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  • Why do I keep receiving SMS text messages w a link to claim prizes/$ from on my phone?

    I have been receiving 'spam' SMS text messages for about 2 weeks, all instructing me to 'click on the link below' $1500.00 wired to your account, and other text msgs telling me to claim various prizes/gift cards by clicking the link addresses provided in the texts, that were all sent to me from I don't convert my email to SMS text msgs, and will receive 20+ in one day, then no spam texts for several days. I do have a yahoo email account, but primarily use my Gmail account. I don't open the links, never have. How do I stop this? It's very annoying. My phone is an iPhone 5. This question was asked using my girlfriend's LG android phone, because she hasn't received any spam texts..

    1 AnswerAbuse and Spam7 years ago