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  • Why does every terror link across the world points at Pakistan?

    Look at what happened in London yesterday. All the fingers are pointing to terrorists trained in Pakistan. Today US Embassy in India issued a warning that the Pakistani trained millitants and Al-Quida militants may attack important places in Delhi & Mumbai in next few days. Mr Bush again says that US is in a state of war yet Pak is an ally. Why?

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  • Don't you think Praying God is begging him for favours?

    I just saw someone's question that when she remembers god even in a casual way, does it count as prayer. It just struck me that when we say a prayer, it is almost like begging him for his blessings or something which we desire (be it peace, wealth, health, etc). Does God really need begging to grant us favours? Why do we have to beg to get something?

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  • What demarcates Science with Philosophy and Religion?

    My experience says that both Religion and Philosophy is whatever Science can’t explain. Scientists come out with theories to explain what we term as Religion & Philosophy. If they are able to explain it, it becomes Science; if not, it continues to be Philosophy or Religion. Does it not mean that Religion itself is nothing but Science? Or, if finally Science is able to explain everything one day, there will be no Religion?

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  • Was there a particular site where the Big Bang happened? If yes, can anyone give precise coordinates please?

    Just wondering...if at the time of Big Bang, the Universe was concentrated into a ball, where exactly that was in the space? Does it not mean that the Big Bang site would have been at the centre of the present Universe? If every thing in the present Universe was in the single ball at the time of Big Bang, what was there in the remaining (infinite) space? What is life? Since we all owe our existance to the same matter, is it not possible that even some of the celestial bodies may also be alive themselves and have something called or similar to brain?

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  • How can one become a billionaire without spending even a single penny?

    I would like to become one overnight...but every new venture requires some money.

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