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Well Im 21 year women who lives in Southern California, Riverside County to Be exact.

  • Why is my boyfriend acting like this???

    Well me and my boyfriend have been dating for over 2 and a half years.

    During most of our relationship we have gone to eachother's family events. When ever he asks me to go, I always go no questions or complaining.

    But everytime I want him to go to my family events like my sister and brother in laws for thanksgiving or a birthday dinner, he either comes up with an excuse why he cant go, or while we are there he complains about being there and wants to leave early.

    If anyone has had the similar situation or has any advice on why he does this or how to approach him. I have asked him about it before and he always avoids the subject or gives me a bogus excuse.


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  • How late is Too Late, when it comes to your period?

    My last period started on September 6th, Since then I have not gotten my Period. I never have any unprotected sex, but the thought of being pregnant is still in the back of my mind. How late can your period be? Im 21yrs old and I always have a pretty regular cycle.

    PLEASE HELP. I'm Scared. Thanks

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  • Can I get some info for a first time Cruise Go-er?

    Ok, Im going to be going on my first cruise(and vacation) In early october. I wil be 21, and I was wondering if some expierienced Cruise go-er could give me some advice that the cruise line didnt. Im going to be going on a 4 day Baja Cruise with Carnival on the Ship Paradise.

    If you guys can give me what kinda stuff to bring and what to expect for the food and staterooms. I would appreciate it!!


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  • I have the Symptoms of Mono, but test neg, Any Ideas??

    It started a month and a half ago with a sore throat and swollen tonsils and i went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with strept throat, well I went on Antibiotics and 2 weeks later and nothing changed so they put me on stronger antibiotics, then a week and a half ago , my tonsils swelled up even worse(the entire month and a half I have had swollen tonsils) so I go to the Doctor and he says he thinks i have mono, but he did blood work and it came back negative. I've been tired and sore and my body aches...any ideas what else it could be, Im 20yrs old, female

    Any ideas would be helpful, the doctor just told me if i start to feel worse go back...

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  • What to do for an Anniversary?

    It is our 2 year anniversary and I'm not a traditional girl. I want to do something special for him but not gonna kill my budget. I live in the Inland Empire in Southern Cali, and he likes snowboarding things etc. If I could get some ideas I would greatly appreciate it!


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