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  • This is for the real PC nerds.....?

    ...I am running on Win 10, and notice lately when I am not at the computer and everything is closed, the thing is running like crazy, (fan in overdrive) I get on it does the same, runs like crazy, open Yahoo, runs like crazy, sometimes will not even let me type, and pages freeze up. Now here is the funny bit, if I open Task Manager, to see what's running, it calms right down really fast, and as long as the TM is open it stays calm, but close it, and she throttles right back up?????

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  • Putting a 2013 14.5HP Sabre engine in a John Deere ride on mower...need help with wiring it....?

    I have a 1986 JD 185 ride on mower. The old Kawasaki engine is blown, and I found a near new JD Sabre model 287707 14.5 hp, that fits in the hole nicely. There was a fuel delivery issue where the old used a fuel pump and the new one was gravity fed, but I resolved that by relocating the battery, and installing a tank in the battery area. Now the wiring harnes is completly different ( I expected that) but I cant figure out which wire to put where....any experts out there????? \or do you know a small engine expert to ask for me???

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  • can I use my old laptops recovery disc in my new laptop to get my pics and favorites?

    My old laptop, a HP g62 with win.7 crashed and burned. Before it did, I managed to run recovery discs. I think all my favourites and photos are on those discs. Can I run the disc in my new Acer laptop with win.8, without messing up anything important?

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  • My dog is likely going to die in the next 24 hours and it's killing me.?

    Really nothing to be said about it, Thunder is a beautiful guy with great personality, and I have had him since the day he was born 13 1/2 years ago. He's my best friend, and I'm going to miss him horribly. I think he knows it's his time, he has lymph cancer, and he's getting really weak. But he really wants to do the stuff we always did, like going out for a walk. But he just can't make it far.

    It just really hurts.

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  • my pallet is very sore, and very red, why?


    I am male, 57, a less then pack a day smoker. I wear a denture. For the past month almost 5 weeks the roof of my mouth has been very sore, and red. When I press with my tongue upwards it really hurts and I feel it in the nose. I went to a walk in clinic and was told he saw canker sores in there, nothing he could do just rinse with salt water. 2 weeks ago my family doctor said basically the same thing. They said it's viral and will pass, but 5 weeks later, I have no improvement. I have been using salt water, 2 times a day. During this time I went through a heck of a cold, and had bronchitis too, but that's pretty much gone. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • Can I get Netflex on my laptop, and can I hook it to my big screen T.V.?

    Okay not exactly a techie here... I want to go with Net-Flex, but I don't have a game system, so can I use the Laptop, and hook it to my LCD 42" T.V. for a bigger picture, and what about sound?

    Anyone know for sure... does not seem to have this info on Net-Flex site.

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  • Would you accept the mark on your hand or forehead? Atheists?

    Suppose in the next little while the Government came up with a new plan where by everyone would get a bar code or the like, it would be invisible except to scanners. It would be placed on your forehead or hand, and you will need it to buy sell and even get a job, without it you cannot get anything. It would however be completely voluntary to get one.

    Atheists and anyone else, would you go get this new bar code for you and your family, explain your answer?

    22 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 years ago
  • It's New Year How many of you left your homework till the last minute?

    I'm just thinking from an old dude to all you young-ins out there, How Many of you did not do your homework yet, and maybe why?

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  • I'm getting this when checking my answers and have no idea what it means?

    Checking answers I gave to some questions and I got this on one question, no idea what or how, anyone care to tell me please? "You cannot view this question at this time."

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  • Why do these little things on my laptop keyboard engage and I can't get rid of them?

    I got a HP G62 laptop, and on the keyboard are some keys with blue secondary characters on them. I don't know what they are or why they are there, but sometimes they engage and my regular keys don't work no more. Eg. on the / ? key is a blue ' and E with a colon over it. when they engage I can't get the question mark, how do I turn them off with out rebooting?

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  • Asking all others Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Buddists, Atheists, etc. why don't you?

    At this time of year we all hear allot about how it's offencive to many people to use the term, Christmas, and we are told to say Holidays instead. In schools Christmas is taken out in favour of Festive Season, and no Christian connections are allowed, and many other changes have been made to Christmas to avoid offending others. Now here's my point and it may be harsh but its true. If I need some clothes or food and have no money, I can go to The Salvation Army, and they give me what I need in the name of Jesus, they don't push it, they just do it. But I can not go and get the same in the name of Budda, or of the Dali Lama. If I am in Vancouver and I am hungrey and want food or shelter, I can go to the Gospel Mission, and get hot soup, and a bed free, they don't tell me about Jesus unless I want them to. But if I am in Vancouver and hungrey, and go to the Sikh Temple, they give me directions to the Gospel mission. If you are in the jungles of Affrica, or the Amazon, and you come to a village, you will find doctors, nurses, teachers, and cooks feeding people there in the name of Jesus. But go to the same places and you find no one doing the same in the name of Allah. I am not by this putting any of your respective faiths down in any way, we all follow what our faith teaches us, and the Christian faith says go out and give out of your poverty to help the needy and ask for nothing in return. MY QUESTION IS, Why does it offend you when its Christmas time, why not just enjoy your own faith and let others enjoy theirs, they are not trying to change your Holy Days are they?

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