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  • How is my roommate getting into my mobile phone.?

    I have a Android breakout 4G LTE. I have changed my phone number 3x's .

    And somehow, my roommate knows when I am using my phone internet.

    She is going in my messages and getting my passwords. They see everything I am doing on my phones internet whether I am on or not. My emails, even when I am browsing,

    How is this possible? It is a Prepaid by Verizon (Pantech Breakout LTE 4G) Please help I am about to throw this phone in the Garbage...I bought it just to have my own wifi and this happens?

    Any help, thanks

    How do I stop this?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans4 years ago
  • I want to withdraw from Santa Monica College.?

    I am burnt out and unfortunately, College has to go for now. But I don't think I will be returning to any College in the future.

    Life situations are just to dominate right now,

    I have not received any loans ,only Pell grants for 2015.

    Will I have to pay this Back?

    I drop the course I had for Winter Semester 2016, but I drop the class the next day. So It shows no classes for me.

    Even my GPA drop below 2.0 I'm tired,

    So please any real advise would be grateful

    Thanks everyone .

    1 AnswerFinancial Aid5 years ago
  • car donation?

    I donated my car to Kars for Kids, but I forgot to tell them the tags and registration has expired, and now they are closed for today and will pick it up tomorrow morning. I need to know will they still take the car on expired tags and I have the title.

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  • Christmas help for family with 7 toddlers.?

    Hey there, I'm am looking for information on how a family in Somerset, New Jersey in financial poverty can get help for Christmas for their 7 children, The father works but gets paid very little and the wife is a stay home mom, she can not work because only 3 of their children are not in school. They can not afford a baby sitter and their church only can help so much. So I am trying to find out how to get them signed up with toys for tots or any programs in New Jersey that will help them for Christmas, any"Good" information that is serious would be much appreciated. thank you all.

    4 AnswersToddler & Preschooler6 years ago
  • A Company name 1 866 Eviction?

    Hey there...Has anyone ever heard of the company 1 866 Eviction in Los Angeles, CA ? are the a reputable company or a scam, my friend wants to use them for help, but I am suspicious..any info will help before she throws away her money.

    3 AnswersCorporations6 years ago
  • Fix it ticket?

    I just ask a police officer if he could sign off my fix it ticket and he said they were not allowed to . that I would have to take it to the Police department for them to sign it off. but yet...I read on the back of the ticket " to ask a police officer to sign for a correctable violation (Brake lights were out and now working) Why does it say that on the back of the ticket if he said they could not do it. I'm confused? and I only have enough money for the ticket.. Will the PD charge me for this? I am trying to pay this before i junked the car. too many thing wrong with the outside that I could get find for. but I don't really wat to take it to the police station in fear that they may ticket me for the other things. the cop saw those but he was nice enough to only ticket me for the brake lights.. this is so frustrating I fix the lights and He was either too lazy too sign, and now I don't want to chance getting another ticket for other things if I take it

    in for inspection.. I fixed the Brake light ...change the brake switch it's now working. any infomation please on any other places to take it. I'm in Los Angeles, Ca...thanks all who answer.

    6 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police6 years ago
  • fix it ticket?

    I got a fix it ticket for no brake light,

    1. I bought all new back lights,,,everything on but brake lights still not working.

    2. I took it to a Mechanic to check the brakes, and my car is a Northern car...The brake are soooo rusted and corroded "he said" he never see anything like it and that he could not touch it. it would cost me so much money to replaced everything under there I should get another car.

    3. I reported the car to DMV as non- use. it costing me sooo much money on this car I decided to Junk's a 15 year old plymouth breeze. I've already spent 1200.00 in trying to fix other things on this car before got the fix it ticket. brakes were working then.

    4. Now what about this fix it ticket for the brake lights What to do?

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  • Apply for Job at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles CA. Im well qualified and can't get work what is going on in Los Angeles?

    Hello, I been looking for work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in LA for almost 15 months now. that is how long I have lived here. I have worked in Skilled and Long term Care Nursing Home, I have worked in Assistant Living / Memory care units/ I work for an staffing agency that sent me to a Hospital for a year. where I gain acute experience on different floors I am in good standing with the State of Ohio and California. I have great reference with high level supervisors and Nurses. So I can't understand why I am not being call for work,

    I had an interview with Cedar Sinai hospital, but I did not get hired. this is really taking a toll on me. I know a lot of people are looking for work. but when you have experience and they tell you that...they hired someone with more qualifications. I don't get it .I have over 17 yrs of experience. with all the requirement of CPR. and Fire card. even unit clerk. I am now homeless of course, But still fighting to make things better for myself. So of course I have applied and re-visted some places. I worked for a agency here but my car broke down and now they don't call me for work anymore. Do I have to know some one to get a job at cedars or any other hospital or facility. i know they hire people when i check on my apps they say they just hire people. Is there a different way of doing things here in Los Angeles to get work or are there just no jobs. I don't have money to move. any "GOOD" advice would be appreciated. have a bless day:- ).

