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  • If I have 2 health insurances, do I have to find a doctor who takes both?

    I have medicaid and medicare, and I want to see a particular doctor who takes medicare, however does not take medicaid.

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  • Questions about PCP when on Medicaid and Medicare?

    This question is for people who know about being on Medicaid AND medicare at the same time... I know in the end I need to contact medicare. So no answers saying "Call this number..." please.

    My situation is that I am in my 20's and am on disability and got Medicaid last year. Well, over the summer, I was finally able to qualify for Medicare. So, now I have both medicaid and medicare, with medicare being primary. Well, before I got medicare, I had a PCP (Primary Care Physician) in which I could only see her because she was listed as my PCP. I couldn't see any other doctor without switching PCP's and it takes until the next month to get a new PCP. Well, the PCP I got I hate. I hate her so much cause all she does is make me feel bad for being fat. Any time I went to see her, she said all my problems were from being fat. Well, my mental illnesses and meds are what has been causing me to gain weight. And instead of telling me exactly what to do for my body specifically, she just says "eat right and exercise." *rolls eyes* Anyway, I hate seeing her and want a new doctor. I only have stuck with her till now because I have been seeing an ear doctor referred by her, and I was too scared to switch PCP's and not have that referral still cover the visits to the ear doctor.

    (Sorry that this is so long) But, my question is... Do I need to switch PCP's on my medicaid when I have medicare too? And does medicare require a PCP to be established, and that you can only go to that PCP on file for them to cover it? Basically how do I change my PCP, or do I even have to? And if i DO switch, will my future appointments with the ear doctor still be covered, even though it was referred by my old PCP?

    Thanks for all serious answers! I need to look up on this, but I was just wondering if anyone in the same situation knew what to do.

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  • fuse fell out of firework, still safe to use?

    I bought a whole bunch of fireworks (just fountains and flowers) and the fuse string fell out of one of my mini fountains. I kinda pushed it back in, but I was just wondering if anyone knew if the firework is still safe to use or if something bad may happen. Just want to be cautious. I don't know much about them because this is really my first year doing fireworks. Thanks in advance for any real answers.

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  • is this food poisoning?

    So, tonight, I was really hungry so I went to burger king to get a burger and fries, well about half hour after eating i got extremely intense abdominal cramps, could barely walk but i made it to the bathroom and after sitting there for a long time had diarrhea then a few minutes later got the same painful stomach cramps and had diarrhea again. Right after it, i got really cold, like the chills and took my temperature and it was 99 something, and ever since then I've been really dizzy feeling, and my stomach hurts some but no more cramps and it's been about an hour. is this the beginning symptoms of food poisoning, or do you think I may be in the clear for now? i've never had food poisoning so i dont know much about it... thanks, sorry for being all gross but any helpful comments would be appreciated

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  • How do I take care of my root canal filling (no cap!)?

    So, about 3 years ago, I got a root canal done on one of my molars, and got a metal filling. I was on my mom's dental insurance she got because of a job, and their policy was that you can't get coverage for a full tooth cap until after having the insurance for a year. So, I got a metal filling and would have to wait a year to get the cap. Well, my mom lost her job, and I am not even living with her anymore, and I cannot afford dental insurance right now. And it's been 3 years, and I have read you need a cap on the tooth otherwise the filling could come out at any time? Sometimes when I bite down, it hurts where the filling is. Should I avoid chewing on that side? How much longer can this thing last before popping out? And what can I do if it does pop out? Will it hurt?

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  • How do I get a 2g plug into a 4g earring hole?

    I have 4g in my ear right now, and I want to stretch it to 2g. However when I bought a 2g plug, it wouldn't go in because the ends are thicker than the middle, and it was WAY too large to go in. Do I need a 0g taper just to fit this kind of plug in, or should it be able to go in if I just buy a 2g taper?

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  • If police wrongly accuse you of domestic violence against husband, and husband says it didn't happen?

