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I mostly want to talk Video games and movies... Lol Sorry about my grammar at times i type fast and i sometimes forget to ready over my question before i submit it

  • If someone ran for president would their religion play a big factor?

    Im wiccan and say i ran for president everything i had in mind for America was good but i tell the press i don't believe in the Christan god... would i lose?

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  • how do you pray to the gods?

    im new at wicca... ive been meditating and reading but im not sure how im supposed to contact the gods or to be more precise im not sure how to pray to them... i was atheist so i never took the time to learn... and do are gods contact us?

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  • Why do people argue over religion?

    i hear all the time that this religion is god is fake because they have no proof or this religion is evil because their god is a demon or devil... why cant we all just agree that it's called faith for a reason because if we had proof it would be a fact instead of a faith right.

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  • Is it true that the Devil influence people to do bad things?

    i am aware i have posted this before but i have some new information so.... Research shows that the reason humans struggle with emotion to find equitable solutions is pinpointed the region of the brain called the insular cortex, or insula, which is also the seat of emotional reactions.

    The fact that the brain has such a robust response to unfairness shows that sensing unfairness is a basic evolved capacity.

    The emotional response to unfairness pushes people from extreme inequity and drives them to be fair. This observation shows our basic impulse to be fair isn't a complicated thing that we learn.

    It therefore fully illustrates that all humans have morals controlled by the brain and that Christians are entirely wrong to try and claim morals as their own!!!!

    But Christians found a way round it!

    Government statistics show that christians are vastly over represented in prisons for sexual, violent and fraudulent crime whilst year on year government figures show atheists make up only 2% of the prison population!

    The Catholic church is paying millions in compensation for the sex/pedophile crimes of their priests alone!

    Christians are vastly over represented in the divorce courts!

    Christians invented the concept of sin and then the idea that you could sin, ask forgiveness, get pardoned and start with a clean sheet!

    So no surprise that they are so expert at it is it‽

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  • at what age can i join a wiccan coven?

    as of right now im 16 i play football, Archery, swim, track, Debate, basketball and i know im to young to join a coven and to ignorant of wiccan religion but i would like to know when i might be able to join a coven so i can also learn from other people

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  • is it true that the Devil influence people to do bad things?

    if that's true are Christians just looking to put the blame on some evil spirit they made up so they could feel better about them self's? Also why would man kind need any evil spirit to influence it when we are just a corrupted with out it?

    I say this because ive heard countless Christian's say that the devil has influence people to do bad things i say it's just are nature to want to do these things no matter what we all feel greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, rage, envy, and pride they are Natural feeling so why do people want to blame it on some spirit?

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  • would i be wiccan or something else?

    i believe in a the horned god and the triple goddess but i also believe in the Celtic gods, greek, roman, and Egyptian but i hear all the time that Wiccan only believe in the horned god and triple goddess

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  • does anyone know of any good books or websites where i can learn more about wicca?

    im sick and tired of finding bullshit on the net about how evil wicca is or how it's all about witchcraft when it's not and i don't know what the books are called i know of one and it's the book of shadows but im not sure if i can trust it... so if you can point me in the right direction because this is the path i want to follow please and thank you

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  • im a wiccan do i have to join a coven?

    i hear all the time about wiccan covens but i can never find one... can i not just do it on my own?

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  • How do i meditate? for Wicca?

    im trying to learn... but im having trouble doing it.... people in my religion which is wicca tell me to meditate but im not sure how to do it. also i know that meditating is not just for wicca it's just id prefer wiccan help

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  • In wicca do we have a heaven or hell?

    ive been reading and studying my new religion but im far from understanding it so my question is does wicca have an after life ?

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  • to Christians why do you indoctrinate children?

    you give them no choice to find there own gods or if they even wanna believe in them... i was raised in a Christian home but i never liked the idea of your god so i became an atheist because that's all i knew was the Christan god but then i found wicca... so i ask why don't you let them find there own path instead of forcing it on them... I know it's not all Christan's but there are a large number of you who do this

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  • how to tell when a wiccan god or goddess are trying to contact you?

    im not sure what signs to look for i was once atheist but now im becoming wiccan so im not sure what to look out for when the gods or goddesses try to make contact.... ive been having dreams about diana like non stop but im not sure if that's because ive been reading up on wicca so much please help

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  • how do you approach a certain wiccan god or goddess and offer your worship and service?

    i think i found a few gods and goddess that speak to me but im not sure how to approach them

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  • is this true about Bast the Goddess?

