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Retired college professor with degrees in linguistics from USC, University of California, and Michigan State.

  • How can we stop a thief?

    About two days ago, a person with the profile name "Patricia" joined "Answers" and started up a great little scam. She uses "copy" and "paste" to take other people's thoughtful, carefully worded answers, then posts them as her own. She then gets her friends to vote for her for "best answer," and "Bingo!" her points tally jumps way up. She doesn't have to do any work, naturally, and she doesn't get caught because once a "best answer" is picked, there is no way to "flag" a response or complain to the site monitors. It's a really clever way to cheat. Of course, getting the attention of someone at Yahoo is like trying to keep the Titanic from sinking by bailing with a teaspoon. It just is the absolute definition of "impossible." So I'm wondering what, if anything, can be done to stop this little swindler from getting a free ride on other people's effort. I understand that the purpose of "Answers" is to help others, and I'm all in favor of that. The "points" and acclamation are nice, but are not the major focus. I do get "negative," however, about the idea of others taking credit for my work, and I really believe that it is important to learn, sooner rather than later, that "crime doesn't pay." I've contacted Yahoo (by waiting on "hold" for about an hour and a half), and they are not going to be much help. Reaching anybody at Yahoo by e-mail is out of the question, and I see very little chance of putting an end to "Patricia's" fraud. Does anyone else share my feeling that the activity should be stopped? Shouldn't "Patricia" learn to do her own work, leave other people's things alone, and treat others and their property with honesty and respect? I've enjoyed participating in "Answers," have learned some valuable things, and have even been able to help out a person or two. But I have no interest in doing work so that someone else gets the credit, no matter how easy the work may be, or how little value the "credit" might represent. I'll be grateful for any suggestions community members can offer about how "Patricia" might be brought up short and her fraud ended.

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  • Problem transferring movies from DVD to Kindle?

    I'm trying to upload movie files from an iMac to a Kindle. The files have been "converted" using MacX DVD ripper, and saved in the iMac's "Movies" folder. I have downloaded Android File Transfer as the Kindle instructions said, and I am supposed to be able to use it to transfer files from the Mac to the Kindle. When I drag and drop the movie file into Android File Transfer, the movie name appears there, but when I try to find the movie on the Kindle, all I get is an error message which says "Your device is offline. You have no downloaded movies." I can't figure out why the movies do not transfer once they have been dropped into "Android File Transfer." The titles are listed there, but nothing gets over to the Kindle itself. (And yes, it's connected to the iMac via a USB cable.)

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  • Where can I get an adapter from 8mm tape to VHS?

    I have just a very few, very old 8mm recordings made on a Sony camcorder, and I really don't want to spend a fortune trying to transfer them to DVD. I have heard that "adapters" exist only for VHS-C type tapes, but I am wondering if anyone knows whether that's the case. Aside from a major investment, is there any relatively simple and cheap way to get the videos from 8mm to DVD?

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  • How can I add a laptop to my home network?

    I had a home network set up by experts because I usually have trouble with technology. They said I could add more peripherals anytime I wanted by providing the network name and password. But my laptop doesn't give me a place to provide this information. It knows the network is there because it recognizes the network name and gives me a message saying "Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network XXXX" (With the XXXX being the network name.) I've looked all over for a way to give the machine the password, but I cannot find a place to do so. I've checked the control panel under "Network and Internet Connections" and nothing there asks for passwords. Of course, the laptop won't connect to the internet, so it is not on my home network. It sits there with the "certificate" message or one that says something about trying to "verify." I've even tried using the network installation CD in the laptop and looking for something there which would allow it to connect, but that, too, has not worked. What is this "certificate" which the laptop is looking for, and how can I give the password and allow the laptop to communicate with my home network?

    2 AnswersComputer Networking9 years ago
  • Can anyone help me get my Lexmark 5200 Working again?

    My Lexmark 5200 got unplugged and moved while the carpets were being cleaned. When I plugged it back in, I got nothing but a flashing green light under the power switch. The printer does not react to the power switch, and I have tried disconnecting the power and USB cables and re-connecting them in all the possible orders (power first, then USB, USB first, then power, connect USB to computer first, connect USB to printer first, etc.) I have also tried gently nudging the print carriage, both with the power on and with the power off. None of this has helped. Is there anything else I can try before junking the thing and just investing in a new printer?

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  • How do I Permanently Delete a Saved "Sticky Note"?

    I experimented with iMac's "Sticky Notes" program and created a couple of notes to test how the program works. I saved them and messed around with the options (change color, minimize, etc.) but now I'm through with them and want to get rid of them. If I drag them to the trash can and close the "sticky note" program, they're right back as soon as I open the program again. I've looked for a "delete" option and cannot find one. I tried using "Finder" and deleting from a finder window. No dice. I tried deleting them from "spotlight." That didn't work either. How do I get rid of them permanently???

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  • Can a DVD technology expert help with this?

    I have a professionally made DVD movie which I bought five years ago and have played several times, but suddenly it will not play in any of four DVD players I tried it in. I have examined it carefully for scratches, dust, fingerprints and the like, and it is absolutely clean and perfect. I also tried it in a computer DVD drive, and it won't work there either. The players return a "no disc" or "cannot play this disc" message, while the computer drive simply does nothing. I tried using "my computer" to look at the files on the DVD and find that the computer thinks it is blank. Is there any possibility I have overlooked? Can the DVD be repaired, even though it is not scratched or dirty?

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  • Where can I find the lyrics to "The Money Song" from Cabaret (BROADWAY)?

    Lyrics websites confuse "The Money Song" from the Broadway play (which begins, "My father needs money, my uncle needs money ....") with "Money Money" from the movie (which begins "Money makes the world go around ..." and contains a lot of repetitions of the word "money."). The movie version is everywhere, even on sites which are supposed to be giving the lyrics to the broadway show, but the actual stage show version is hard to locate. I've tried using lines from the song, the title, etc. and get nothing but "Money,Money," which is the wrong one.

    4 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago