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I am 23 year old assistant administrator for a natural gas company. Young with authority, I wouldn't have it any other way. Im kidding. I live in okalhoma and very hapy to be here. I allow people to contact me if there is any questions. I specialize in oil, gas, and cars. Weither it maintanace or buy/selling. Feel free to contact me if I can help.

  • You have pitty of palestine and Hamas? Heres why not.?

    Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who told Ha’aretz:

    'You Jews should be aware: You will never, but never have peace with Hamas. Islam, as the ideology that guides them, will not allow them to achieve a peace agreement with the Jews. They believe that tradition says that the Prophet Mohammed fought against the Jews and that therefore they must continue to fight them to the death.’ Is that the justification for the suicide attacks? lsquo;More than that. An entire society sanctifies death and the suicide terrorists. In Palestinian culture a suicide terrorist becomes a hero, a martyr. Sheikhs tell their students about the “heroism of the shaheeds.”’

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  • what else would i watch with war on?

    If it wasn't for this war, i dunno if i'ld be watching tv. I'm enjoying debating over it. I wanna look away but I can't. I get excited knowing Isreal is kicking butt. Its great to have another country do what every american has been yelling at bush to do... Kill all the terrorist. Well Isreal is doing it for you....and now your complaing.

    Better send them a thank you card, i know i will.

    So what would you be watching if you weren't watching the war?

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  • Has anyone read this?

    Everyone wants to know the truth but is too lazy to do their home work and read. Well here it is in front of you. Either read it or dont.. but if you dont .. dont argue that Isreal is doing the wrong thing.

    Since the world was ending its’ Second World War it was is in no position to be dealing with another territorial dispute. Since the UN was still in the process of dealing with Germany and the various trials to follow they would not focus the effort needed to properly take care of this problem. By automatically forming boundaries based upon population concentration the UN thought it had created a plan to settle the dispute. THE JEWS HAVE ACCEPTED THE PLAN, entitle Partition Plan 181, but the ARABS still wanted the entire region and would not settle for less. Because of this the Jews were unified and on May 14, 1948 the state of Israel was formed. Israel soon declared war on the surrounding Arab counties. Israel defeats their enemies and takes more land away from the Palestinians than the UN had allowed for them to control. BUT....Later the Israelis gives back many portions of the conquered land for the simple fact that the Jewish people are to be loved by the entire world and are to be seen as the “good guys” in the fight. The Palestinian Liberation Organization was formed in 1964 in order to eradicate the Israelis and the name is now the Palestinian Authority that still attacks and kills today. By forming these confederations the Israelis were left standing triumphant against the invaders and the UN intervention had only triggered a greater reaction out of the Arabs than would have if the UN would have left it up to the lands to work it out for themselves.

    The opposition to having outside intervention would be that of the UN being supportive and being helpful and non-intrusive in the peace making process. Since the UN General Assembly met in 1947 and recommended that the land be partitioned among the two groups. In this the JEWISH people "ISREAL" took less land than they originally had previously wished to control. The PLO was formed of the different Arab groups that wanted to control the Israeli occupied territory. In 1974 the UN recognizes the PLO as a legitimate representative body of the Palestinian people and therefore fueling the nationalism within the hearts of its people which is good for their cause. After the Israelis had defeated the Arabic AGGRESSORS they then were forced by the UN to return the settlements taken in the war. This action would not have been taken if the Arabs were to win. The PLO would have let them keep the lands since their primary goal was to destroy Israeli. Because of these efforts to maintain peace it is a better premise than if it were to be left up to the factions to settle disputes for themselves. The UN has used their influence to pursue a more peaceful resolution and to save the lives of the citizens.

    My source. Because It explains it alot better.


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  • I'll tell you who started the isreal thing? and if its right?

    Ok... basically 1948 isreal won its independence. No one likes that because they are a seperate religion. They are jewish and everyone around them in the arab countrys are muslim or something else. SO...after they became their own country.. they have been pushed around because they cant make trade... all the countries around them wont allow them to trade. in 1967 SO they went to war... the six day war. Isreal won...and now can trade and be a country. but

    In the summer of 1967, Arab leaders met in Khartoum in response to the war, to discuss the Arab position toward Israel. They reached consensus that there should be:

    No recognition of the State of Israel.

    No peace with Israel.

    No negotiations with Israel.... this isn't just because they won, but beacaue they are jewish.... and they dont like that.

    So every few years... and as of now.. gaza, Lebanon , egypt, and iraq and Iran.. will try to take over isreals trade routes..water territories...They do this by kidnapping anyone from isreal... So isreal keeps being attacked by these isreal attacks back because if they dont.. they will get wiped off the map. Well this time..gaza.. and palestine are trying to take some of isreals land.. which involves their trading.. so they are fighting over it.

    However, it actually comes down to ... religion. Muslims hate jews.. and jews hate muslims.. and every one hates christians... but thats ok because christians hate everyone too.. but try to get along with everyone.

