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  • Do you think this a good hook?

    I've been looking at the internet over the past couple of weeks and a common theme I see about applying to college is the ability to distinguish oneself from other candidates. I've been thinking about all the things I do and I've been wondering how to make myself unique.

    My dream school is MIT and my other top schools are Stanford, Harvey-Mudd, Caltech, etc.

    I guess the most unique thing about me is that I started and am now running an open-source software project that deals with distributed computing. I also am in the process of getting together a online green energy retail store.

    My intended major would most probably be computer science, although that is subject to change.

    What's been bugging me over the past few days is whether this is unique enough. I don't know enough people who are applying to these schools to make this kind of judgment. I was kind of hoping that maybe you guys will.

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  • Why is the Catholic Church for amnesty?

    The catechism states(paragraph 1900, Catechism of the Catholic Church):

    1900: The duty of obedience requires all to give due honor to authority and to treat those who are charged to exercise it with respect, and, insofar as it is deserved, with gratitude and good-will.

    Pope St. Clement of Rome provides the Church's most ancient prayer for political authorities: "Grant to them, Lord, health, peace, concord, and stability, so that they may exercise without offense the sovereignty that you have given them. Master, heavenly King of the ages, you give glory, honor, and power over the things of earth to the sons of men. Direct, Lord, their counsel, following what is pleasing and acceptable in your sight, so that by exercising with devotion and in peace and gentleness the power that you have given to them, they may find favor with you."

    As a catholic against amnesty, i can't understand why the church is for it.Why can't we enforce our laws?

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  • Who watches this?

    Has anyone seen or heard about the show "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery Channel. I don't think they were very many illegals there. So which jobs would Americans not want to do?

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  • Listen to this...?

    One of my relatives is an english as a second language teacher to adults and a substitute teacher at elementary schools.

    Many of the people in her esl class are predominantly illegal. Most of them tell her flat out that they are illegal and that they don't pay taxes. the large majority of them have upwards of 5 children that are all on WIC. Some of them have babies every so often so that they are still eligible for WIC. Also, many of them tell her that if they become legal they would become a coyote to bring more illegal immigrants to the US. Also, in her elementary school, many of the children of illegals do not speak english and drag the rest of the class behind. One of her friend's daughter writes really bad english and she still got an A on her essay because the rest of the class is so behind. Also, the parents, who are illegal, do not pay taxes and don't care about education

    I have been thrust into this situation and I just cannot understand the opinions of the pro-illegals?

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  • If we gave california "back" to Mexico, won't the illegals want to jump the new fence?

    This is about mexican illegals, because obviously the other illegals can't jump the fence(but they should still be deported).

    If we gave california "back" to Mexico, won't the illegals jump the new border?

    After all, they didn't come here to come back to their homeland( there were very little mexicans living here when we took california over), they came here to work for american businesses. So won't they just jump the new fence because they want to be in america not mexico?

    So why should we believe the argument that this is their land and therefore they should be allowed to stay here?

    We should just reunite their families and send *all* of them back home to mexico.

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  • Athiests...?

    You say that you do not believe in God because no one can prove that they exist. But if you have not been to China, how do you know that China exists and that it is not just some controversy that people have made up?

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  • Listen to this story.?


    My aunt's husband has been waiting to receive his visa to the united states for about 10 years. However, the United States has completely ignored him. My aunt works in the US at and she really wants to see her husband. Because of his immigration status she has not had any children. Now, here is my question: How is this remotely fair when such an educated man(her husband is a dentist) who has been trying to come here *legally* and be with his wife cannot get a chance to come to this country, but those who can just jump over a wall can come here and receive *citizenship* by paying money and not doing anything bad?

    Don't the illegal immigrants in this country feel evil that they came illegally and now want their families and someone's husband who has been waiting his turn cannot come here?

    How come, poor uneducated people who are illegal can receive legal status and people who have been waiting cannot?

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  • Intersection of two planes?

    I had a geometry test last week. One of the questions was Two planes (sometimes,always,never) intersect in exactly one point. I put never because I thought that the intersection of two planes is always a line because planes go on forever. My geometry teacher marked this question wrong.

    Can you please help me understand how two planes can intersect in one point if planes go on forever? Or am I right and my geometry teacher wrong? Do I need to tell him that he's wrong?

    thank you.

    Please note I am talkink of 2d planes not 3d ones.

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  • Survey: Any other 14 year olds here who can program fluently and started programming early?

    I was wondering how many teenagers or preteens can program a computer.

    Just wanted to know if i am different if i started programming in BASIC at age 7 in 1999. I am 14 now and know c++,c,assembler,python,php,and perl.

    Just taking a survey to c.

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  • The grandfather paradox?

    Let's say I travelled back into time and shot my grandfather(the grandfather paradox. BTW, I would never do this). Wouldn't I know that my grandfather would live because he did it before. See, In my grandfather's "original" lifeline, I also came from the future and shot him and he survived(how else would I be around to shoot him). So you see, if I shot him, wouldn't physics make sure he didn't die?

    Why is it a paradox? My grandfather was shot. he lived. he had my mother who had me. I travelled back in time, shot him, and he lived, had my mother, etc.

    Wouldn't physics prohibit his death?

    Or am I completely off my rocker?

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  • Who here knows about Linux?

    How many people here know what Linux is?

    Just taking a survey.

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  • Why do Protestants hate Catholics?

    After reading some questions on this category, I have come to the impression that some Protestants here completely hate Catholics. Why do you hate us? Catholics don't hate Protestants. In fact, every Easter, in the Roman Catholic Mass, we pray for Protestants.

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  • For Protestants...?

    I am a Roman Catholic and I was wondering if Protestants believe that a man who commits murder(but was open to Jesus all the time) would go to heaven. Roman Catholics believe that you have to do good works to get into heaven. Commiting a mortal sin like murder for no reason and intentionally is a sure way to get into hell so why do Protestants believe that a murderer who felt no remorse would get into heaven because he was always open to Jesus?

    Or am I misunderstanding Protestantism.

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  • Isn't telling people they are going to heaven or hell equating yourself with God?

    Only God has the power to judge other people. By judging people and telling them they will go to heaven or hell is equating oneself with God. Isn't this a form of idolatry?

    I don't judge anyone and I never will.

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