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  • has anyone ever seen a movie (from 1981) called "the keep?"?

    and if so, what did you think of it? i have the book on which this movie is (very loosely) based and i was appalled at the plot-raping (i read the book first). i feel that i now have a negative IQ for having watched this terrible farce. if you haven't seen the movie DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!!! go buy the book and read it. you'll be a much smarter person than i for having done so

    2 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • about how much would rhino lining the bed a 98 toyota tacoma cost?

    i just got a new (to me) truck and i'd prefer rhino lining to the present plastic bed liner

    1 AnswerToyota1 decade ago
  • if your life has ever looked like easy street?

    was ther danger at your door?

    4 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • Is it wrong to judge bands on actual music content and the 'intelligence' of their songs?

    i've been playing music for 15 years so when i hear songs i look at them from a musicians point of view and base my opinions on that. i look at key changes, time signature changes, how the riffs are written, lyrics, general feel and emotion etc. i'm not saying simple songs are's good, but people always look at me funny when i tell them that i don't like (whatever song is playing at the time) because i feel it was written poorly or it lacks real emotion or it was in the same key as every other song that band has written (cough cough godsmack cough). they tell me that my expectations are too high or that i should be more open-minded. i can't help the fact that i don't like cookie-cutter bands/songs that use crappy riffs and cheesy lyrics that you don't have to think about. good music should have depth; a song should be a journey that grabs your attention and keeps it until the end.

    is musical ignorance a byproduct of tv and radio or just basic stupidity? or maybe it's a combination of both?

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  • why is it that unoriginal and at best mediocre music is being accepted as ok?

    it just makes me sick that there are bands coming out that are clones of other bands. whatever happened to developing a unique sound to set yourself apart? is it laziness or are people just afraid to be different from the other sheeple and don't want to be ostracized for doing what is right?

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  • where can i find a nut for a 6 string ibanez soundgear bass?

    i've been looking for a while on every guitar parts website i can find and i'm having a hard time finding parts other than bridges, pickups, and strap pegs.

    1 AnswerOther - Music1 decade ago
  • 1987 toyota pickup brake problem?

    here's the story thus far...i left the driveway this morning (backing out) and noticed a little drag. i made sure the E brake was disengaged and continued in reverse. upon exiting the driveway i put it in 1st gear ( 5 speed) and my drivers side rear wheel locked up. i ended up putting it in 4 low just to get it out of the road. when i got home i started it and put it in reverse and had no problem getting it back in the driveway but i still can't drive forward. anyone with any idea as to what the hell happened?

    and replacing the truck is out of the question so don't even suggest it

    3 AnswersToyota1 decade ago
  • finish the line, name the song and artist?

    with a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound he pulls the.....

    6 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • is boiling cooking oil in a stainless steel pot with a copper bottom safe?

    i came home from work today and saw where my wife had made french fries in a pot (maybe 2-3 quarts?) like a fry-daddy. it was a stainless pot with a copper clad bottom (now the copper is discolored: kind of rainbowed and dark, like what stainless steel looks like when you heat it with a torch). just wondering if this will damage the pot, potentially injure the wife, burn the house down, ar any combination of the three....personally i have no idea since i have no experience with the dos and don'ts of frying

    8 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • what's the best affordable direct box for live performances?

    i'm just looking for one that's fairly inexpensive but is still good quality. i used one in my last band but it wasn't mine and i don't know what brand it was.

    1 AnswerOther - Music1 decade ago
  • how do i replace the hood latch cable on a 1987 toyota pickup?

    it happened to break while the hood was shut as well. there's no tension on the hood latch pull inside the cab and i don't see how i can open the hood without a crowbar or similar implement. any ideas that don't involve getting rid of or destroying any part of the truck will be greatly appreciated

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • what's your favorite slayer song?

    i noticed some fellow slayer fans here so i figured i'd ask just for the halibut. today mine is read between the lies

    3 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • what kind of spider is this?

    i found this spider at work that at first glance i thought was a black widow (it was about the same size, if not a little smaller). upon closer inspection, i saw that it had an orange-ish stripe on its abdomen with 2 spots of the same color below the stripe. it also had legs of different lengths. it had four legs shorter than the other four. it 'stood' in such a way that the shorter legs were kind of folded under the longer legs, with the 'foot' of the shorter leg directly under the last joint on the longer leg. if you don't understand, imagine an upper-case F turned sideways, with the bottom attached to the body. the leg joints were a yellowish-orange. i found it on a roll on bubble wrap (packing material) so i have no idea what kind of web it might spin. i know i'm not crazy or anything (beyond the usual stuff) because i showed it to about 10 other people who had never seen a spider like this. i've tried google and have had no luck.

    6 AnswersZoology1 decade ago
  • 1997 suzuki sidekick 1.6L problem?

    ok.....the problem is that when the motor is cold, it doesn't want to start. it cranks slowly and tries to catch but it won't. i just put a new battery in yesterday, the fuel pump works, the timing belt is intact and on the gears, and the distritutor is providing a spark and the spark is getting to the plugs (which are a couple days old). the alternator is good (it's been checked). if the motor does crank and runs, after it runs and warms up, i can cut it off and it will start every time. this has me, and everyone i know stumped

    7 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • is the morley bass wah pedal worth the money?

    i'm thinking about adding the morley bass wah to my pedal collection and was wondering if it was worth the money. i tried the dunlop crybaby bass wah and sold it because it sucked.

    1 AnswerRock and Pop1 decade ago