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  • could this be stress or something else?

    I have been putting in 40-48 hours a week at work which has been stressful. Coworkers have made it stressful because lately it seems like they are never happy with what anyone else does. My period was early and was shorter then normal. I had no cramps when I normally have a day or so of cramps. I was wondering if maybe somehow I could be pregnant. It seems like things that didn't use to bother me are churning my stomach. Otherwise I'm always hungry. I keep getting headaches, sometimes I feel lightheaded, and my boobs have been tingly on occasion. I'm also moody. But again I also wonder if it's not the stress. Any ideas would be helpful

    1 AnswerPregnancy5 years ago
  • what attracts skunks?

    Last night one of my dogs got sprayed for the third time this year. If something moves in the yard she goes after it. I mean she's a German Shepherd mixed with dobie so I can't blame her. Both breeds are used for special purposes like finding drugs, performing rescues, or guard dogs. I'm curious what are skunks attracted to? I was told they like food but I have no food in my garage. Could it be the garbage can? Or the grass?

    3 AnswersRodents5 years ago
  • how should we go about an issue with a child?

    My boyfriend and I bought one of those $300 easy set up swimming pools a couple months back. It was set up in the yard but low enough that the dogs could drink. Didn't use chemicals so we weren't worried. Then an ex coworker's kid came over a couple weeks ago because he likes to hang out even though he's only 12. He brought his minnow trap over and placed it in the pool! Some of the minnows were set free and were still swimming around the pool. Well the dogs tore the pool up trying to get them. They didn't touch it except to drink until then. So I told the kid's mother and she has yet to respond. My boyfriend wants to send them a letter saying they owe us a new pool. Is that wrong? I'm still mad about it and can honestly say I don't want the kid over anymore. He was allowed to come play with the dogs but even that just becomes torture. The kid had no respect for other property!

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • What is the point of the jake brake on semi trucks?

    Ever since my ex started driving truck over a year ago I've wondered what is the point of the jake brake? People just tell me its so the driver can slow down faster then the normal brakes. Well I've heard drivers use it when they get ready to make turns. I can understand that. My ex uses it all the time. In fact he just used it going through town hence my reason for asking this question. Town driving is 25 mph. I can see the highway from my house and unfortunately I still know who he drives for

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  • am I just overreacting?

    I'm single, going to be 30 in few months, and I live with a friend who is also single. He also happens to be an ex boyfriend of mine. I know it probably sounds crazy. Unlike most break ups we were still able to remain friends. We tried other relationships with other people and they didn't work. So we're starting to think we are the only people who can stand each other. We have casual sex now and then. Sometimes with protection sometimes he just puts it somewhere else. Yesterday he joked about not pulling out and I said "maybe if we save up more money then we can do that" now I'm thinking to myself did I really say that? I know we both want kids. And I don't see myself taking that chance with anyone else.

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  • should I tell him off or just ignore him?

    My coworker who I thought was also my friend decided to have his cousin write me on Facebook. He told me his cousin really liked what he had to say about me. So I was under the impression that this guy wanted to get to know me and he even said he might come visit this summer. Come yesterday the guy puts on his Facebook that he's in a relationship. So here I am feeling like I was played by both my coworker and this cousin of his. It reminds me of how my ex cheated on me and lied about everyting. I want to tell the guy off but is it worth it? I thought guys who were in their 30s would be too mature for those silly games

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • is cornbread really a southern favorite?

    I'm just curious if cornbread is really a southern favorite? Everyone tells me it is yet almost everyone I know in the southern states doesn't like it. I love it, I grew up with it thanks to my grandfather, yet I'm not from the south. Yet people who are from down there (except my grandfather) tell me they don't eat it.

    5 AnswersOther - Food & Drink6 years ago
  • should I go with it or forget it?

    One of my coworkers decided to take the library of telling his single cousin about me. He said he spoke highly of me to his cousin but can't say exactly what they talked about. He claims to be sworn to secrecy. A brother like thing they have or something. So of course they guy wants my number to talk. My coworker was nice enough to not just give it to him. The guy wants to get to know me and maybe meet one day. The guy lives in OK and I'm in MT though. Should I at least see if the guy has Facebook? Or just kindly tell my coworker no thanks. I just don't want to end up in another situation like the last time someone set me up.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • why is he trying to be friendly again?

    I broke up with my ex back in March. I cut off all contact period. Deleted his number blocked him on Facebook. Only thing I had to do was ignore him if I saw him around town. He ignored me too so it was good. Now he's trying to be friendly with me. Waves at me, tries to make conversation randomly. I work at the grocery store and if im on the register i will say what I have to and that's it. Otherwise I still ignore him. I don't get why he's trying now after all the lies and cheating. I already wasted nine months on this guy. I have no desire to spend anymore time on him.

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  • Does anyone else find this weird?

    I work in the grocery store in my little town. My ex boyfriend drives for one of the truck companies in the area. He comes to the store for reasons I don't know. I guess lunch or drinks. I don't really pay attention. Saturday I was waiting on customers to carry out their groceries and he came from the direction I was looking. After I was done I went to grab a few sips of my drink from the break room. I caught him looking down every aisle as I was going that direction. If he was looking for groceries it would make sense. He doesn't shop at the store though. Doesn't even live in the same town anymore. So to just look at someone as they are walking? Am I the only one who finds that weird? It makes me feel like he watches me.

    3 AnswersEtiquette6 years ago
  • what might this weird bump be?

    I have this little bump on the outside of my vagina. It almost feels like a bubble. Its up towards the top right below where the "lips" start. Its sensitive to touch but from what I can see it doesn't look like anything. No real color to it so I don't know. Last I knew I don't have herpes or anything. The only person I've had sex with recently is clean. So what could it be? I try to keep myself shaved so could it be irritation from that? Its been there for a day or so and I shaved a couple days ago.

