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  • Divorce question and alimony payments? only married 15 months no kids.?

    I got served divorce papers and it says she is requesting "spousal support" during our marriage we lived in a small apartment in the very expensive San Francisco Bay area and both had professional jobs. I made about 70k and she make about 60K. We have no kids and did not accumulate any wealth during our marriage as it is very hard to accumulate wealth while living in the bay area? will the judge grant her spousal support? Also, my mom passed away while we were married and I got about 18k from a life insurance policy my mom had and my wife claims she gets half of that too? Is she realisticly entitled to spousal support and half of the life insurance proceeds? again the marriage only lasted 15 months and we both had decent paying jobs.

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  • No air coming out of the A.C vents. 2001 buick lesabre?

    I can hear the A.C motor turn on but i no air comes from the A. C vents on any setting. is it the blower motor or blower motor resistor?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Marriage question. What will my counselor say?

    I am recently married 6 months. My older brother is getting married in august and wants to have a guys weekend in June, I told my wife I was going and she got really pissed and said I couldnt go because I was married and that was single guy stuff cause. She says she knows there is going to be strippers involved and she doesnt trust me. I asked her why she didnt trust me if I have never done anything to make her not trust me? We are going to marriage counseling and am going to bring this up. What is your opinion?

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  • Relationship question, venting?

    So my spouse has this issue with me, I have a close family and about 3 good friends. Occasionally when I get frustrated about something in our relationship I will sometimes vent to my twin brother who knows me like the back of his hand. His response is usually "yea my wife does that sometimes too" or advice on how he handles it. Sometimes I vent to my best friend because I Can trust him not telling anyone.

    My wife hates this and says she has lost all trust in me and contemplates leaving Me because of this, so I had told her I understood her concerns and would stop. I occasionally slip up like yesterday I asked My brother how couples counseling had helped him and that we would be going soon too. His response was good luck hope it helps. My wife read those messages and got pissed because im telling people private stuff about us.

    The reason I vent to them is because I would sometimes rather vent to them and feel understood from a guys perspective then bring up the I issue with her and her be upset or start a fight.

    She goes through my phone constantly I feel like trying to find me v messing up so she Can fight about it. I have looked at her phone maybe 3 times in our relationship and I saw she told her cousin we would be attending counseling, But didn't bring it up because it doesn't bother me but get mad cause she tells other people stuff to but when she does it "its different"

    Do you vent about your relationship to friends? Or am I wrong?

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  • Marriage issue. Any advice?

    Recently married less than 6 months. So we both live about an hour and a half from our parents house and our parents live about 30 min away from each other. We both lost our fathers about 8 years ago. Her father fell ill and mine was killed. Her mom still works and mine is terminally ill and I know her time is limited. I love my mother very and wish I could see her often, at least once a week on sundays but my wife only wants to visit each others family once a week. She doesnt like my brother because she says she found out he saif means things about her when we were dating so family gatherings are always an issue. Her brother has said mean things to my face but I look past it and willing to get along with her family.

    I already know how it feels to lose a parent and itv really hurts and I know its going to hurt when I lose my mom and that is why I would like to see her at least once a week.

    I suggested we both spend sundays with our moms but that doesn't work because her mom gets mad if she goes alone. She doesnt really talk to her brothers which both still live at home. My sister lives with my mom and my two brothers have are both married. We are really close and like spending time together. She thinks its wierd that I go to my brothers house and just look through his fridge.

    How would u handle this situation?

    4 AnswersMarriage & Divorce6 years ago
  • Recently married marital problems please help!!?

    So we have been married about 6 months and we are fighting constantly. Her biggest issue is my family. My older brother recently got back from Iraq after two tours, we now know he suffers from ptsd and is going to counseling and is much better now. She says she found out he had said mean things about her while we were dsting and I asked him about it and he apologized and offered to meet up to resolve it but she refuses which is understandable, however she has a brother who has said mean things to my face yet I dont let it bother me because I know we dont see our family's but twice a month. She refuses to go over my house and if I try to go alone she gets mad because I put my family first. We usually go to my moms house and want to visit her often because she is widowed and terminally ill.

    Me and my brother went through similar things in iraq and understand each other and have been really close since he got back but us trying to do things together is a big issue and wants me to distance myself from him.

