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  • What is the name of this  Children's book about a fountain of youth?

    In the book there is a girl about10 years old.  She goes walking in a woods near her house and gets lost.  Eventually she comes to a pond and goes to get a drink because she is thirsty. A boy about 18 years old stops her from drinking the water.  He tells her that his family drank from the pond a long time ago and they stopped aging.

    They become friends and he gives her a small bottle full of the water.  He tells her to wait until she is 18 before drinking it.

    The family has to leave town because one of the family members is accused of a crime that he didn't commit.

    One day the girl gives a dying frog the water but she never drinks it.  

    Years later the mother and the father return to the town and find out the girl dies at an old age.  They see the frog that the girl healed.

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  • What is the name of this young adult novel about time travel?

    In the book there are two preteen siblings.  They move to a new town and are next to a house that had burnt down years ago.  One day they see a girl on that property and is bullying another child.  

    They tell at her to stop after running on the property.  Then they notice the house is not a burnt out wreck but rather a beautiful mansion.

    They had traveled back in time and only the girl can see them.  

    At first the girl is mean to them but they become friends.  The brother and sister visit her often.

    One time they go back in time to play with her but the mansion is on fire.  They are able to save her.

    They go back to their time and there is a woman waiting for them.  She is between 70-80 years old and she is the girl from the past.

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  • Which Star Wars books are stand alone novels?

    I'm getting into reading some of the older books but am interested in some that don't belong to a Trilogy and ones that you don't have to read before other books.

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  • What is the name of this horror/voodoo book?  1990s or earlier?

    In the book this teenage female falls in love with a guy and they have a sexual relationship.  He breaks it off with her because it is only sex with her and nothing more.  Breaking her heart he leaves town.

    She finds out that she is pregnant and want as to have an abortion.  It takes place where they are still illegal in the US and not having the money to go to another country to have one, she has to have the baby.

    She in pregnant for a short time and has a miscarriage.  The doctors tell her the damage is too great and she will never be able to carry a baby to full term.

    Jump forward about 15 years she runs into the guy.  She tricks the guy into having sex with her and she becomes pregnant.

    Six weeks into the pregnancy she miscarried the baby.  She puts the blood/remains into a voodoo doll.

    Three months later the guy gets sick each morning.  She meets with him and tells him that he is pregnant with their child.  The last thing she says to him is that his thing doese not have a birth canal.

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  • Which recommended reading order should I read the Star Wars books in?

    I have the three original paperback books from when the movies came out. At a garage sale I found a couple other books with Han Solo. I didn't realize after looking online that there are over 100 books in the Star Univetse.

    I am assuming that i start one the movies. The original then prequel and then sequel. I know the last sequel is still in the making

    But are there books that I should read between them? I know Rouge 1 takes place right before A New Hope.

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  • What is the name of this movie from the 1990s about a chef who kills and cooks a man?

    The character is Asian and is a chef for a restaurant. He is approached by a customer who offers a lot of money if he agrees to cook a meal for him and a group of people. The chef must agree to this before looking through a cookbook that the man provides. He agrees then takes the book.

    To his horror all the recipes involve cooking a human. Since he is bound by his agreement he must finish his job. He decides to go with the recipe where a woman is stabbed to death while having an orgasm. The man provides a volunteer. While the chef and woman are having sex the man approaches with a knife.When she reaches orgasm the chef stabs the man to death. The recipe he actually had chosen was stabbing to death a man watching two people having sex.

    I saw this years ago on Showtime or HBO

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  • 2013 Service Stabiltrak Brake System Questions for 2013 Chevy Impala 180K miles.?

    The warning comes on when I start my car if I have the traction control turned on. But not when I turn it off. My ABS light is not on and my check engine light is off. It was on a few weeks ago but the gas cap was old so I replaced it.

    Is this something that I need to get looked at through a dealership? Or can I take it to a local mechanic?

    If I need to take it to a dealership what is a ballpark figure of what the cost should be?

    If I continue to drive the car until I get the money saved up will it cause further damage to the car?

    I do have new brakes on it they are less than a month old. Plus have a new battery and alternator.

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  • What is the name of this movie 1990s involving a misfit girl in Junior High?

    In the movie there is a girl who is nerdy-but cute-and all the other classmates pick on her. The teachers and her parents treat her mean. There is a boy who keeps telling her that he is going to rape he. And she accepts that as a fact. However, he does not do that to her and they become friends and even share a kiss. She has a crush on a friend of her brother's who is older so she does not want to fall in love with the boy. She has some sort of clubhouse in the backyard and invites the older guy to join a special club. But he mocks her because of the word special.

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  • What is the name of this book where a lady gives birth in an unusual way?

    The book takes place in a time where pregnancies outside of marriage are frowned upon. Maybe the 1930s to 50s. A pregnant woman who is about five months pregnant starts making appointments with a doctor and making payments to him so she will have enough to paid off when the time comes for her to deliver her baby. He gains confidence in her and she tells her story. She became pregnant because of a one night stand (or maybe her boyfriend dumped her when he found out she was). She got a job and was a good worker but when she started to show she was fired. She went to a second hand store and bought a wedding ring and then found a second job. There people assumed that she was married and they did not judge her.

