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  • Couple's Necklace?

    Does anyone remember the name of a movie that had a interlocking Couple's necklace. A man and his lover both had different halves and they interlocked with one another. It looked like it was indian/asian design and the actors/actresses in the movie may also have been asian.

    I saw the movie a couple of years ago, but can't remember the name. I'm looking for the necklace and it would be easier if I could search with the name of the movie.

    Please let me know if you remember the movie or even a place that has the kind of necklace I'm looking for. I'm not looking for those cheesy puzzle piece, heart cut in 2, or pad lock and key necklaces.


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  • How do I send a code sample to a prospective employer?

    I am looking for a position as a computer programmer and have been asked to send code samples through the position announcement. It doesn't give any details about format though.

    How do I send a code sample? Copy and Paste my code into a word document? And what exactly impresses a prospective employer? I'm looking for an entry level position and only have code examples from school projects. My work projects are subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

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  • What the In-laws want to know?

    This Christmas, my Fiance and I are sending out Engagement Announcements with a picture of the two of us. We both haven't met a lot of each other's family and I thought it would be a neat idea to have a little about me survey thing to introduce ourselves, but I don't have any idea what topics should be covered.

    Any ideas of what the in-laws want to know? Please respond with basic or unique ideas, I'm thinking about a half to a full page for each of us.

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  • Where can I buy wire by the yard?

    I'm trying to make Crystal Bouquets for my wedding, but I need to buy a lot of wire. I can't seem to find any place that sells craft/beading wire by the yard.

    I need 24 gauge silver colored wire. Does anyone know where I can purchase about 1250 yards for really cheap?

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  • Prenuptial Agreement?

    I just got engaged and my Fiance is talking about a prenup and having separate accounts after we marry. Neither of us have any money, but he's pretty adamant about getting one.

    I don't want one at all. I feel like getting married is about planning to spend our lives together forever, not planning about an eventual divorce. I trust him completely, but I don't feel like he trusts me.

    Should this be a deal breaker? Am I being unreasonable?

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  • I want a diet I can stick to?

    I just joined Curves and I want to start a diet too. I've never been able to stick to anything in the past, but I'm really overweight now and I want to lose 100lbs by this time next year. I also want to be able to keep the weight off for my wedding on October 31st, 2009.

    Has anyone found a diet that works and can be a lifetime change?

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  • My friend had a miscarriage and didn't know she was pregnant?

    How can I help me friend who just had a miscarriage? She just had a baby a year ago and didn't know she was pregnant again.

    She's filled with a lot of doubts and what if's. I'm not a baby person myself and I personally would be relieved to have a miscarriage of a baby I didn't know I had, but that won't help her.

    Some advice please?

    14 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Wedding Cake or Wedding Pastries?

    I am going to be having a Venetian Masquerade themed wedding. In that time period dessert was usually some sort of pastries pilled high and decorated profusely. I really think it would be a neat idea to do something similar with chocolate éclairs or some other pastry or do you think I should go with the traditional cake?

    I will probably be making the cake or pastries myself, so any suggestions on how to organize the pastries or decorate the cake would be helpful as well.

    17 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago
  • Masquerade Wedding Theme?

    My fiance and I love Halloween and are planning on getting married Oct. 31st 2009. We've been looking around for decorations and invitations and pretty much everything, but we can't find anything that isn't Mardi Gras.

    Our wedding colors are Black, Gold and Red and we are looking at a Venetian Masquerade. Any suggestions on how to decorate and where to shop?

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  • Things Couples Can Do Together?

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and we recently got engaged. We are looking for some things that we can do together on a regular basis. We want to spend time together, but not watching TV. Any suggestions?

    We like to build puzzles and we used to play Guild Wars together, we're looking for something new and fun and easy to do.

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