    1 AnswerWomen's Health6 years ago
  • why am i dreaming about a guy i never met?

    I play an online Facebook game. I talk to a few people on there. Lately I've been dreaming about one of the guys I talk to on the game. I don't know what he looks like so the first dream I just made up a face and the one last night I don't remember a face. I find it a little weird. Is it because he likes to flirt with me? I don't take him seriously because it is just a game after all. Is my mind just bored?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • why have i been so tired?

    For the past week I have been tired. This past weekend has been the worst yet. I have been working at least 40 hours a week. On my days off I go help my friend at his job because he's on a low weight limit due to injury. Plus I'm trying to keep up with things at home. I get 6 - 7 hours of sleep a night. I try for more but I don't always get to bed soon enough. I was fighting a cold little over a week ago. I also keep getting headaches but usually not until after I put my hair up for work. Its mostly in between my eyes. Maybe due for a new prescription? I was told that high blood pressure can cause headaches too. Should I make an appointment? Or am I just burning myself out?

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care6 years ago
  • was this wrong for me to do?

    My ex boyfriend has been dating this girl for I don't know how long. I happen to know the girls sister. I have been keeping what happened between him and me in a group of certain people. Even though I have been wanting to give warning since I found out he had a new girlfriend. Today after the guy came into where I work. (I work at a grocery store) then I seen his girlfriends sister. I just let it all come out. Told her what he did to me, why we broke up, the fact he's tried to commit suicide, and such. Now I'm hoping I don't stir up a fight between the two sisters.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • unusual premenstrual symptoms?

    My premenstrual symptoms have always been pretty regular. Mood swings about a week before hand, cramps a few days before, peeing more often, and sometimes tender boobs. Well I'm 8 days away from my next period. My boobs are a little tender mostly around my nipples. My boobs feel like they got bigger too. Almost like I need to go up a bra size. Tonight my nipples are a little tingly. I know I didn't get pregnant last month. Had my period on the 28th. I've only had sex once this month. I don't think I am because I feel normal besides that. Maybe just hormone changes as I'm a year shy of being 30?

    2 AnswersWomen's Health6 years ago
  • What is the best way to get rid of a skin rash?

    In the summer i get this red rash on my lower shins above my ankles. it comes in blotches so its kind of random on exactly where its at. but that's the general area. i always assumed it was heat rash because i used to get it if i wore heavy socks passed my ankles. last year i wore short light socks and never got it. last night i noticed its back. i have benadryl cream buts its old and it seemed to work last time. it doesn't really itch unless i'm in the shower or some other form of heat is on it. it feels warm to the touch. if i do scratch it then it burns. any other ideas on how to get rid of it?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions6 years ago
  • Could I be pregnant?

    I'm 29 years old. I had sex a couple times this month. One was right around the time I should have been ovulating. All my partner did was use the pull out method. I know that's not very effective but we have been doing that for months. Now I have tender boobs like I can't even lay on my stomach. I seem to have to pee more often. I get really hungry at times. I have slight cramps now and then same for being a little nauseous. Lately I have been getting these headaches that make me go straight for the advil. I've also been craving things lately. Like chocolate and pickles. I love pickles but they really sound good these past few days. My period is supposed to start next week. So I don't know if its from that or if I might be pregnant

    3 AnswersWomen's Health6 years ago
  • Can moths bite humans?

    On wednesday i was mowing the lawn and i felt something biting my leg. i looked down as i was moving to swat it off and it looked like a moth. the triangle wings with hints of grey for colors. i was always told that moths don't bite because they have no mouths. hence why they die so fast because they can't feed. so if it wasn't a moth that bit me then what was it. i know the bite drew a little blood in like a half circle shape. its red like any other bug bite and itches like heck. but not really a bump like when mosquitoes bite. it doesn't look infected or anything either. i live in northern montana if this helps any.

    4 AnswersZoology6 years ago
  • ladies what would you do?

    before i start i just want everyone to know that this isn't some high school drama. i'm 29 years old and i'm just looking for opinions. a couple weeks ago i found out from my best friend that my ex was cheating on me. he tried to get with her the whole time. she admits that she let him crash on her couch a few times after letting him take her out to drink. she said nothing happened though. i know there is the possibility that it did and she didn't want to tell me. she also told me that his current girlfriend was in the picture for awhile before i actually broke up with him. if the guy couldn't even be honest about where his snowmobile was how do i believe anything he ever told me? according to the license plates that were on it that is. i have been debating on if i should go for revenge or just try to get over it. he moved away but still works in the same town that i live in. so knowing there's a chance i'll see him doesn't help. i thought about facebooking his new girlfriend and telling her about everything. i also thought what's the point? i would love to go vandalize his vehicle when he's in town but i'm not that stupid. its not worth getting thrown in jail. so ladies what would you do in this situation? go for revenge or try letting it all go? i think the reason its still bothering me is the fact that no one has cheated on me before. at least not that i know of.

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • is it the flu or what?

    the past couple days i have been crampy, my back hurts now and then, i have felt queasy (usually after i eat, and i have felt exhausted since monday. on tuesday i thought maybe i had the flu. but i felt better later in the day. there are times where i feel like i can barely keep my eyes open even at work. i have been sleeping pretty good. i try to get my 8 hours at least. i have been under some stress. i am sexually active but i don't think i could be pregnant. i just had my period last week. my cycle is 28 days so i should be ovulating here soon i would think. sometimes i get slight cramps for a couple days but never felt queasy during the time. and i have never been tired like this either. maybe i'm just over working myself? maybe its the weather or even just stress?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health6 years ago