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I'm totally crazy in C-pop, K-pop and Video games.

  • What do you think of After School Blue's video?

    UCC video and not the MV! The video's cute anyway

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  • Random quiz about After School?

    Do you think that the members of After School's 2 sub-units are predicted earlier in Playgirlz School? (AS's first reality show)

    Here's my thinking...

    Room 1: Kahi and Nana (Both are in After School Red along with Jung Ah and Uee (Not in video))

    Room 2: Lizzy and Raina (Both of them are in After School Blue)

    1 AnswerKorea9 years ago
  • Does anyone know that Jia is the new leader of Miss A?

    Got the news from Wikipedia. What are your reactions?

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  • What do you think of After School's sub-units now?

    After School Red Team

    1. Kahi-Good! She can bring out more sexy and powerful dance moves!

    2. Jung Ah-Good! I can hear Jung Ah's vocals more often!

    3. Uee-Good choice but too bad she still has acting schedules this year...

    4. Nana-Once Nana joins, she can lower the unit's average age

    After School Blue Team

    1. Jooyeon-More singing parts for Jooyeon, please!

    2. Raina-Huh? The hamster and main vocal is in the group? (Raina imitated Hamtaro in the Shin PD show)

    3. Lizzy-Another busy member after Uee (Busy with the sitcom, All My Love)

    4. E-young-You gotta be kidding, right? E-young joined After School in January and now she's in this? No way!

    2 AnswersKorea9 years ago
  • Guess the SNSD member...?

    1: That has the least singing parts in most SNSD songs

    2: that had a duet with SHINee's Onew

    3: that lived in Kuwait sometime in the past

    4: that debuted in Japan before SNSD's formation

    5: that appeared in a Super Junior MV

    6: who loves sweet potatoes and yams more that Jung Yong Hwa

    7: that had long and short hair in some mvs (Tricky question)

    8: that was nickname "BK ____" in a television programme

    9: that has a precious voice money cannot buy

    8 AnswersKorea9 years ago
  • Guess the T-ara member...?

    1: that loves animal print

    2: that debuted as a child actress

    3: that loves to eat! (Very obvious)

    4: that has a twin sister that debuted in the same company (Very obvious)

    5: that debuted as a model (You'll have to read T-ara's profile real hard to get the answer)

    6: who was nicknamed "Folding Screen" on Invicible Youth

    7: That used to be a SM trainee sometime in the past

    1 AnswerKorea9 years ago
  • Guess the After School member(s)...?

    1: that hasn't named her pet cat

    2: that are still in high school

    3: that recently had a starring role in a Korean drama (Not Lizzy and Uee)

    4: that hosted a show with CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa

    5: that originally had long hair

    6: that worked as a back-up dancer for BoA

    7: that is a talented make-up artist

    8: that is a talented artist

    9: That is good in playing musical instruments

    1 AnswerKorea9 years ago
  • Can you answer this difficult question?

    Can you tell me the name of the F(x) and SNSD members performing Super Junior's sorry sorry from SBS's 2009 Gayo Daejun?

    1 AnswerKorea9 years ago
  • Baidu quiz 14: 2PM quiz!?

    Q1: Nichkhun is a permenant member of MBC's _____________

    Q2: Taecyeon was a permenant resident is the US. True or false?

    Q3: Junsu shares the same name as JYJ's __________

    Q4: What's Wooyoung's character in Dream High?

    Q5: Chansung is F(x) member ____________'s favourite member

    Q6: Junho became a JYP trainee trough _______________ (Hint: Varitey show)

    6 AnswersKorea10 years ago
  • Baidu quiz 10: U-kiss questions?

    Q1: Alexander is born in _____________

    Q2: Kibum's elder brother is SS501's Kim _______________

    Q3: Eli is fluent in Korean, English and _____________

    Q4: Other than Good Entertainment, Soohyun used to be a ____ traniee

    Q5: Kiseop used to be a member of ___________

    Q6: Along With Kibum, Kevin used to be a member of _______

    Q7: Dongho used to be a MC of ___________

    Q8: Hoon's full name is __________

    Q9: AJ used to be a member of ____________

    2 AnswersKorea10 years ago
  • Baidu quiz 7: 2NE1 quiz!?

    Q1: CL's full name is _____________

    Q2: So far, Bom has participated in 2 singles, ________________ and the recent ________________

    Q3: Sandara Park's brother is Cheondong of ____________________ (Hint: Think of Rain and Ninja Assasin)

    Q4: Minzy shares the same birthday as Kara's _________________ (Hint: Both of them are maknaes in their respective groups)

    1 AnswerKorea10 years ago
  • Baidu quiz 5: Can you answer tis F(x) related quiz this time round?

    Q1: Amber participated in the SM auditions at ________________

    Q2: Victoria is well-known of her ____________

    Q3: Before Luna took over the role, SNSD's _____________ acted as Elle Woods in the Korean version of Legeally Blonde The Musical

    Q4: Krystal is missing for the first half of F(x) Koala's 2nd episode because of _________________

    Q5: Sulli participated in the filming of SBS's sitcom, ___________ (Not Inkigayo dispite the setting)

    1 AnswerKorea10 years ago
  • Baidu Trivia quiz 2! Can you answer this SNSD related quiz?

    Q1: Taeyeon is the spokesperson of ________________ (Korean cosmetics brand)

    Q2: Other than melons, Asian pears, watermelons, all types of squashes and cucumbers, what other food does Jessica dislike? (Hint: A type of sour fruit)

    Q3: Seohyun's favourite anime is _____________ (Hint: Refer to MTV SNSD)

    Q4: What is the location of Winners Dance School (Hyoyeon and Miss A member Min's dance school)

    Q5: Is Yoona's solo song, Innisfree Day an image song of Innisfree?