    2 AnswersLos Angeles6 years ago
  • jury duty summons?

    Okay, So I have been living in Los Angeles for 16 months now, And for 15 months I've been living from my car. I had an "at will" home care job that paid me 198.00 a week until my car broke down. now I no longer am working because that "at will" home care job requirement is for me to have a running car. so without a car they can't send me in the field to work and the jobs are always far. they only gave me enough work to keep gas in the car and go out for them... while cutting our already low wages down by $1.19... Now I am really trying here... to find a job. I'm walking everywhere. hoping to have enough money to catch a bus in case someone calls me for an interview, applying for unemployment just to be turn down.

    But I am appealing that. and now they sent to my P.O Box A summons for jury duty...Has Los Angeles gone insane! I mean ...HELLO!!! I only have a P.O Box because I am HOMELESS and the last thing on my mind is trying to consider another person fate, Damn! I can't Concentrate on that stuff. I am at war with being homeless and Jobless. in a battle with unemployment. I have no money. I use the library internet or Mcdonald's internet to apply for jobs. I stink to high hell and my mind is so against Los Angles right now.If I had the money I would move. So my question is will they consider my hardship I don't have the money for this and what if someone calls me for an interview and I'm at jury duty. And please!!! I don't want to hear that civic duty crap! help me LA

    3 AnswersCivic Participation6 years ago
  • Can someone use my SSN for their family to come to the USA from Colombia without me knowing about it.......?

    I need to know if someone from another country(Colombia) trying to get to the USA can use my SSN# to get here without my permission. I have recently frozen my credit report and also added alert fraud. The Lady I rent from is from Colombia ( she is a citizen now for 26 years and has a Sister she is trying to get here, and I am afraid that she will try to use my SSN and My Citizenship to get her sister here or am I freaking out for nothing. I am very anal when it comes to my SSN# .

    Please real info...No jokes


    3 AnswersImmigration8 years ago
  • need to get a tag for a car in a different county in Ohio... what to do ?

    want to know if i can get a tag and sticker in the city of Columbus Ohio I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I have two cars. one is registered in Cleveland but I spend a lot of wkend time in Columbus and would like to leave one cars there for that purpose. But i don't want to move ....looking for real information pls no jokesters


    1 AnswerGovernment9 years ago
  • which agency is the best for commercials?

    I keep getting emails from a company name explore talent. can anyone tell me if this is a good agency. and which is the best agency to join as far as commercials, I see a lot of actors that go from commercials to tv show and movies, I would like to find an agency like that to start with. in Los Angeles.

    Thanks, Bobbie

    1 AnswerTheater & Acting1 decade ago
  • How to find a safe studio in los angeles area?

    Hello again!! LOL, still need more info on los angeles, how can an out of town-er get a studio apt in a safe neighborhood in La? and is credit a big issue there ? I don't have the best credit, and a recent garnishment has kick in on my paystubs for the past month. will that be on my credit report ? and will that affect me getting an apartment in LA? or should I just look for a roommate. I am a an adult female and wouldn't want to end up living with a bunch of teenies. LOL!

    3 AnswersLos Angeles1 decade ago
  • Mayfair Resident in Los Angeles,CA?

    Hello, there!

    can anyone give me some Information on the Mayfair Resident hotel in Los Angeles?

    is it clean? is the neighborhood safe for walking and for parking cars?

    I will be visiting soon and I am trying to find a safe place to stay, when I first arrive, then I shall try to find a roommate. but any advice from someone who has "BEEN THERE,,,DONE THAT" would be appreciated. I am a female so I would like to be careful, my main focus is West hollywood area though

    4 AnswersLos Angeles1 decade ago
  • Moving to Los Angele's need information on the grove area.?

    So I want to move back to California, I was there in 2003 and was in Orange County (hated it!) it was very nice though. But I soon left and move back to Ohio. Now I want to move back to California, I am a african american and I notice that you don't see a lot of african american in the media, when it come to los angeles. Not that it matters, But i would like to live near the Grove area. I work as a nursing assistant on the night shift here in Ohio, and I have already requested a reprocity with the state of California, now i am on the CA nursing assistant state registry and have bk clearance with the state to work, so I need to know .

    1. are there any nursing homes or hospitals near the grove area?

    2. are there any african americans in that area?

    3.would I have a hard time finding a roommate in that area. i plan to have at least 3 months rent advance plus deposit (if deposit is necessary).

    4. what do nursing assistant make over there? I have over 10 years experience.

    5. I am a singer songwriter and would like to be around artistic people or at least know where they hang out.

    6. I just do not want to be in a gang or racist or ghetto neighborhood. I have a pleasant personality and a hippy at heart. I like diversity in neighborhoods and I also wouldn't mind dating a white guy or two (lol).

    7. What is the best way to have my car shipped over?

    Okay! If you read all of this... thank you! i really would like serious information that is helpful.

    God Bless!!

    3 AnswersLos Angeles1 decade ago
  • hearing high pitched sound with voices? in my left ear when it's quiet. Like a radio freq. what is this?

    Okay, sometimes at night not all the time, I hear this high frequency noise in my left ear like a bad radio frequency and I swear I hear voices like too many people talking at once. And NO I do not listen to loud music. my blood pressure is find. The sound is not annoying I'm just curious WTF is this. THE SPIRIT WORLD! LOL

    2 AnswersCar Audio1 decade ago