    She now gets mad at me for everything and we live in constant fighting she always threatens suicide even though I tell her our problems have simple solutions she makes it as difficult as possible, we argue till 3am (her yelling at me) and I need to wake up at 6am for work so im usually not in a good mood which she dislikes which causes more fights.

    Any advice????

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  • federal employment question?

    Am starting a position at the gs-9 step 9. The job ladder is 9,11,12 each year since a gs-9 step 9 earns more than a gs 11 step 1 where would my pay be in year 2?

    1 AnswerLaw & Legal6 years ago
  • relationship question, how would u react?

    I have been going out with my gf for over a year and we recently got engaged in feb and have the wedding set for September.

    So on friday I told her I was going to hang out with some friend at his house and have a few beers, she got mad because I didn't tell her in advance do that she could plan something for herself, the next day she told me that she went to a bar by herself and met a guy but it was no big deal because they didn't exchange numbers, I was shocked that she told me and don't really know what to do. How would you react?? Does this sound like someone who is ready to settle down?

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  • federal employment?

    If one leaves the federal government, Can the employee come back after a few days of being gone? Or does he have to wait for another job opening?

    1 AnswerGovernment7 years ago
  • Tax Preparation business?

    I am currently a Small Business Self Employed IRS Auditor and have been with the IRS for three years. I audit 1040s with Schedule Cs, 1120, 1120s and 1065s. I also recently obtained my CPA License a few months ago. I have always wanted to have my own tax preparation business. Do you think I have enough experience to start my own business?

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  • 2009 Audit of my tax return- SSA survivor benefits.?

    Me, and my two sons all received SSA survivor benefits. I reported my benefits on my tax return for 2009 however, i did not include my children's benefits as i did not think they were taxable. Was I correct? the reason i ask this is because im going in for an audit next week and i am only a w2 earner and received the benefits described above. will i have to pay additional tax on their earning?

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  • tax preparer question?

    Do i have to be ctec certified if i am an accounting student working part time for a tax preparer during tax season or can the preparer just certify the return?

    3 AnswersUnited States9 years ago
  • tax effect of short sale on rental property?

    if i short sell my rental property for lets say 100,000 and my basis is 250,000 and the loan is non-recorse and depreciation is about 20,000 would i be able to claim a loss on my taxes of 130,000 since it was a rental thus offsetting all my wages and me owing no tax at all and getting all my withholding back?? since its non-recourse any cancelation of debt would not have to be included in income, correct?

    3 AnswersUnited States9 years ago
  • why does the bible say " and god remembered"?

    if recently started reading the bible and barley in the beginning but i noticed it says "and god remembered" in several occasions. In order for someone to remember they have to forget. does that mean god forgets?

    18 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • real estate question? please help!?

    so my dad purchased a house back in the mid 90s and my mom and him have lived there ever since. my dad passed away in 2007 and my mom couldn't afford the payments so she didn't make any for two years. the bank the bank finally foreclosed on the house and put it up for auction. so now its on the open market. can i make an offer on the house or is that illegal? isn't my money just as good?

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate10 years ago
  • real estate question? please help!?

    so my dad purchased a house back in the mid 90s and my mom and him have lived there ever since. my dad passed away in 2007 and my mom couldn't afford the payments so she didn't make any for two years. the bank the bank finally foreclosed on the house and put it up for auction. so now its on the open market. can i make an offer on the house or is that illegal? isn't my money just as good?

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  • 1040 federal tax question?

    have a tax question. i filled my 2008 return and i incorrectly put my moms mortgage interest and real estate tax on my return. I bought my first house in 2009 so i amended my 2008 to claim my first time buyer credit. i later got a letter from the irs saying i was not eligible for the credit because i had claimed mortgage interest on my 2008 return. So what i want to do is amend my 2008 return again and not include the mortgage interest and real estate tax on the amended return and try to claim my first time home buyer credit again. will they give me the credit? or will i just get a bill for the additional tax i would owe since my itemized deductions are less thus increasing my tax. please help!!

    i am not legally liable for the mortgage payment so i should not have included it on my return because the 1098 came in my moms name. the reason i claimed it is because i helped her make the payments. again please help??

    3 AnswersUnited States10 years ago