broke my hymen, and here we are, two weeks later, and my period seems unusually heavy. Any connection?

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  • Should first penetration cause serious bleeding? This would have been my first time but I asked him to stop.?

    When my boyfriend penetrated me, it was very painful so I asked him to stop. I started bleeding right away and ran to the toilet where the bleeding continued. He drew a bath (what a gentleman!) and it helped stop the bleeding. Later on in the evening the bleeding started and a large piece of what looked like skin tissue came out, about the size of a quarter. The bleeding was very heavy and continued for two days. What happened?! Im not sure if it was my hymen or a vaginal tear. He wanted to take me to the hospital but I convinced him I was fine, but I would like to know what happened. I am sixteen and I've never been sexually active. Thank you and I hope you can help<3

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