    The worship of the Egyptian Goddess Bast, who is also known as Bastet, when she is in her fully cat form, has been around, at least under that particular name, for almost 5,000 years, thereby making Bast one of the oldest names in history. Amazingly, and quite unfortunately, no myths have ever been discovered about Bast, while a great assortment of them do exist regarding other Egyption Goddesses, such as Isis, Sekhmet, Hathor and Nut.

    Over those many thousands of years, Bast's characteristics and attributes developed, until the time arrived for them to drastically begin to change. Since approximately 1,000 B.C.E., Bast was, and still is to this very day, the Goddess of Cats and those who care for cats. She has also been known as the Goddess of Truth, Wisdom and Enlightenment, and the Goddess of Bountiful Positive Energy, as well as the Goddess of many of the creative abilities, such as music, dance, writing and the arts. Bast also holds, with great happiness and pride, the title “The Goddess of Pleasure.” This has been the everlasting definition of Bast, which has continued to stand strong throughout modern times.

    Throughout those many years, Bast was also known as the Goddess of Civilization, Creation and Re-Generation, the Goddess of Sex, Fertility and Birth, the Goddess of Children and Pregnant Mothers, and thus the Goddess of Life, Family and the Home. It was during that period, as well, that Bast epitomized the enduring and positive aspects of Egyptian life.

    In her earlier years, Bast had many aggressive and warlike characteristics that eventually merged into, and then split with, the qualities of her powerful, lion-headed, twin sister, Sekhmet. Sekhmet eventually took over many of the titles and duties which had previously been held by, or shared with Bast, such as the Defender and Protectress of the Egyptian people, the Royal Family and the Two Lands.

    In approximately 1,000 B.C.E., Bast was still a Protectress of Lower Egypt where her City, and her temple of worship, Bubastis, was built. Sekhmet's rule as a Protectress, however, grew even stronger, and it was then that she took on the role of the Protectress and Defender of Lower Egypt, as well as the dry, hot, and scorching desert of Upper Egypt. Until that time, Sekhmet and Bast had always personified the duality of the archetypal Goddesses of the Sunrise and the Sunset. It was then that the Goddess Bast, who had been the fierce wildcat, protectress and Sun Goddess changed into the more domesticated Bast, and she took on her new role as a Goddess of the Moon.

    In looking at Bast's family relationships, one must realize that the Egyptian deities, who were known as Netjer, often married their brothers, sisters and even their mothers and fathers, and Egyptian family ties can appear to be quite unusual to people in modern times.

    During a variety of different periods in time, Bast was known as the Daughter of Mut and Amun, the Daughter of Osiris and Isis, and the twin sister of Horus, the Daughter of Ra, and the sister of Thoth, Seshat, Het-Heret, (Hathor), and Ma'at, as well as the twin sister of Sekhmet.

    She is also believed to have been the wife of Ptah (although there are stories which claim that Sekhmet was also married to, or was the consort of Ptah), the Wife of Ra, and Wife of Horus, as well as the Mother of Khensu and Maahes, and of the lion-god Mihos.

    Over those many thousands of years, Bast had been associated with both the Sun and the Moon. In the earlier years, she was known as the Goddess of the Rising Sun, The Eye of the Sun, The Eye of the Flame, and The Eye of Ra.

    As a Sun Goddess, Bast personified warmth, light and purification, through the life giving powers of the sun. Then, as things slowely began to change, Bast, the Sun Goddess, slowely evolved into Bast, the Moon Goddess; and she eventually took on the title, “The Eye of the Moon.” Because of that change, some people believed that Bast might be related to Neith, the Goddess of the Night.

    At one point in time, the Romans believed that Bast was an aspect of their Goddess Diana, the Maiden in their Triple Goddess trinity, with Selena as the Mother and Hecate as the Crone. The Greeks also laid claim to Bast, believing that she and their Goddess Artemis, who was so strongly associated with the Moon, were one and the same. In actuality, Diana and Artemis were both so similar to each other that they were often represented as one and the same Goddess, although in slightly different aspects, each was allowed to portray a few separate and distinct characteristics of her own.

    Bast was usually depicted having the body of a woman and the head of a cat. She frequently appeared, either holding an amulet of the all-seeing sacred eye, known as the utchat, which was believed to have magical powers, or the sacred rattle, which was known as the sistrum.

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  • to all other Wiccan have i found my goddess?

    ok well other Wiccan have told me that i should look for animals that show up in my life and the one that shows up all the time is cats i always some how find a cat and cats love me i never ran into a cat that didn't... plus my spirit guide is also a cat and did some Research and i found that Bast is the cat goddess is she my goddess?

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