    So, I am talking to a friend, and she is telling me that back in january, her husband was trying to get her some mental health help and they had talked to police about getting her some help or hospitalization. She told me the police saw blood in her mouth (she has a condition that made her teeth fall out) and said the police accused her of biting her husband, and filed domestic violence against her. She told me her husband went to court with her back then, but that she cannot really afford to go to court now or get a lawyer to get it straightened out. But if her husband didn't even charge her with domestic violence, and says she didn't bite him, why would the police still file that she did? Can they do that? Or is my friend making up a lot of crap ... ? I just don't understand this. I thought domestic violence had to be charged by the so-called victim... if the victim says it didn't happen, then shouldn't the charges be dropped?

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  • Teen book with a milk bottle on the cover?

    Well a few years ago, I read a book that I borrowed from a friend, and I cannot remember the name of it. All I remember is that it has a black cover, with an old fashion milk bottle(s) on the front of it. I remember that the main character who is telling the story in 1st person is a girl, who takes an interest in this guy who's dad is a milk delivery person. Does anyone have any idea of what this book might be titled? It is a young adult/teen book. And it is not the book about the face on the milk carton. Sorry that I don't remember a lot of the plot or details of the book, so thanks in advanced for any ideas about what book this might be.

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • How should I go about stretching my earring size from 4g to 2g?

    I have 4g in now, and want to go to 2g, and I bought some 2g plugs however the ends of them are way thicker than the middle. I tried putting it in, but it was way too big for the hole. Should I be able to get these 2g plugs in with a 2g taper, or do I need to buy a 0g taper so that the end will go through? Is there an easier way than a taper?

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  • Anyone know what could cause bumps on my labia other than an STD?

    Sometimes, I get little bumps on my inner labia, almost like they are tiny blisters that pop a few days later, and then will be a little sore but clear up the next day. This just started happening in the past year. I also have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and was wondering if its related. I do not have any STDs, have been tested and cleared. I've gotten blisters from rough sex but these days I don't have sex that often and get them still. They don't itch, just hurt when pressure is being put on them. I will only have 1 maybe 2 at a time. About a frequency of every 3-4 weeks. I have good hygiene and it doesn't seem to matter if I am on my period or not. Anyone have an idea of what is going on down there? I know in order to get a true diagnosis I need to see a doctor, but tonight I just got kind of curious as to see what others have to say or if anyone else gets the same thing. Thanks.

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  • How can I get my room more organized?

    My room is small, not to mention that I share it with my boyfriend. I don't have much stuff, but it seems like no matter what, after I clean my room, it always just gets messy like even by the next day or two! Does anyone have any ideas of how I can organize my room better, so I have less trouble with having such a messy room? Boyfriend hates that I am so messy. I have a problem with throwing my trash away. My desk which is pretty small, is filled up with soda cans, a paper plate, and just... stuff I don't know where else to put, because I use them frequently enough that I don't want to put them in a drawer and have to get it out all the time... Any organization tips out there? Thanks.

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  • I have Tourette's Syndrome. How do I relieve the tension I always get with the tics?

    I am in my 20's now and was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, have had it since I was 8. It didn't get really bad though until the past couple years. I have been trying to get a referral to see a neurologist but that won't happen for another few weeks. I talked to my psychiatrist about it, and he put me on klonopin to see if that might help calm things down a little. Well, it worked for the first few weeks but now it doesn't work. My tics are just as bad as they were before starting the klonopin. Until I see a neurologist, does anyone out there who has tourette's syndrome know of anything I can do myself to lessen the tics and the tension and stress that comes along with it, that has worked for you? Thanks. I am in desperate need of relief. I have even been to the ER and they said they could do nothing for me.

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  • Is it okay that my boyfriend calls another woman sweetie?

    I glanced over at an email my boyfriend was sending to his friend who is a woman who is in prison, and in the greeting it said "Hi Sweetie!" and also in the email from her to him, she called him "honey". When i saw that he would call another woman "sweetie", it made my stomach churn and my face flush. I felt jealous. He doesn't go around calling everyone sweetie, only me. Anyway, I was just wondering if this was normal and that I shouldn't be upset, or if I should be able to tell him not to call her sweetie. Would that be too controlling?

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