    Q6: Sooyoung's sister, __________________ is currently a musical actress

    Q7: Yuri loves toi drink ______________

    Q8: One of Sunny's sibling is ______________'s manager

    Q9: Tiffany's full name is _________________________

    2 AnswersKorea10 years ago
  • Baidu Trivia quiz 1! Can you answer these Miss A related questions?

    Q1: Member Min is bets friends with _______________ (SNSD member) and ____________ (Kara member)

    Q2: Member Suzy is the MC of _______________

    Q3: Member Fei and U-kiss's ex-member Alexander have one thing in common. Both of them can speak _________________ and ________________

    Q4: Member Jia's school ___________________ held auditions

    Q5: Before their official debut, Fei, Jia and Wonder Girl's Hyelim are member of a project group named ________________

    1 AnswerKorea10 years ago
  • To all Japanese K-pop lovers, which is your favourite K-pop girl group?

    1. SNSD: Debut-2007 (Korea) 2010 (Japan)

    2. Kara: Debut-2007 (Korea) 2010 (Japan)

    3. 4minute: Debut-2009 (Korea) 2010 (Japan)

    4. T-ara: Debut-2009 (Korea) 2011 (Soon to debut in Japan)

    9 AnswersJapan10 years ago
  • Trivia quiz 4! can you answer this T-ara related quiz?

    Q1: Name Eunjung's charater in Dream High!

    Q2: T-ara's new member Hwayoung's twin sister Hyoyoung is a member of both ______________ and sub-group ___________

    Q3: Member Soyeon almost debuted with the ____________ members

    Q4: The lady in the white dress is member __________

    Q5: Ex-member Ji-ae, Eunjung and Boram share a common role. Can you guess what is it?

    Q6: The three toddlers the members baby sat in T-ara's Hello Baby are _______________, _____________ and _________________

    My answers

    Q1: Yoon Baek Hee

    Q2: Co-ed School and 5dolls

    Q3: SNSD (Girl's Generation)

    Q4: Qri

    Q5: They are T-ara's leaders (The first leader is Ji-ae but she left in June 2009. Eunjung took over untill last year and now Boram is T-ara's current leader)

    Q6: Moon Mason, Moon Mavin and Moon Maden

    1 AnswerKorea10 years ago
  • 2nd trivia quiz! Can you answer these F(x) related quiz?

    Q1: So far, F(x) has travelled to ______________, ______________, _______________, and ________ for their varitey show, F(x) Koala

    Q2: The 2006 Taiwanese drama Silence had scenes filmed in _____________ (Victoria's hometown)

    Q3: Translate Amber's name in Mandarin!

    Q4: The K-pop dances Sulli performed are ___________ (SNSD), ____________ (T-ara), ________ (SHINee), _______________ (Super Junior), ________________ (F(x)), ______________ (Kara), _____________ (also by SNSD), ____________ (2PM), ____________ (also by F(x) but not obvious in the performance), __________ (4minute's Hyuna) and ________________ (Brown Eyed Girls) in a performance at Inkigayo

    Q5: Guess the SHINee MV that has Krystal

    My answers (Won't provide answer for question 3)

    Q1: Vietnam, France, USA (Amber and Krystal's hometown) and Hong Kong

    Q2: Qingdao

    Q4: Genie (SNSD), Oh (also by SNSD), Mister (Kara), Change (4minute's Hyuna), Bo Peep Bo Peep (T-ara), Lachata (F(x)), Chu (also by F(x)), Abracadabr (Brown Eyed Girls), Ring Ding Dong (SHINee), Again and Agian (2PM) and Sorry Sorry (Super Junior)

    Q5: Juliete

    2 AnswersKorea10 years ago
  • 1st trivia quiz! Can you answer these SNSD related quiz?

    Q1: Translate Diamond Bar (Tiffany's hometown) in Mandarin!

    Q2: Other than cucumber, what other food does Jessica hate?

    Q3: Seohyun's virtual husband in We Got Married is ______________

    Q4: Yoona is _______________'s spokesperson

    Q5: Taeyeon's name is written as ____________ in China unofficially

    Q6: Sooyoung signed up at ___________'s fan cafe (Refer to the 248th episode of Star Golden Bell)

    Q7: Sunny and Yuri are members of Invicible Youth untill ___________

    Q8: Hyoyeon met Miss A's ______ before debut

    My answers (Won't provide answer for questions 1 and 5)

    Q2: Melons, cucumbers, watermelons, squashes and Asian pears

    Q3: Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue member)

    Q4: Innisfree

    Q6: DBSK

    Q7: 2010

    Q8: Min

    1 AnswerKorea10 years ago
  • What's the concept of T-ara's Yayaya?

    I just started liking T-ara but what does the tribal coustmes have to do with the song?

    4 AnswersKorea10 years ago
  • Which show did Beast perform T-ara's Yayaya?

    Recently, I'm getting interested in T-ara's music but may I know the show that Beast performed Yayaya? The boys performed the song on 29th December last year

    4 AnswersKorea10 years ago