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  • What will it take for people to learn that a judgment about their partner is a judgment about themselves?

    Does anyone get this or do they want to keep blaming things outside of themselves for their lack of joy & happiness?

    4 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • Why is it hard for me to make friends since my divorce?

    In the last 6 years since I have been married I slowly lost contact with many of my friends mostly b/c I moved away from most of them and many other went off and got married or started their own families....Now that I am divorced with a 2 year old daughter whom I spend all of my free time with..I find it nearly impossible to meet new people....I work in a small restaurant and I find it really difficult putting myself out there in efforts to make friends. I'm very outgoing, friendly and talkative and have many acquaintences but I'm afraid to make that initial connection and keep contact with certain people that I I looking at things too deeply or am I afraid to let myself enjoy life.

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  • If everyone needs Saving....Then why aren't we saving ourselves?

    Instead why do we want someone to do it for us....Are we really learning about why we are here or are we getting stuck in the loop of this human experience

    12 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Christians (Hypothetical) What would you do tomorrow if everything U believed was proven incorrect?

    I am asking this question not to mock or ridicule anyone's faith. But to understand your mind's in efforts to feel a oneness w/ my fellow humans who happen to be Christian w/o submitting to your judgemental faith or God...Do any Christians have a Plan B if the Church would burn down tomorrow (symbollically)? If they found out Jesus was just like them only he understood the purpose of this physical many others who have also ascended....i.e. Earth Masters....?

    This is a hypothetically created Question offered with purely good intent....I only expect serious answers. please spare the humor. Many of my friends are Christian and although they judge me I choose not to. But because they and their God judge me I find myself wanting to not be friends anymore b/c of that only reason.

    So, Let's just say things fell apart (No apocoplypse, No Judgement day, No challenge of faith, just a sense of a need to Change) what would the Christians Do? Keep Believing? Try something new?

    18 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • are you in your bubble when it comes to judgement?

    Unfortunately I am still at the stage in life where I am judging things just like many of you on this site......My question is do you react to something you are judging or do you stop and try to understand why a person made such a comment or action and take that into mind in your judgement.

    I am finding the more I do this the less I am actually finding myself judging others......has anyone else discovered this?

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • I need an Explanation of the power of our ascendant or rising sign in our lives?

    I mean I'm a Leo and I know it and realize it but from time to time I feel the qualities of my ascendant Gemini. I need more information on the actual significance of our rising signs.

    2 AnswersHoroscopes1 decade ago
  • Is it me or is Bush speaking of himself and his admin. when he speaks of Terrorists and Religious Radicals?

    Just stop and listen to him and substitute the word "ME" everytime he speaks of "terrorists", "religious idealogs", or "people who hate freedom" you will be absolutly astonished.....the normal babble he blubbers all of a sudden has a sense of meaning......I look forward to watching him speak gives me an idea of where he's at in his apocopalyptic mission from God

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  • Why do people feel bad for you when you tell them you are getting a divorce?

    Is it me or am I crazy....I've been married for 5 years and its been a slow ride downhill since the day we said I do....Ending it was probably the best thing I could do for myself...I feel great I look great and I am full of ambition that was previously dead.....

    If I would have stuck it out like my parents I would despise my partner to such a degree that they would make me sick....instead we beat it to the punch and are now great friends who are devoted towards making our daughter's life a great one. I really believe many of my warped views on relationships and self-image are due to the fact that my Parents fought for the 18 years I lived with them

    9 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Kittens or Puppies.....Which are Cuter?

    Being an owner of Both I think puppies very cute and more fun but I'm going to have to say Kittens take the prize when it comes to cuteness.

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  • Why is Solar Power not Used Like Everywhere?

    OK So I live in Florida and It's sunny here all year round.....I have seen maybe a handful of solar panels....most rigged to heat pools.....why aren't we using this technology to power our homes....HELLO....Does the Man have that strong of a headlock on science and technology that we will just continue to improve the combustion engine and take a step backward every daty.....Its like a 5 year old asking a Politician a Question... "Gee Mr. Politician why don't use the Sun to power our homes and offices"......and he'll say " because the Sun doesn't tell us where it goes when it gets dark" Society High or am I?

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  • Why is it so difficult to grasp that we are all connected even though we perceive experiences differently?

    Just because I see the world differently from you doesn't mean either one of us is right or wrong....This is judgement........this judgement goes from the microcosm You and your neighbor to the Macrocosm Your religion and your neighbors.......Why oh Why do we continue to cut our nose to spite our face in this world and not realize that there is no way to win this battle as old as civilization....

    We are One all connected always have been always will be......Maybe its because we are usually our own worst ememies? and we need to figure that out first.....gotta look within b/f you look outward ???

    15 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago