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  • How can I show my boyfriend why I dislike being called 'stupid' or 'retarded'?

    + I graduated top 10% of my class with National Honors and have an above average IQ.+

    I have been with my boyfriend for a few months.

    I really like him. He's a goodhearted man who would give the shirt off his back.

    Recently, he's been calling me 'stupid' or 'dumbass'. It seems that whenever I say something he mockingly repeats me and then says something to the effect of it being 'retarded'. Initially it was joking, and I could tell. Most recently he's been using these words with more and more frequency.

    He is not the kind of guy to give an inch. He's quick to upset. Tries to piss me off and then when I do get pissed off I'm the b*tch.

    I've tried to talk to him about it a few times, when I do, he reminds me 'that I'm just joking. You know I don't mean it."

    I tried to explain to him tonight why I'm being so argumentative, in that, I don't appreciate being called those things every day almost all the time. He says "Ok fine. I will never do that ever again. It upsets Queen Sayward. You know eventually I'm going to run out of words besides Hi and Bye because you don't like them or you can't take a joke."

    I need advice on how to demonstrate to him the detriment caused because explaining is not getting me anywhere. Any takers?

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