    To help her get through her delivery she developed a way to breath (maybe one of the first Lamaze techniques).

    When she goes into labor she calls a cab. She starts using the her breathing technique and the cab driver freaks out and they have an accident. The doctor sees the accident and goes to help but the lady s head has be decapitated. But the head is still alive using the same sort of breathing and continues until the baby is born alive. Afterwards, the lady dies.

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  • Are there any games similar to Pokemon Go?

    After years without one, I purchased a smart phone. I downloaded the Pokemon Go app and take my daughter around town so she can catch these Pokemon and have to admit that this game is addiction and an excellent innovation in technology-gets kids out of the house-we do it safely by not playing while driving or standing in the middle of the street. I mentioned this to a co-worker and he asked me if my husband plays it too. I was being funny and I told him that my husband doesn't play that game but one called "Hot Babe" where he goes around town catching models. But it got me to wondering if there are games similar to Go for either adults or children.

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  • What is the name of this ship disaster movie? May have been 1950s?

    In the end of the movie the boy on a sinking ship gives up his seat on a lifeboat to a woman. He joins his father-I think he may be the captain-on the ship. It may be the Titanic but the boat blows up in the end. Also there was another scene where a guy dresses as a woman to get on a lifeboat.

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  • What is the name of this movie-may have been a Titanic movie.?

    I saw this in the 1970s but may have been older. In the movie, a cruise ship is sinking. There is a little girl who is separated from her mother. She does not want to go on one of the lifeboats because she wants to find her mother. Someone throws her off the boat into a lifeboat and the others in the boat catch her.

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  • What is the name of this book? Teen book 1960s?

    I read it when I was a teenager so it is probably written in the 1960s or earlier. In the book there are some brothers and sisters who put together a part of their allowance. Each Saturday, one of the siblings can take that money and do what they want to. I remember one of the sisters getting her hair done and the youngest brother goes to the circus.

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  • Are there any movies that show Native Americans in a positive light?

    They can be recent or older.

    I get annoy when I see movies such as westerns and they always portray Native Americans as blood-thirsty killing savages.

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  • What is the name of this movie? Drama 1980s?

    In the movie this woman shoots a guy whole stole from here. She is sentenced for 15 years but gets a pardon after a few months. She has a hard time getting a job because she still has a felony. She ends up being a jewel thief and becomes rich doing it. She becomes friends with a guy who is also a thief.

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  • What book is this from takes place in San Francisco?

    There is a beautiful black woman who is a successful international model. She meets up with a friend-who is one of the main characters and also her lover. The model had a falling out with her parents and she left home to be a model. She wants to makes amends with her family. The friend decides to surprise her friend-who is also her lover when she is in town- by inviting the parents to Thanksgiving Dinner. she finds out where the father works and finds out that he is white. She decides the reason why the model friend had a falling out with her parents is because the model comes from a multi-racial family. The father accepts the invitation and tells that he will bring the mother as well. When the parents show up, she realizes that the mother is also white. The model friend had been taking some sort of medication-I think it is something that black people take when the have sickle cell anemia. It made her skin dark. The reason why she had returned was because she was getting out of the modeling business. It had been a few years since she had seen her parents and wanted to wait-after she stopped taking the pills-for her skin color to lighten. As a white woman she felt that she was too plain to be a model.

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  • What is the name of this comedy Little League movie from the 1970s.?

    It is not the Bad News Bears but a spinoff of it. There is one scene where the catcher-who is a little overweight-clears out the dugout when he farts. Very similar theme as BNB, team that stinks, pulls it together with great coaching, wins the championship. Somehow I think the Star Wars motto "Let the Force Be with you" is in this movie

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  • What comedy movie is this scene from? 1950 s or older?

    This movie is in black and white so I am thinking it has to date back to at least the 1950 s. In this scene there are two people standing at a door. It is thundering and lightning outside. The one person opens the door and sees it s pouring out. He says something like "We can t go outside in this. Let s go out the other door" So they go to another door and open it. There is bright sunshine with birds chirping.

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  • What is the meaning of this dream? Dream in a dream?

    In the dream I was at my job and something broke on my machine and I was fixing it. One of my co-workers comes to me and says that we have to evacuate. I grab my purse, and follow her, thinking there is a fire in the plant. I am running down the stair and when I get to the bottom floor I stop and am afraid to go outside because there is the sound of machine guns being fired.

    The next thing I wake up and realize that it is only a dream. I am in a room with brick walls-similar to the walls in door rooms. I go to the window to look outside. Then there is the sound of machine gun fire again.

    I manage to get outdoors and into a jeep where we are driving through a jungle.

    The last thing I remember is writing in a journal and hearing the words as I write. It was something like "We drove through the jungle all night" I had this dream some years ago but it was so vivid.

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  • What is the name of this movie from the 1980s about gangs?

    In the movie an insurance salesman goes to an apartment to see one of his clients. This complex is overrun by gangs. He has been warned to get out of the area before nightfall because that is when the gangs come out. They go by names such as Vampires and Werewolves. He pisses off a member of a gang and has to hide out in the complex. Many of the residents help him out and fight against the gangs.

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