    Just to let you know.. isreal is doing the right thing. They do not practice terrisom and if you went there it would remind you of united states.. always peaceful. But terriorist.. gaza..ect keep shooting at them everyone once in a while and isreal is finally just going to wipe them out. .. The goverment that is... not innocent people.. like you hear people saying..

    sorry for half written words.. typing very fast.

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  • Why does everyone hate the country who is winning?

    Although debateable, on who's winning... But currently Isreal is kicking some palestin, hamas, and lebanon butt. I get on Yahoo answers the everyday and no body cares, and then as soon as isreal start winning everyone goes against them.... thinking they started it or something.

    Just to note: And if you think they started it, you better prove it.. because they were the ones fired at first.

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  • Nascar question for car people.?

    A stock car for nascar. Wheather its a monte carlo or impala. What makes the cars the cars name? since they all look the same? Are they on that cars chassis or are all the cars chassis's the same?

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  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Rocky Marciano ?

    Who would win with them both in their peak?

    I remind you, Rocky was a heavy weight ..... Floyd's best was middle weight. Please explain why who would win.

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  • Do you know this movie?

    When i was younger i watched a movie. That I thought was called the last samurai. "not tom cruise movie" . The movie is about a guy and a sword that "the samurai" that is suppose to be the best sword ever built. Anyways, some guy " big boss" arranges a fighting contest or tournament for everyone to fight to the death. Apparently the boss has the sword"stole it or whateve" and is using it when he fights in the tournament. The orginal owner of the sword is in the tournament and has to beat the boss and his own sword.

    Whats the name of this movie. I think it came out in early 1990's. I've googled it and cant find the right one, there is too many samurai movies.

    I willl give you points.

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  • What do you think of this?

    Only once did i go on a date

    The girls name i took out was kate,

    I drove a long ways to get to her house,

    Only to find out compared to her dad i was a mouse,

    Although large, he actually treated me fairly nice,

    But, I was just happy i was leaving with my life,

    After walking her to my car i was sorry for making her sore,

    I just realized that i just opend and hit her with the door,

    The worst was yet to come once i sat her inside,

    Bc i realized something while i was walking to the other side,

    Earlier i did something that was so retarded,

    I left the windows rolled up after i farted.

    Once i got in to play it off as nothing and saw her face,

    without throwing up she got out of the car and walked right back into her place.

    This expericence had left me broken hearted,

    But i learned the lesson to crack the windows after i had sharted......LOL

    What ya think , i just wrote that. LOL

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  • Why do Texas fans complain about being screwed by BCS?

    IF Texas beat OU on neutral field.

    But texas got slaughtered by Texas Tech.

    Who "texas Tech" got beat by OU.

    If anyone should be complaining it should be texas tech, because they deserve it over Texas. Cry me a river or give me one good reason why texas deserves it over tech?

    I"m for ou but i dont see how texas deserves it over texas tech. They got slaughtered by tech.

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  • How much torque does a starter need to put out to start a stock 460 motor?

    I would like to know the peak torque and at what rpm if possible. If you dont know 460 perhaps ... a 454 motor. They should be close to the same.

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  • The N word?

    understand your trying to be respectful to anyone offended by the N word. However, you need to realize its now 2008. The N word is no longer a hate word, it is a slang term that has many meanings. People use it in meaning of endearment. Why i dunno, but its not a bad word. The only thing sad about that word , is that if a white person uses it in any way.... he's a racist. Even though rev jesse jackson used it a week ago on tv... saying he'ld like to cute that N... balls off... Refering to barock obama. I'm not complaining it get used, i could care less... Call me N... i dont care.. i've been called worse... but BLACK people need to practice what they preach. I still today have met little few that has.... My question is.... does anyone agree or just disagree... Oh and just for kicks... through your race into the mix... and be honest... not politically correct.

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  • How long until this will happen?

    Have you ever eaten a bag of beef jerky? Then realize there is a small white pouch at the bottom that says don't eat. It absorbs oxygen. How long do think till someone eats it and stop putting it in there?

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  • I apologize for picture not working last time. Can you guess what car this is?

    Your hint is, it was american and many cars went off this design, including the delta 88.

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  • Doesn't it make you really mad?

    When someone asks a question, and then you spend a long time answering it. You give details and explain everything. Then they never vote for a best answer. They never even vote. So the community has to vote for the best answer. That just pisses me off. Anybody else?

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  • For older women, Do you crave $ex as much?

    I know we all like $ex but i was wondering if you think about just having one nighters. I dont mean thats all you want, but do you ever crave it enough to just want to take a guy home, make pleasure to yourself and then go on like nothing happen?

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  • Whats the best way to propose to a girl. Something special?

    I want a way to ask her that she'ld never forget. But not at a basketball game or soemthing old like that.

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